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Report: Cavs willing to play trump card, trade Wiggins for Love

John - Red's Army (@RedsArmy_John) July 17, 2014 Rumors 28 Comments

Until now, we’ve had Cleveland’s apparently steadfast refusal to part with number one overall pick Andrew Wiggins as a sign that the Celtics might be able to swoop in and steal Kevin Love from Minnesota.

Apparently, that’s no longer the case.

A league source said on July 17 that the Cavs are now willing to trade the No. 1 overall pick in the 2014 draft.

Wiggins, a 6-foot-8, 194-pounder, has played well at the Las Vegas Summer League, where he’s become a crowd favorite. The former Kansas star has averaged 13.7 points and 3.0 rebounds in the Cavs’ first three games. However, he’s shooting just 37.8 percent from the field.

Up until this point, it was assumed the Cavs wanted to hang onto Wiggins, largely because of comments made by Coach David Blatt.

However, a source said James wants the 6-10, 250-pound Love on the roster.

And, what James wants, he normally gets.

To me, this is a no-brainer.  Even if Wiggins reaches the ridiculous expectations some people have for him, it’s going to take a few years for it to happen.  Bringing Love into the mix NOW for the Cleveland makes them the obvious top seed in the East, and would very likely send the Cavs to the Finals immediately.  I say you take your shot to go to the Finals now while you have it and worry about the rest later.

This, however, can still be a ploy.  The league source could be someone trying to make Golden State loosen its grip on Klay Thompson.  Since none of us is Flip Saunders, it’s tough to tell which player he likes better.  Thompson is more polished, but Wiggins is supposed to be one of the next generation of great players.

Regardless, if this becomes a competition between Cleveland and Golden State with both teams becoming willing to surrender desired players, the Celtics faint hopes of landing Love will completely evaporate.  As Chuck expressed to me in a discussion after this news broke, we might as well root for Golden State and let Love get lost in the West’s cluster of really good teams rather than make the LeBron Cavs an instant mega-team.  We’ve seen enough of that as it is.

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  • Thatguy

    Well, damn.

  • LA Flake

    Defense wins championships. Where’s Cleveland’s interior defense?

    • jgtwentysix

      where was Miami’s interior defense? Lebron makes up for many a deficiency

  • Rich Jensen

    This is turning into “The Flip Who Cried Wolf”

    CAVEAT : Of course, I could be wrong about this, but

    If Cleveland made a serious offer of Wiggins+Bennett+pick(s) for Love, then you wouldn’t be reading reports about how Cleveland was willing to include Wiggins.

    You would be reading reports of the deal’s framework.

    Know what this article smells like?

    It smells like this:
    JULY 15

    And this:
    JUNE 24

    And this:
    JUNE 20

    • CP37

      I desperately hope you’re right Rich, I really do. Would Cleveland REALLY go back on their word after assuring Wiggins and his camp that he’ll remain a Cavalier? (Naive question I know)

    • Fitzy

      if this was true we wouldn’t be talking about a framework even. it’d be a done deal. same with the klay thompson inclusion. They both get that deal done, yet it isn’t.

      • Rich Jensen

        EXACTLY. You want to tell me it would take Minny & Cleveland this long to iron out the details, and that Woj would have nothing more substantial than a phone call from LeBron to Love?

        And who leaked *that*, by the way? If it was Minnesota’s camp, that was really, really, really stupid. “Hey, Cleveland, mind if we use one of your players as leverage to pry another player off your team?”

  • Jaedre

    Flip won’t trade with us because of the KG-2007 trade that brought us a trophy but he is willing to send him to the Cavs knowing damn well they have LEBRON FREAKING JAMES??? This clearly aint about the KG thing i think he really hates Danny lol whatever though doesnt matter if we dont get him. I will choose to view this as a blessing in disguise. (it was hard to think that nevermind type it)

    • tvor03

      “Flip won’t trade with us because of the KG-2007 trade that brought us a trophy”

      where’d you get this idea from?

      • wil

        alot of rumors that the wolves are really really hesitant to trade us a star again

        • tvor03

          But why would Flip care? He had no part of the organization then. And then, why would Minnesota be angry about it? They agreed to the trade. They got good players. Are you only supposed to make trades if the other team promises not to succeed with that player? Would they be bitter with Cleveland if they trade Love to them. It just doesn’t make any sense.

  • Brad P

    The Cavs will regret this eventually if the trade goes through(Wiggins has a way higher ceiling than Love), but it is a good idea for the next FEW seasons if they want to be a solid contender

    • adam

      Lebron isn’t going to win a championship in the 2 years he signed for. It will take Irving and Especially Wiggins those amount of years getting accustomed to playing playoff basketball. But do they want a dynasty now or have a potential one for 8-10?

  • Rich Jensen

    Well, here we are almost 3 hours after the initial report, and there hasn’t been an ounce of independent confirmation of this, nor have their been any other details of a trade leaked.

  • LA Flake

    I’ll play dumb and pretend this rumor has legs.

    In two years, Wiggins will start blossoming while the Cavs, with LJ and Love being bullied in the paint, get bounced in the playoffs by the Bulls. Again. Dan Gilbert starts blaming LJ for forcing him to trade Wiggins. LJ walks and joins Kevin Durant because that’s what he does. Love pouts his way out of Cleveland. Adam Silver then allows the Cavs to win the lottery every year for 20 years.

    Plausible? I think so.

  • RedHead617

    Time for Plan B: Trade Rondo for a promising prospect/pick (hey SacTown) and tank 2014-2015 while praying that the NBA holds the lottery odds in place for another year. It will hurt for the next 10 months but is much better for the long-term look of the team.

  • Lee in Oregon

    It’s a fair trade, personally I wouldn’t give a crap about Wiggins “ceiling”. Chances are he’s not gonna be as good as Lebron.. Cleveland has been waiting 50 years for a winner, why would they wait another few for a “maybe”?

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