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What LeBron’s decision to play for the Cavs means for the Celtics

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There you have it… LeBron James is returning to the team, city and state he turned his back on four years ago. Can’t fault a guy for righting a wrong. I also loved the essay. Well done.

Now… what does this mean for the Celtics? The Cavaliers are replacing the Heat as the front runner in the East. Bovada has them 4-1 favorites to win the title. With Bosh likely bolting for Houston, Miami will be lucky to contend for a playoff spot. We still need to see what Legend does with Indiana’s roster and if Melo opts for Chicago.

There’s a lot of speculation that the Cavaliers will now pursuit Kevin Love, with Andrew Wiggins being the key chip in any deal. And the lack of Wiggins name in LeBron’s essay is only fueling the speculation:

I see myself as a mentor now and I’m excited to lead some of these talented young guys. I think I can help Kyrie Irving become one of the best point guards in our league. I think I can help elevate Tristan Thompson and Dion Waiters. And I can’t wait to reunite with Anderson Varejao, one of my favorite teammates.

I wouldn’t read too much in which players are mentioned in LeBron’s essay. The Cavaliers do have assets (Wiggins, Waiters, Bennett) and expiring contracts (Varejao) to make Minnesota an offer it can’t refuse.

But as Pat Riley knows, Cleveland will need more than James, Love and Irving to win a title. I’m not sold that Love-to-Cleveland is definitely going to happen. So keep on praying, Green Teamers. For some strange reason, I remain optimistic that Love eventually plays for Boston.

Aside from pursuing Love, we can look for Danny Ainge to pounce on other teams looking to shed salary as they make moves in free agency. Ainge has Bogans $5 million non-guaranteed contract and a $2 million TPE (via Courtney Lee deal with Memphis). Can’t have enough assets…

Let’s take a moment to poke some fun at Miami, shall we?

I’m also curious if Dwyane Wade will remain a punk and cheap shot artist on a 35 win team?

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  • Thatguy

    RIP in peace Heat.

    (As a Celtic fan in Florida, I’m so happy right now)

    • Rich Jensen

      Just waiting to see if anyone in Miami plays the ‘betrayal’ card.

      Because, you know, unintentional irony is funny.

    • art

      Same. Green blood in Florida. These idiots that live here should consider themselves quite fortunate that LBJ gave them four good years here. Let’s now see how talented Pat Riley really is when a player of LBJ’s talent is not there to sign on the dotted line. Signing free agents is about all Riley is capable of. Danny makes him look bad in every other way.

      • adam

        Heat will have plenty of cap space.

        • bill_nair

          Which is useless if you have no talent to sign. Monroe? Stephenson? Turner? That FA market is emptying quickly and surely will over the next couple days. Riley played this out like he knew Bron was returining. Does he even have a plan B?

          • adam

            I know. its amazing./ I should have ended that first sentence with. “and no one who will want to play for them”

      • Thatguy


        You live in north, central or south man?

        • art

          South. You?

          • Thatguy

            Same actually. Broward county.

          • art


          • Thatguy

            Really? Hah, that’s pretty cool.

    • Yeah, Heat. Rest in peace, in peace

      • Thatguy

        Congrats, you have found the joke.

      • adam

        in pieces you mean?

        • LA Flake

          No s h it. I don’t wish them peace in anything.

  • Frank Aziza

    LBJ went from wanting 8 rings to just one for the city of Cleveland. He hated the pressure that followed him to the Heat.

  • tvor03

    Does Wade stay in Miami now and finish his career playing 56 games a year for a terrible team? I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if he decided to return to Chicago, whether Melo goes there or not. Or possibly take some kind of big pay cut and head out west.

    • adam

      they guy has what 2 maybe 3 years left with his knees?

    • bill_nair

      Wade should go to CHI for a year or 2. Id like to see him play 35 mpg and another 60+ games a season for a middling Heat team.

