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Celtics lingering as Warriors still refusing to give up Klay Thompson in Love deal


News broke yesterday that the Warriors and Wolves had resumed trade talks for Kevin Love. The story was obviously floated by Flip Saunders to remind Cleveland that there are other suitors. But it appears nothing has changed between the Ws and Wolves.

The Warriors and Wolves have been talking for months trying to hamme out a deal to send the superstar rebounder and three-point shooter to Golden State after Love made it clear to team officials he would not re-sign as a free agent next summer.

The AP goes on to report that the Warriors have not moved on their position of not including Klay Thompson, only offering David Lee and his massive $30 million-over-two-years-remaning contract along with Harrison Barnes and a future first-round draft pick that is essentally guaranteed to be in the mid-20’s given how good the Warriors would be with Love.

Let’s just say that’s not exactly the sweetest candy in the store.

Meanwhile, there continues to be the thought that the Wolves lack leverage and don’t have strong enough suitors to play hardball. But they have until the trade deadline in February, with no real hope of going forward if Love leaves, so playing through the season with he distraction is still better than the alternative and disappearing entirely once Love leaves. And on top of Cleveland’s internal debate about trading Wiggins, there’s the fact that Boston, which Love visited last spring, has nine first-round picks, two rookies in Marcus Smart and James Young, and expiring contracts to send back. The Celtics can trade for Love and still have assets left over for a third major deal.

Like Danny Ainge, stay patient Celtics fans. When all the hubbub over Thompson and Andrew Wiggins fades, the Celtics will still be standing with their PuPu platter offer (I still think it includes Jared Sullinger).

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  • Rich Jensen

    The only thing preventing this deal from getting done is the distance between Flip and reality.

    • Thatguy

      So in other words, it may never happen?

      • Rich Jensen

        Sure seems that way, doesn’t it?

        • Thatguy

          The media calls the Celtics underdogs, but I think things are leaning towards our favor. (Which I believe is what your post implies)

          I’m willing to take one more bad season(Despite ALL the pain) if it means getting Love and having another good draft pick to go with him.

  • adam

    I’d prefer we keep Smart. Flip played games, Celtics can say… that past offer is off the table since you know that the market has dried up.

    • LA Flake

      I doubt we trade Smaahhht. Too promising for Danny to give him up even for Love.

      I wonder why GS wouldn’t put KThompson in that deal though. Is Klay Thompson that good? I had no idea. I would’ve traded him for Love in a heartbeat.

      • BillRussell

        Ya man, Klay Thompson has been unbelievable and he just turned 24- i think he has shot 40% from the 3 over his career and higher in the playoffs- big body for guard (constantly a mismatch for guards trying to D him) and plays very surprising D- I think GS would be out of their mind trading Klay for Love- cuz they would lose Lee too and his production – David Lee isn’t as good as Love, not at all. but he is a solid 10-10 every night- if not 20-10- – where GS fell short last year was their Bigs- Bogut (#1 overall pick) was injured and Lee definitely couldn’t handle the load on his own. Things could have been very different if GS Had the healthy Trio of Lee, Bogut and Green.
        Ultimately, if they lose Klay and Lee and get Love plus maybe K Martin- its pretty much a wash-
        — also one huge thing is that GS’s new Coach Kerr, loves his Back court, rightfully so. if you are GS you don’t break up Curry and Thompson, cant do it. Unless for healthy Embiid-

        • bill_nair

          I dont agree with you on Klay but kudos on all that Warrior insight. Absolutely agree 100%, I dont think they should chase Love. They should’ve went after Tyson Chandler.

          • BillRussell

            really unfortunate that Bogut seems to always have different injuries. He has had some monster games, real skilled big

          • bill_nair

            Ya it seems like the main thing holding that team back is Bogut. Everytime he seems to be relatively healthy they play extremely well. If they could bolster the depth of that front line they’d be one of the top teams in the west.

