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Jeff Goodman’s assault on Rajon Rondo reaches a new low


During a twitter exchange this morning with Celtics Blog’s Jeff Clark, ESPN’s Jeff Goodman claimed that numerous players around the league will not play alongside Rajon Rondo. No, he did not mention any names.

Goodman’s had a hard-on for Rondo for as long as I can remember. He’s constantly chirping about Rondo’s attitude, taking shots at his game and including him in nearly every trade rumor. It’s clearly personal. And to make it worse, all of Goodman’s shots are sneaky tweets. If I was an editor at ESPN, I would tell Jeff to write me this story ASAP.

Rondo doesn’t have the greatest reputation among the media. But aside from Tubby Smith and Ray Allen, there aren’t many big names who don’t speak glowingly about him as a player/teammate.

KG and Paul Pierce didn’t have to compliment Rondo after leaving Boston, but they did and continue to do so.

Despite many alleged run-ins with Rondo here in Boston, Doc Rivers maintains a more than cordial tone when discussing his former point guard.

Kevin Love and Carmelo Anthony are two mega-stars more than willing to play with Rajon. DeMarcus Cousins just called him the best PG in the league.

Guys might not like playing against Rondo because he’s a fierce competitor, but I bet most would love him as a teammate.

Let it go, Goodman. Whatever happened between you and Rondo, just let it go.

You are embarrassing yourself.

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  • Herman Bubbert

    You’re starting to sound like Clark. Since you love Rondo, it just couldn’t be true, right? Sounds like people who don’t want to believe something to me.

    • chuckmckenney

      I don’t trust Goodman on anything related to Rondo.

    • CallingBatman

      I’m way past the age of idolizing any athlete, but the continuing innuendo about Rondo is approaching Kardashian proportions. What is it exactly the guy does that should vault him into the upper tier of difficult sports personalities. I’ve never seen any stories that claim he has shot/stabbed anyone, assaulted women, started bar fights, assaulted fans, assaulted teammates or has a drug problem. You can certainly fill in those stories with names of current NBA players not named Rondo. He doesn’t like dealing with the press? Like many others don’t get tired of answering the same inane questions. So it’s not Rondo love, it’s just a question of what are we really talking about and why is Rondo labelled “difficult” in comparison to a number of other players who, absent proof, seem far more deserving of the label?

    • screamcrimson

      lol “sources”…Can I say a source told me that u are an idiot? By ur logic I can cause I do have a source that said that..Its ur comment. Sounds like people who don’t want to believe something to me.

      We’ve heard comments from other NBA players to know that Jeff Goodman statements are loads of crap..The guy is a joke

    • jrleftfoot

      Unlike you , many of us are waiting for the guy to produce a shred of evidence. You sound like a guy who is all too ready to believe every nasty rumor that jibes with your own hater mentality.

  • Jacquard Causeway

    Goodman does seem to have an agenda.

    That said, not being super enamored with Rondo’s game or off-court personality is a defensible position. He’s not everybody’s cup of tea.

    Also, I tend to agree with those who have said that the fact that Rondo is constantly in trade rumors has to reflect to some extent that the team is not 100% enamored with him, either.

    • Frank Aziza

      During the 2010 and 12 playoffs were u not enamored with Rondo while he was carrying the aging celtics? Yes carrying!!! Go back and watch every playoff game from 2009 to 2012.

      • Ryan

        Exactly. I’ve always argued that in the playoffs/big games, there were only a few players that had more of an impact than Rondo, and one year in the playoffs, if not two, he was the 2nd best player behind Lebron…KD was right there too. Danny knows how good he is…

      • Jacquard Causeway

        Of course I enjoyed those games. But for one thing, it’s been a while since we’ve seen him play like that, and for another, it doesn’t make sense to judge a player’s value only by how he performs at his best.

        We don’t see that Rondo take the floor every night, even when he’s healthy. Otherwise he’d be a perennial MVP candidate.

        Also, I think you’re seriously underselling what Pierce and KG did during the 2010 and 2012 playoffs if you think Rondo was “carrying” the team.

    • Rich Jensen
      • CallingBatman

        Good links Rich. “…whenever we can counter these values with some alternative values that focus on discipline, teamwork, morals and education, then that’s positive and it creates a better society.” – Rajon Rondo Yeah, who would want someone with that attitude as a teammate? [need sarcasm font]

      • Curt Hays

        OK, I fell for it. I immediately opened all three links in new tabs so that I could see what this was. I was about to lose it on you. Well-played, sir.