  • dk

    love it! F Pat (the Devil himself) Riley. I don’t know what would bring me more satisfaction Wade being stuck on a $***y team in Miami being out “hurt” every other game just to cash the checks or him bolting too for Chicago or someplace else…

  • forever_green

    Wow, The East is wide open now.

  • adam

    Dwayne Wade will always be a punk and cheep shot artist.

    • adam

      I also don’t think Flip goes for a Love to Cleveland. Other than the number one pick…. I think the other players, the Celtics can give them back more. Flip said he didn’t want to rebuild. You know those draft picks for Cleveland aren’t going to be good picks in the future.

      • stevemb34

        Remember who we just spent the last season hoping to get and being okay with all the losing for? Andrew Wiggins. Discounting that is insane. Throw in whatever other youngsters they want (grab bag of Tristan Thomson, Waiter, Bennett) and future picks and that’s a no-brainer. That’s better than anything anyone can offer besides maaaaybe what GS can build around Klay

  • Rich Jensen

    If the Cavs get Love, he basically ends up being Bosh 2.0: A player that will be paid for 100% of his potential scoring output, while delivering less than 75% of it. That’s a bad investment in a capped league.

    You need young, complementary pieces around LeBron, you don’t need another #1 scoring option.

    • bill_nair

      Atleast Love will rebound. Whats this do for Kyrie? Hes most effective with the ball in his hand. Everyone turns into spot up shooters when Bron is on the floor.

      • stevemb34

        Kyrie’ a better shooter than Wade’s ever been and has every bit the handle and first step young Wade did. Bron can operate off the ball a lot more with his and Love’s passing while also knowing he’s got guys who can space the floor better than Wade and Bosh could. Beyond the loss of another crunch-time-worthy wing in Wade that could handle D’ing up the other team’s best player (not that lebron ever wouldn’t but as you hit 30 you wanna reduce some of that if possible and Kyrie will never be mistaken for Avery on D) there’s not a lot of downside in theory.

    • RedwasKing

      Rebound. And send ridiculous outlet passes

      • Rich Jensen

        Which, you know, is good, but is that worth a max contract and the loss of a bunch of young talent? Cavs need a guy like Stephenson more than they need a guy like Love. A complementary piece that will leave them with more money and more talent for other needs.

        • stevemb34

          No. They need exactly what Kevin Love does best (big guys that can shoot to stretch the floor and rebound like an animal.) With LeBron and Kyrie, another guard would be the worst possible decision.

          • Rich Jensen

            LeBron is not a guard. And the older he gets, the worse he’s going to be playing guard spots. LeBron needs to shift to the 3/4, instead of playing the 2/3.

            And if the Cavs need a big to stretch the floor, they need one that can contribute 15-10 a night, not 25-10, so why pay for 25-10 and only use 15-10 of it? Heck. Buy yourself a Pau Gasol, and give up precisely zero assets to do so. And then use Miami’s pick next year to acquire a serviceable big at a reasonable price.

          • stevemb34

            No crap lebron’s not a guard. Kyrie is though. Learn how context works.

            Re: Pau Gasol, he’s older and noticeably declining and best close to the rim. Love is 26.

          • Rich Jensen

            You just said “With LeBron and Kyrie, another guard would be the worst possible decision.”

            My apologies if I misunderstood that rather ambiguous sentence.

            And yes, Gasol is older and declining, but he’s a stop-gap while you develop talent to fill a very specific role. If LeBron wants to play in Cleveland for 7+ years, they’re not going to be able to keep him, Irving and Love without ending up with a team full of retreads, has-beens, and other members of the ‘veteran’s minimum’ club.

          • stevemb34

            My bad meant “another guard” in reference to Kyrie cuz you need a big with that $. And you get blue chippers whenever you can when they fit what you need and are under 30. Then u just gotta succeed in the draft/get FAs

          • Rich Jensen

            I’m just saying the price Flip wants for Love is too dang high, even for a team that just picked up LeBron.