          • Curt Hays

            Cuban posted on several of the large, digital billboards around Dallas, “Welcome home, Tyson.”

          • bill_nair

            That teams going to be fun to watch this year. Your lucky you can flip the channel and watch some half decent basketball being played. I flip the channel and I get….the Connecticut Suns :/

          • Curt Hays

            Brutal. I do get League Pass, but the coolest thing is that I have a lot of friends with season tickets to the Mavs. Most of them have their tickets within 15 rows of the court. I think I’ll be at a few more than just the Celtics game this year.

            Maybe Celtics’ tickets will be cheaper this season??

          • adam

            Doubt it. Just more available.

      • Rich Jensen

        I buy into the theory that GS needs Klay as much or more for his defense. They need to be able to hide Curry on the less threatening of the two guards on the floor.

    • bill_nair

      Warriors wont include Klay, Cavs wont throw in Wiggins. It seems teams are trying their hardest to fleece Flip. Hopefully Danny can get Love without giving up our pick next year and Smart.

  • RedwasKing

    It’s funny, but by acquiring so many draft picks, it has almost been like subtraction by addition for Ainge. In making that deal with Brooklyn,and due to the subsequent decline of KG and PP, I believe that he actually negatively effected the value of a first round draft pick in the trade market. If 3-4 picks and some role players (albeit with bad contracts) can get you PP and KG then why should 2 picks and some role players get you Love and Kevin Martin?

    • jrleftfoot

      nonsense. every deal is different. you can`t get picks or players unless someone is willing to give them to you.

      • SamR

        Right, but I think RWK’s point is that DA’s deal with Brooklyn convinced Flip that he should get more for Love.

        Another example might be Morey’s in-season demands on Asik.

    • wil

      theres alot of factors affecting the Love pursuit. Biggest one is Flip Saunders, easy to say that he just doesnt want to give us Kevin Love, we have the best offer since it started.

      Flip also got conflict of interest in the deal. Since he took on head coaching job for himself, ofcourse hed want players who play right away. He has no patience for rebuild, even though its obvious that no matter who he gets Twolves aint getting in the playoffs.

      First rounders are still valuable, the only thing affecting its value right now is the lack of star players C’s can target. But once C’s get Love, easy to deal the other picks to complete the team.

      • Curt Hays

        “the Love pursuit”

        We need a Center named “Happy”.

        Young, Smart, Love, Happy, and RONDOOOOOOOOOO.

  • dontevertreadonme

    you give up smart for love in a heart beat. getting love means rondo stays. we’ve already waited for rondo to develop and now were gonna have to wait another 5 years for smart to develop? no way. at least we’ve come to grips with the fact rondo can’t shoot. at least he can create and knows the NBA game. smart is a brick laying machine he’s dispensable

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  • Brian Pahlm

    Well here is hoping that the griz and the wolves are out of hit come Feb and we scoop up gasol and love.

  • msnthrop

    I keep wondering about Eric Bledsoe and Greg Monroe…both of these restricted free agents would probably fit what it is that Flip seems to want and neither of their teams seem all that interested in offering them max contracts…could some kind of sign and trade be worked out that sent one or both to Minnesota while we get Love?

    • Rich Jensen

      This could work–but what does Boston have that Phoenix/Detroit want? I can’t imagine that either player would be sent off just for picks, and at this point, Marcus Smart is basically ‘a pick’ since he hasn’t played a minute of NBA ball–and I don’t think Sully and/or Olynyk are moving the needle for Phoenix/Detroit.

      • Curt Hays

        Well we have a plethora of guards. Trade Rondo to Detroit? I wouldn’t give up Rondo for Monroe though…for Drummond…possible. I happen to watch the Celtics more when I know Rondo is playing.

  • Lee in Oregon

    If it means getting Love, the only guy not on the table is Rondo.

  • Jester00

    just throwing this out there I am drunk Go CELTICS………I may go streaking never trade Sully Ohio Rules