  • Bayern

    and most of these guys who don’t want to play with RR were crossed over by him or pump faked by his long arm.

  • Jesse Dampolo

    The truth lies somewhere in between. How do we know that Carmelo and Love are more than willing to play with him? Neither of them are coming here and it never really seemed likely outside of the Boston Media.

    Goodman’s tweets don’t sound that unrealistic to me. He might be exaggerating a bit, but Rondo not being popular around the league doesn’t exactly sound unlikely.

    • jrleftfoot

      let him name the players. his tweets are like me proclaiming”” guys in Dampolo`s neighborhood say he`s a jackass.”

      • Curt Hays

        LMAO. I’m not saying who it was, but people around Reds Army are saying bad things about @jrleftfoot:disqus.

        • jrleftfoot

          He can take it—lol

  • reggie lewis

    “Doc Rivers maintains a more than cordial tone when discussing his former point guard.”
    Huh, “Cordial”. Sounds like Doc was holding details back and acting in a professional manner. Good for him. No one wins by bashing teammates in the media. Any issues should happen behind closed doors in the locker room. That is how all of Rondos beefs were settled. Doc, Ray, PP, KG. Kudos for being true professionals. And keep in mind, team sports SHOULD have some conflict between players. That is not a sign of something dysfunctional. Its the opposite. It shows ambition, drive and free thinking. To me, that is a recipe for success and its exactly what Doc wanted from a maturing Rondo.

    Look folks, Rondos game has holes and as does his personality. Its well documented from college to the pros. AND THATS OK. Plenty of great players weren’t well liked. Rondos success is probably partially due to this attitude. You take the good with the bad, and the good certainly outweighs the bad with Rondo. But seriously, lets not act like hes superman. He has plenty of holes/flaws in his game. (not going to list them, that’s not the purpose of this article).

    Im just astonished how Celtic fans act like this guy walks on water.
    Serious question, your all obviously big Celtic fans (as am I). You’ve all seen Rondo play for years now. Is it really that hard to believe that some players might not like to have a teammate, let alone a PG, who…dominates the ball, yet cant shoot? Is it hard to believe that some players might not want to play with his style?
    All the Rondo lovers say, “He has a unique set of skills…..”. And that’s very true. So why is it hard to accept that many coaches, players, offenses,ect….don’t believe that that “uniqueness” fits into their style/system/direction and therefore would rather not play with him?

    • jrleftfoot

      Yours is a straw man argument. You hypothesize the fan who thinks Rondo walks on water and argue with that nonexistent being. Most of us know that Rondo has flaws in his game .The constant belittling and character attacks from keyboard assassins are what cause me to defend him.

      • MadLad


  • Frank Aziza

    Don’t forget Kobe Bryant’s sit down with Jackie Mac…. He told her he would love having Rondo as a team mate. Rondo reminds him of himself.

    • Curt Hays

      You know, Rondo kinda reminds me a lot of Rondo. They’re both such tough players.

  • KGino

    “Call some of his former coaches”…. He neglects to mention that Rondo seems to have turned over a new leaf over the last few seasons especially. Of course he was probably a young know-it-all with some of his previous coaches. He’s had the same 2 coaches (who both would take him on their team) for what, 8 years now? You mature a lot from age 20-28. Stupid argument on this no name ESPN guy’s part.

    There’s not many players in the league that wouldn’t want to play with him either. Unless they have something personal against Rondo (maybe people like Kirk Heinrich, Zaza Pachulia, and Joakhim Noah)… From a skill standpoint, he’s the leagues top passer, which anyone who likes to score would love to play along side (aka most of the NBA).

  • Frank Aziza

    Goodman is frustrated because Rondo looks down on most media members. Rondos basketball IQ is so high that most questions from the media make him smirk.

    • Bayern

      media members get pissed if the interviewee controls the conversation. i think Rondo does that.

      • CallingBatman

        And how many different ways can you say “I think we won the game because we managed to score more points than the other team” before you run out of words? Pops is notoriously terse with the press, yet no one considers him a “difficult” coach.

        • Bayern

          I know a certain head coach from New England football club is also like POP. what is your point ? I don’t see anything wrong with Rondo. These media members have a problem. I think you are saying the same but I did not understand your comment.