            I think the Celtics could’ve gotten Love–but Ainge didn’t want to meet Flip’s price.

  • bill_nair

    I really didnt think LBJ would go back to CLE at this point in his career. Fair to say he plays out the next 7+ years in CLE. Theres no way he can leave now. And I think Love to CLE is all but done. If they offer Wiggins (who Bron didnt mention in his letter) how can you turn that down? But that is in no way a team ready to win a Chip. Love and Kyrie need to get their playoff legs under them first and fill out that roster. The worse part of this is the idiots who wil now call CLE a 70+ win team for the next 15 years.

  • bill_nair

    I dont think this affects Boston either way. We lost out on Love when we didnt give MIN the opportunity to pick 6th. The east may be more open so it may make things worse for a tanking perspective, but maybe Danny sees this and makes a push towards competing now. I dont know, im fully expecting another lottery season and I think at this point its the best route.

    • Rich Jensen

      I’m almost certain the 6th pick was made available to Minny.

      BTW: This is a lesson in the importance of drafting well when you’re picking late in the first round.

      Danny Ainge is certainly not the best GM in the NBA, but he has consistently drafted better than Riles.

      Even now, I don’t think that Pat understands that his poor drafting is directly connected to his shallow bench, and the team’s excessive reliance on LeBron-ride-him-like-a-rented-mule-James, which ultimately made Cleveland look like a team with better prospects.

      • bill_nair

        What I was saying is we used the 6th pick. We didnt give them the opportunity to pick for themselves because the deal didnt go through. As soon as the draft passed our biggest asset for Love was lost.

        • CallingBatman

          It’s not like I know, but my theory is Danny had made his overtures to Minny which probably involved that pick and there was no deal to be done. Much as I’d like to see Love in green, I’m of the opinion that ship sailed before draft night. Never say never, but if we have a shot I’d expect it to be next year, assuming he doesn’t go to Cleveland.

      • stevemb34

        You say that but he found Norris Cole, traded for Chalmers on draft night, and hasn’t had any other 1s.

        • Rich Jensen

          ‘Found’ a PG who can’t start on a contender (Cole) and another who is at best a league average player (Chalmers)?

          And other than that, he’s done Dorell Wright and Michael Beasley–and traded away the rest of his number one picks since acquiring Wade. That’s a terrible record, especially given the number of times Riles either traded down in the draft or kicked the can down the road. You cannot build a consistent contender in the NBA that way anymore.

          It’s adapt or die now for Riley.

          • stevemb34

            How quickly hindsite sets in. It was Rose, Beasley, then everyone else that year and they picked after Chi got Rose. Stop blaming anyone for that.

            In terms of Chalmers he hit A LOT of big shots for them in the 2 title runs even if he is an avg at best player.

          • Rich Jensen

            So, ultimately, you’re looking at what? Ten drafts (2004-2013), and during that period Riley drafted a decent backup and a guy who’s NBA average at his position? And the rest of the picks were either outright flops (Albert Moralles, Wayne Simien, Daequon Cook), misses (Beasley), or traded away.

            That’s just not going to cut it in this league anymore.

          • stevemb34

            No, was looking at all the drafts since LeBron came in 2010.

            And again, you can’t blame anyone for the Heat missing on Beasley. It was considered a 2 person draft. It’d be like if Jabari Parker becomes crap and Noah Vonleh ends up being the best player they could’ve drafted. You can’t fault Milwaukee for taking Parker when EVERYONE would have in that position.

          • Rich Jensen

            1) I’m not blaming Riley strictly for missing on Beez, it’s more like this:

            If you’re going to be that cavalier about your late round draft picks, then you had dang well better hit on your early picks, because you don’t have a margin for error.

            Let’s say you’re Ainge, and you’ve picked up Bradley, Rondo and Sully at 19, 19, and 21 (I think). Okay, say you get the #2 pick in 2013 and you draft Anthony Bennett and he stinks. Well, so you missed. At least you’ve managed to get quality players in other drafts.

