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Parsons gets Hayward money from Dallas, pressure now on Bosh

I’ve gotten two questions very often over the past few months:  Should the Celtics pursue Chandler Parsons or Gordon Hayward?  Both are good, young swing men in the mid-20’s and definitely up-and-coming… so of course people would be interested.

But the market for them has been way out of the Celtics price range.  After Hayward agreed to a max offer sheet from Charlotte (4-years, $63 million), the Dallas Mavericks just dropped a bomb by offering Parsons similar money…. somewhere in the $15 million a year range.

That’s some good cake.  Really good. Excessively good, even.  But that’s the bitch of restricted free agency (and why Ainge was quick to lock up Avery Bradley)… if a team really wants to lure a RFA away from his current club, they have to overpay.  Give the guy what he’s actually worth and his team will probably match it.  And not only will they match it, they’ll screw with you and your cap space by making you wait the full 3 days so you can’t do any other business (signed offer sheets place a hold on your cap in that amount the second they’re signed, and it remains there until a team decides to match or not).

Add to that a wild market where a lot of money is being thrown around and you have a climate where Parsons and Hayward are making on a few million less than Paul Pierce’s career best $19.7 mil. in ’09-’10.  That’s how it goes.

The Parsons signing is a MAJOR domino to fall here because it puts a ton of pressure on the Houston Rockets to make a decision.  They can match the offer and start filling the cap space they’ve been saving, or they can decline and go in a different direction.

They have reportedly been talking about a max offer for Chris Bosh, who has been reportedly sitting around waiting for LeBron James to make a decision.  If the rumors are true, he’ll go back to Miami for another run if LeBron returns.  But if LeBron goes to Cleveland, Bosh throws up the deuces and leaves South Beach.  However, the Rockets may just put the pressure on Bosh to make a decision within that 3-day window before making a decision on whether to match the Parsons offer.

So we have a potential situation where LeBron takes his sweet time making a decision and Bosh just says “screw it, I’m done waiting” and goes to Houston.  Once that happens, LeBron is sure to go to Cleveland, which totally shifts the balance of power in the East.  Carmelo Anthony has reportedly decided to go back to New York, which would remove another player from the mix… but…

the deal on the table from the Knicks is a max contract worth $129 million over five years. Barring a last minute change of heart — or the Chicago Bulls being able to convince Jackson, the Knicks president, to engage in a sign-and-trade — Anthony will re-sign with the Knicks.

Nothing’s official until it’s official.  But the pressure is now being turned WAY up.

Parsons and Hayward got PAID, and in the process they’ve set the free agency wheels in motion.  The rest of this week is going to get tremendously interesting.

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  • bill_nair

    I like Hayward and Parsons but boy are these deals bad. I love the situation for both kids though. Hayward will really help Charlottes offense and bring talent to the East. I hope Utah doesn’t match. Parsons should put up similar numbers being the third guy next to Dirk and Monta. I’m glad we didn’t overpay for them though.

  • forever_green

    I applaud Dallas for their moves this off season.

    • KGino

      Cuban is slanging that dough around gotta love an owner like that

    • frickenWaaaltah

      It’s crazy, but through maneuvering like the gd devil, Cuban may have figured out how to all but ensure that the Mavs get either Parsons or Bosh. Now if the Rockets want one, they will probably have to let Dallas snag the other.

      If the Rockets want Parsons now, they have to match the offer sheet, and then the Mavs will probably get Bosh. If the Rockets don’t like the idea of the Mavs ‘stealing’ Bosh from them, they’d have to let the Mavs get Parsons, and take a greater risk by going after Bosh themselves. They’d be letting Parsons, their ‘bird in the hand’ go to chase after Bosh.

      Beyond that, I just don’t think the Rockets will be able to get all their maneuvering done in time to get both of them.

      Also, the rules aren’t super clear on cap holds for guys on offer sheets from other teams. The Rockets may still have a ~1.8 mil cap hold for Parsons, or they may have a ~15.33 mil cap hold as soon as the Mavs file the offer sheet with the league and deliver the Rockets a copy. If it’s the latter situation, the higher 15.33 mil cap hold for the Rockets, the Mavs have already ruined the Rockets chance to get both Parsons and Bosh.

      • Fitzy

        The mavs would be the one with the 15.33 mil cap hold until it is matched, They have to sign Bosh and then match if they want to obtain both. This is because you’re allowed to exceed the cap to sign your bird rights.

  • MikeABQ

    These deals make Jeff Greens contract look a bit easier to swallow/easier to trade. JG a bit older, not as well rounded and has not lived up to potential, but I wouldn’t say these guys are 6mil better than him.

  • frickenWaaaltah

    Mark Cuban is the DEVIL! Seriously, he just nailed Houston. This is so brilliantly timed that he might actually get Parsons away from Houston, and he has put a lot of pressure on them in the mean time.

    Houston hasn’t traded Jeremy Lin yet of course; they claim they have a deal ready to go, and are just waiting on a commitment from a free agent, but I think they are bluffing. They want Philly to think they have an agreement with Milwaukee, and Milwaukee to think they have an agreement with Philly, so whenever they do a deal with whoever, they don’t have to give away a first round draft pick to move Lin.

    And get this, Houston hasn’t even filed the paperwork for trading Asik yet, and they might not even be able to do that until the 15th. So wow, Cuban has really put all the pressure on Houston. Ideally, Houston would get those deals done, and sign a free agent (i.e. Bosh), then match the offer sheet for Parsons.

    But in the NBA, it’s against the natural order of things for somebody to ‘cut in line.’ Of course Bosh would rather wait for Lebron to decide what he is going to do. So the Rockets have to assume Bosh will NOT make a decision in the next three days, as Lebron probably won’t. Even if Lebron did, it’s not a lot of time for Bosh to decide. That makes this a crazy tough call for them…go with Parsons as their ‘bird in the hand’ or go for Bosh anyway.

  • frickenWaaaltah

    I already think Lebron is going to Cleveland, btw. For the Cavs, it’s all really simple. All they have to do is just sign Lebron. For the Heat, it’s all really complex and difficult.

    The Heat don’t want to throw Wade under the bus, but Lebron wants them to sign another ~max free agent, and the only way for them to do that is to either sign Wade to a vet min type deal, or an exception after renouncing his Bird rights and going over the cap.

    I think Lebron would rather play for the Heat or this would all be resolved already, but I would guess that the Heat just aren’t going to solve their problems in time. First they’d have to ditch Wade; then they’d have to get one of the main FA’s to sign with them ‘if/when Lebron signs’ with them…like for example Melo.

    So far, it looks like Riley just wants Lebron to not take a max deal, not force them to ditch Wade or demand he play for a tiny deal, etc. So if they don’t blink, Lebron is gone, and they basically chose Wade over Lebron.

    • adam

      well look at that Lebron is going back to Cleveland.

  • Dirk Diggler

    I like watching both Hayward and Parsons play, but both are slow and don’t play a lick of defense. You can’t win championships carrying Hayward/Parsons, Sullinger, Olynyk, etc. You can’t win titles when 3-4 guys (half of your true rotation players) don’t play any defense.