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Report: Celtics interested in Evan Turner

Another wing? Really??

Acquired by Indiana at the trade deadline, Evan Turner was a colossal disappointment (7.1 ppg, 41% Fg) for the Pacers. He played a whopping 4 minutes in the Eastern Conference Finals vs Miami. Turner reportedly got into a fight with Lance Stephenson prior to a playoff game vs the Hawks.

I don’t see a fit in Boston. The Celtics already have Avery Bradley, Marcus Smart, Marcus Thornton, Jeff Green, James Young, Gerald Wallace and Chris Johnson at the SG/SF positions.

Turner’s stock is at an all-time low. Maybe Danny Ainge can convince him to sign for one year at the veteran minimum and hope for a big pay off. But Turner isn’t going to sign unless he knows he’ll play decent minutes.

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  • RedwasKing

    Since Minni is also interested here is my pipe dream:

    3 way sign and trade. Minni gets Lance Stephenshon, Evan Turner, and a couple Celts picks, Indy gets Sullinger, and Kevin Martin, Celts get Kevin Love

    • adam

      I could live with this. Then Love bolts for Cleveland of all places next year….

  • Luke Walton

    Don’t forget Charlie Babbitt from Rain Man. I think he’s still on the roster.

  • bill_nair


  • CoachAJ

    I’d take Turner if we can shed Wallace. In a heartbeat.

    • LA Flake

      Maybe we can send him back to Brooklyn so he can fill the void left by PP.


    • Lee in Oregon

      Be easier that shed that contract next year, I think we’re stuck with “Crash” for another year.

      I like Turner okay, he played well against the C’s last year, but as stated in the blog-not much room for him. I also don’t think he’s quite at the “minimum contract” stage of his career.

  • wil

    DA just trying his best to get necessary pieces before the trade deadline. Still chasing after love

  • Chris Vercollone

    Why is everyone down on Turner? I love this guy. Indiana misused him. Look what he did in Philly including a game winner at the buzzer against the Cs. This guy is the 2nd overall pick a few years back. Has a killer mentality, and would be an upgrade over the lame Jeff Green. I would gladly take him for the Mid level exception. Then trade Jeff Green for anything just to get rid of his lousy contract. Get Turner Danny!

    • Jacquard Causeway

      Think his stats were a bit inflated in Phillly, but I agree it’s not fair to judge him based on his performance in Indiana. Was not an ideal situation for him to say the least.

  • Jacquard Causeway

    Signing Turner could make sense if

    a) the money is right


    b) Jeff Green is getting traded elsewhere

  • dontevertreadonme

    this guy is courtney lee part II. celtics are loaded at the guard position. and really they all suck in there own special way

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