            2) I was looking at the past ten years for two reasons: It’s how long Ainge has been doing this and because it gives you a pretty broad sample to work with.

  • Brad P

    My 2% of hope for Love is all gone now. Ah, it was fun while it lasted

    • frickenWaaaltah

      Eh Boston has never been Love’s first choice the whole time, or a deal would have been done already. Boston is still sitting back and waiting, with a competitive offer, and smokescreens in the press aside, it’s still probably the one that Minnesota likes the best, and it’s just that Kevin Love would rather play somewhere else.

      Golden State was his first choice for a while, and they had the assets to get a deal done, but they didn’t want to give them up. The Cavs maybe have the assets to get a deal done, but will they even offer them?

      It would be a mistake for the Cavs to assume the Wolves have to do a deal with them or ‘get nothing’ which is why a deal with Love’s previous preferred destinations didn’t happen. Minny seems to have a relatively high ‘spite premium’ in mind, i.e. you can’t offer them $1 and assume they’ll take it because it’s ‘better than nothing.’ Also, the latest CBA makes it better to just have salary come off the books than to take back ‘dead weight’ which is anything that a rebuilding team doesn’t really want.

      Ultimately, Boston’s best chance comes from Kevin Love and his agent wanting to get something done this summer to get out of Minnesota and to lock in the new long term extension. If Minny goes to him in a month or so and says ‘look, Boston’s the only team offering us enough to make doing a deal this summer worth it to us’ then Love will probably be playing for Boston this fall.

      • Brad P

        You lost me with the first sentence. Love has been reported to say that he’d ‘likely’ resign with a handful of teams(Celtics included), basically as long as its not Minnesota. Flip is the one that didn’t want to even speak with Danny

        • frickenWaaaltah

          Not everything the media says is true, and when it’s about an ongoing negotiation, there’s going to be a lot of lies and smokescreens and such.

          If Love wanted to play for Boston, he wouldn’t have done that visit to the city. He didn’t make a big show of visiting any other city and he didn’t need to; it would only have encouraged them to not make a strong offer and try to get him next summer.

          He did the visit to Boston because his agent was trying to convince him to give Boston a real chance, because their “offer” was the best by far. They also wanted to at least convince other teams that Love MIGHT sign with the Celtics, so their offers would be strong enough to get a deal done. It didn’t work; Golden State’s offer remained pretty weak by comparison to what Boston would have offered.

          And yeah I put offer in scare quotes there because it was only a back channel offer, i.e. pre real negotiation sort of indication of where negotiations would begin if they did begin, but still, that’s just part of how things are done these days.

          The whole reason real negotiations wouldn’t even begin was probably because Kevin Love never gave the ok that he’d be open to signing an extension with Boston. Why else would nobody even bother to schedule a conference call or two? Why would he visit Boston even though there was never any real negotiation between Minnesota and Boston, not even something quick and informal?

          The whole reason Flip had to come out in public and run down the Celtics offer was to cover for Love not really wanting to sign with the Celtics at all…otherwise there was no plausible reason not to make that deal happen. He had to do it because the strong offer from the Celtics was and still is the main threat to the teams that want Kevin Love. Minny wanted it to remain a real threat because that puts pressure on other teams to make stronger offers.

          It was weak for Flip to have to run it down, but if it came out that Kevin Love didn’t want to play for Boston even after the visit, it would have completely killed any leverage from perceived competition with Boston’s offer. And a lot of that would be from/if Boston fans turned on Love so early in the process. I think a lot of fans here are smart enough to know that Love is who he is; a guy who grew up in LA rooting for the Lakers and hating the Celtics. But a lot of people would just get ticked at any ‘disrespect’ for the city etc. It could mess things up completely, and Minny knows they may eventually need Boston to get this done at all this summer.