          • CallingBatman

            We’re on the same page. My point was that both Rondo & Popovich (I live in Spurs country & see a lot of his interviews) are somewhat terse in talking to the press. So perhaps they’re “difficult” from a sportswriters perspective trying to interview them, but that doesn’t mean they’re difficult players/coaches from a teammate’s perspective.

          • Bayern

            you are right. I think Rondo is poker faced and it is difficult to gauge anything from him. he just speaks fast and gives curt answer. I think it is easy to bully a player than a coach like Pop.

  • Rich Jensen

    Oh. Oh. This is HILARIOUS:

    “@vbamz @celticsblog No coach is going to publicly bash Rondo. You are extremely naive.”

    Yes. Yes indeed.

    It would be truly naive to believe what people say on the record, as opposed to believing what Jeff Goodman says that ‘numerous’ unnamed people said off the record.

  • Kel

    “But, I like Rondo. Everybody likes Rondo. I think he’s an excellent player. He’s one of the stars of our league.I appreciate the hell out of him. I don’t know him at all, but in the playoffs he’s showed that he’s one of the better players in our league. It’s unfortunate he got hurt, but he’s amazing to watch. To be able to defend and make plays for other guys, that’s big. He makes a lot of players that are not really good look pretty damn good. And that’s key.”

    -Larry Bird

    I think I’ll go with Larry here over some media schmuck.

    • Curt Hays

      Upvote MACHINE. Did you make this up? Best comment ever.

  • tvor03

    Straight from Tubby’s mouth

    And Rondo’s coach at Oak Hill Academy

    Doesn’t seem like any of his past coaches have a problem with Rondo. Oh, and here’s Kobe on Rondo.

    Jeff Goodman is angling for a tv show. He wants to be the next Skip or Kornheiser or Cowherd – loud mouthed blowhards who say controversial things simply to get ratings. F*ck them all.

  • msnthrop

    Rondo was a handful while he was at Kentucky mostly because he was a member of Tubby last decent recruiting class and Tubby knew if he didn’t get it right he was finished at UK (he didn’t and he was gone two years later)…with this hanging over Tubby he tried to make everyone’s role very specific and narrow, however Rondo wanted to be far more creative and intuitive on the basketball court than the role he was assigned. Also from what I’ve seen Rondo is also at the far end of the bell curve of intelligent players in the NBA, and he knows it. This can lead to some pretty unpleasant displays of arrogance by young people in their twenties whose frontal lobes haven’t fully matured and I suspect, though I can’t say for sure, there were more than a few such displays while Rondo was at UK and in the early years in Boston. Abrasive smart people are not uncommon, but formerly abrasive but still very smart people who can dunk, have hands the size of garbage pans lids, and who have said they want to play basketball for the Celtics are not…I think we should keep him and give him as close to the max as he wants next year.

  • wil

    lol i remember reading about one of Rondos coaches raving about how smart rondo was and with his work ethic and watching the game film.

    If this guy is talking about Doc Rivers, well he is dead wrong. Doc and Rondo had their arguments but it was never to a point that Celtics had to get rid one of them. Unlike chris paul or deron williams lol

    This guy got irrational hate for rondo

  • forever_green

    F U Badman!

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  • Jay

    Rondo is the best playmaker to wear Celtics Green & White since Larry Bird… that’s saying something. He also put the team on his back the last couple of seasons Pierce & KG were here because they basicly broke-down. He’s going to get his money next year. Unfortunately the Celts don’t seem ready to pay the MAX. Get DeMArcus Cousins for him in a trade – or find a way to sign them both!

  • Jason Whetzell

    Meanwhile Demarcus Cousins says Rondo is his FAVORITE (and best) PG IN THE LEAGUE.

  • Edward

    he is just mad that back in rondo’s early days with celtics, rondo was bouncing the ball the whole interview with jeff goodman so he hatred rondo ever since. will post the link when i find it. it was so funny. get over it ” good man”

  • UKTwin

    Goodman is bitter about all things associated with the University of Kentucky. Glad to see others are joining the BBN’s “Jeff Goodman is a d-bag” bandwagon.

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  • MadLad

    Ahhh. Its good to look back. It give us perspective. So hows Rondo working out for Dallas? numbers down? Attitude problems with new coach? W-L worse since Rondo joined? Ya dont say!?!? You shouldnt of expected anything different.
    Celtics look better overall with Smart and Thomas, and its only been 1.75 games with IT.

    The reality has to really suck for Celtic fans who defended him so fiercely.

    Just be happy he will be clogging up someone else s roster + salary cap next season.