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DWest chimes in on Lebron

The man who brought you the greatest KFC video ever is back. This account still isn’t verified, but those in “the know” are convinced it is DWest’s Twitter. I honestly just think he doesn’t give a f**k about getting it verified. This afternoon, out of the blue, he chimed in on Lebron James. Never change Delonte.


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  • I remember a couple of years ago, Delonte stopped using Twitter. It was probably suggested by his agent or whatever, as he was on the verge of getting back into the league at the time. Speaking of which, didn’t he just dominate over in China? Someone sign his man!

    • Mando Stay Cheesin

      he’s already signed, he’s on the Clippers

      • forever_green

        Good move by the Clippers.

  • Brad

    Miss this dude.

  • Sean

    I think this is his twitter https://twitter.com/CharleeRedz13/media. Looks more legit.


    Sorry folks-fixed the link to the KFC vid.

    • Curt Hays

      I just couldn’t stop watching it. I really hope that was filmed at the KFC by my house.

  • Jester00

    one of My favorite Celtics and a true combo guard the Clips will Love him “A WIRE HANGER”

    • Jester00

      Von Wafer sucks

    • P Funk

      Hell yeah, I always loved Delonte. Kid was FEARLESS. And about von wafer…remember when he missed that dunk and started celebrating…and then knocked the ball out of Jermaine Oneals hands…that should be on some sports blooper film someday

      • Jester00

        cost us a big game vs the wiz

  • Lee in Oregon

    I hope that’s not legit. People in glass houses with guns in guitar cases shouldn’t lob stones ..

    If he keeps his head down and just plays he may have a shot at the Clips roster.

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