          Just watch…if the Cavs can’t get this done quick, Boston is back in this. Minny needs to get a deal done this Summer. If the season starts and they haven’t traded him, the offers will be terrible and get worse closer to the trade deadline, because everyone will assume Love will just wait and then sign with the Lakers next July, and they will probably be right. I don’t expect Kevin Love will sign off on any trade deadline deal by agreeing to an extension. And even if the Cavs get it done, it will probably be because somebody out there at least pumped Boston up again as a possibility.

  • Lee in Oregon

    As a guy who has strongly disliked Bronny, I gotta say I respect the guy for going home to the team he turned his back on 4 years ago. He’s not taking the easiest route.

    Of course the best part of this is that Syracuse greaser Riley is left with DWade and not much else. It’s not too late for McRoberts to jump ship either. Enjoy the memories Miami…….(see you at next year’s lottery).

    • adam

      I kind of respect him too…

    • tvor03

      If by not taking easiest route you mean swallowing his pride and admitting he did them wrong, then I agree. But if you mean he has to work harder to win a championship in Cleveland than he does in Miami, I very much disagree.

      In Miami he had an over-the-hill Wade and misused Bosh, and hardly any room to get better players. In Cleveland he has three No. 1 picks who are only going to get better and who will be hitting their prime at the exact time his body starts to break down. In Cleveland he could contend for a championship for the next 10 years, if not more. In Miami, with the rate of Wade’s deterioration, it was two years, three max.

    • LA Flake

      Yeah, well, LJ knows the situation in Cleveland is better now with all the players they have and all that they could trade for by dangling Wiggins, Waiters and Thompson. Cleveland also has Miami’s first round pick which will surely be in the lottery now. Cleveland’s got some serious assets to go after serious FAs. And LJ knows this better than anybody.

    • frickenWaaaltah

      Going back to Cleveland may not be 100% easy for him, but it was still the easiest route he could have chosen by far.

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  • Mike C

    Totally SHOCKED!! Would have bet anything he was staying in Miami. Although he gets credit for fixing a mistake,… I would be ecstatic if he Never wins another championship Again! Wade got screwed in the process, ‘Love It’!! This day couldn’t get any better!

  • Bayern

    I learned about the news only after a huge wagon with Miami heat logo checked into a paint shop. Lebron Games man.

  • frickenWaaaltah

    Lol, apparently, Dan Gilbert only took down his childish anti-Lebron hate letter on July 7th. He left it up on the official Cavs website basically THE WHOLE TIME, I had no idea, ahahahaha.

    Also, hindsight being 20/20, the “more than exciting future” he promised the fans was tanking the whole time until Lebron came home. That includes a few ordinary rebuilding years, as well as the worst, most scandalous, most disgraceful run of having players literally losing games on purpose in the history of the NBA, as well as the most blatantly fixed draft lottery since the original lotto where the Knicks got Patrick Ewing.

    • Rich Jensen

      In fairness, that letter was not linked to any content on the Cavs website, but it was still on the server linked to external websites.

      For instance, you can still find the “Red Auerbach Coaching Tree” on the Boston Globe website, and it’s like 8 years old–and it’s not linked to any current content on the site.

      • frickenWaaaltah

        Right, but this isn’t 2002 or whatever. The lack of internal links doesn’t matter all that much when anytime someone wants to find something, they just do a google etc search anyway.

        • Rich Jensen

          True–but ask yourself: Whose job was it to Google “Dan Gilbert Letter” and find out that the content was still live on the server?

          Before the whole “LeBron’s coming back?” story cropped up, why would a Cavs employee be not only idly perusing old articles on the letter, but clicking on links to find out if it was still online?

          It seems an understandable oversight.

          • frickenWaaaltah

            Not sure what you mean by the ‘whose job was it’ thing. This isn’t my job, if that was supposed to be some kind of snide dig at me, as if I did something wrong by bringing up the Dan Gilbert baby tantrum letter.

            And in fact, it was indeed literally the job of any professional sports journalist to look up that letter any time they wanted to talk about the possibility of Lebron going back to Cleveland, assuming they wanted to act like a professional and do their research.

            Overall, the completely true and completely fair point is, Dan Gilbert never really disowned that letter THE WHOLE TIME.

          • frickenWaaaltah

            Ok, I think I see what you’re saying. You’re saying it was all just an oversight that it was still up there.

            I’d call that an obvious smokescreen. It’s not like everybody forgot about that letter the entire time and only checked on the 7th, and then it was removed asap.

            Dan Gilbert told them to put it up. He never told them to take it down. There’s no need for special oversight; employees don’t generally get orders straight from the owner.

            Nobody would ever just go ask ‘uh hey boss, do you want us to take the letter down yet?’ They would just leave it up until Gilbert told them to take it down, and looking back, yeah it did come up in the media a lot of times in between.

          • Rich Jensen

            They changed the software used to add content to the website, and apparently assumed that all of the old content was deleted when the new software was installed.

            Here’s an account of what went on: http://www.cbssports.com/nba/eye-on-basketball/24609988/cavaliers-take-down-dan-gilberts-scathing-letter

            “Quite frankly, we weren’t looking for [the letter] because we knew we deleted it,” he said. “If [it still being an active url] would have become apparent a year ago, we would have deleted it too.”

          • frickenWaaaltah

            You don’t honestly believe that for one second do you? I think that’s a blatant and completely obvious and pathetic pack of lies. They came up with that because apparently, this #lebronletter thing blew up on Twitter today.

            But I’m not one of those people who is going to say Lebron is less of a man or something because he is going to ‘play for Dan Gilbert’ again. I think it’s actually big of Lebron to not let that ruin what was obviously the best situation for him going forward, and instead just ‘take the high road’ and ‘rise above it’ as they say.

            No doubt he had/has a lot of great personal relationships in Cleveland; being willing to sign there is as simple as admitting to himself that there’s a lot more to Cleveland than Dan Gilbert, and yet not everyone would be able to just focus on that and let go of the letter thing. And that he could do it is going to make a lot of fans happy, and restore the pride of the sports fans in a city where they’ve been in the dumps since he left for Miami.

            On the other hand, I do think it makes Dan Gilbert look like a billion dollar man-baby. He can buy anything that can be bought, but that doesn’t include how to act like a grown up. He still can’t even admit that he left it up the whole time on purpose.

            If he ever does admit it, there will probably be a lot of embarrassing hemming and hawing, blaming this and that etc, so at this point I don’t expect him to. They will all just want to let it go and forget about it ever happening, and after the next few days, that is probably what is going to happen anyway, whatever the truth of it all really was.

          • Rich Jensen

            Do you know how silly that sounds?

            Dan Gilbert wants the letter on the website forever.

            But he doesn’t want any other page on the website to link to it.

            And as soon as it’s noticed he orders it removed (check your facts: This letter was removed over a week ago, not ‘today’).

            How does that even compute? “I stand by what I wrote in this letter, and I want it kept on the website. But I don’t want anyone to be able to find it. And if anyone finds it. I’m going to remove it. Because I still believe everything I said in it.”

          • frickenWaaaltah

            So you actually believe them!?!?! Wow…

            Anyways, your argument doesn’t have anything to do with anything I’ve argued for so far; it’s a straw man argument. And even for a straw man argument, it doesn’t make any sense. You’re seriously trying to tell me they were ordered to go through the website to delete ‘all the links,’ but that to-do list didn’t include deleting the letter itself?

            It’s also a subtle ad-hominem attack where you try to act like I’m some kind of irrational, conspiracy nut. Really though, the main irrationality here is just how much I’m enjoying pointing all this out to you heh…

            Hiding behind the ‘no links!’ thing is silly. It’s likely the only ‘link’ there ever was on the site was just a front page link which eventually got removed when the website was updated at some point, maybe even just a few weeks later. I mean I can’t think of any other page on the site that would include a link for something like that anyway. Maybe if they were completely bonkers, and a lot of people were indeed completely bonkers about the whole thing when the letter was originally written, they could have found every instance of “Lebron” on their website and made it a link to the letter, just for the lols.

            And obviously, removing internal links did not prevent anyone from finding it at all. As I’ve said before, it’s not ~2002 anymore (more like it’s not the 90’s anymore, really). You don’t need internal links to find content, and content is mostly not found by internal links. Google and other search engines index everything they can find unless a small robots.txt file tells them not to index it:

            Seriously, Dan Gilbert is a billionaire owner. When he tells some employee of his to do something, they do it. When he tells them to put up a letter on his team’s website, they do it. Nobody is going to come to him and say ‘hey uh boss, you still want us to keep this angry letter up?’ He gives an order, they follow it, and so it will be there until he tells them to take it down. There’s no way he doesn’t know that. Maybe he completely forgot about it, but that would just make him even more of a boob.

            The letter was referenced and externally linked quite a lot over the past years, and the safe implication is that Gilbert wanted it that way.

            Why? Because In this day and age, large business organizations are constantly monitoring how they appear in the media. Also, website admins would see how much traffic the letter was using and thus costing them as part of multiple general management tasks as well.

          • Rich Jensen

            1) It’s not a straw man argument. A straw man argument would be: “This isn’t 2002 anymore.”

            2) They didn’t “delete all the links”, they replaced the website. There are two ways of replacing a website: You can a) delete every file and folder from the server directory that hosts the website or you can b) overwrite the existing website. While best practices suggest that you should completely delete the old website, this is seldom done. I don’t always do it. And major media outlets like the Boston Globe don’t always do this either: http://www.boston.com/sports/basketball/celtics/specials/auerbach/ It should, therefore, not be a surprise that the NBA did not do this when they replaced *every* team’s website. And–in case you were unaware of this–the NBA chooses the software used to manage team websites (note that all team websites are redirected to NBA.com URLs). I’m fairly sure they chose how the software was installed as well.

            3) “Image consultants” are not going to be paid to find out if that letter is still on the team’s server. They’re going to be paid to mitigate fallout from the letter itself. And that fallout exists regardless of whether the letter is still on the team’s server.

            4) What we’re left with is your picture of Dan Gilbert, as a guy who wants his angry letter to be up on the website for everyone to see—-except that you couldn’t find the letter on the website, and as soon as it was found it was taken down. In contrast, my explanation is organizational sloppiness.

            You’re free to consider this to be a grand and nefarious scheme as opposed to simple bungling, but if you’re going to do that, at least be consistent about it, and support the argument that MLB gave Papi a free pass–because, you know, it’s never organizational incompetence. It’s always something more sinister.

            BTW: here’s some light reading for you: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hanlon%27s_razor

            Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.”

  • frickenWaaaltah

    And yeah, Chuck is right about Kevin Love. The Cavs are his preferred destination currently, but Minny didn’t find a deal they would do with his original preferred destinations in Los Angeles or Golden State either.

    Even if they offer Wiggins to Minnesota, that wouldn’t be a smart move for the Wolves. Wiggins is the player most likely to leave his team after his rookie contract is up. He wants to play for his hometown team in Toronto, and Ujiri will be ready to snag him, assuming he isn’t a bust. Minnesota’s best way to handle it probably would be having to trade Wiggins to the Raptors in 2-3 years in a deal that wasn’t all that balanced.

  • SomeguyinSac

    “What LeBron’s decision to play for the Cavs means for the Celtics”

    Means nothing to me as a longtime fan of the Celtics, I bleed Green no matter what.

    • An American Icon. MC

      Not to be nosy but is everything ok?

  • KGino

    When the goin’ gets tough, Lebron gets goin’

  • Caterpillar from Italy

    I fear C’s gonna be a lottery team for years to come. I’m really worried.

  • Brick James

    I for one can’t wait for the LeBrick steroid scandal. Cro Magnon 5 head.