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Cavs in pursuit of Love; Thornton’s agent isn’t happy


We applauded Danny Ainge for helping the Cavs clear cap space so Cleveland could make an offer to LeBron James. But know we’re learning the Cavs could set their sights on Kevin Love:

The Cleveland Cavaliers are pursuing a trade forMinnesota Timberwolves All-Star forward Kevin Love contingent on the signing of LeBron James, league sources told Yahoo Sports.

The Timberwolves will demand Andrew Wiggins, the Cavs’ No. 1 overall pick from last month’s NBA draft, be a part of any proposed deal, sources told Yahoo Sports.


The Cavs can offer up Wiggins, the expiring contract ($9.8 mil) of Anderson Varajeo, and any combination of Dion Waiters, Anthony Bennett or Tristan Thompson.

I don’t see how Boston can come close to matching that offer.

Love might be willing to change his tune about signing an extension in Cleveland if, and that’s still a giant if, LeBron James comes back home.

Meanwhile, the agent for Marcus Thornton doesn’t sound like he’s a big fan of the Boston deal:

“Our biggest concern is whether he will get an opportunity to play,” his agent Tony Dutt told “At the end of the day, he wants an opportunity to showcase his talents. I have been told that he will get that opportunity.”

Geez, Dutt can’t even wait for the deal to be official before he starts complaining. A warning for Thornton – don’t mess with Ainge. Just ask Keith Bogans. Tough to showcase your talents from home.

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  • Brad P

    That’d be a hell of a lot for Love. They’re kind of undervaluing Wiggins there. If the Cavs were smart they’d set their sights on Anthony Davis in the situation that they get Lebron

    • bill_nair

      Davis should already have a no trade clause in his contract.

      • Brad P

        Yeah, true that. He’s a great player. But Wiggins + pick(s) for Davis would be a great trade for both sides

        • Fitzy

          Davis will be a top 5 player in the league soon. He’s not being traded.

          • Brad P

            Exactly the reason why you would throw a mountain of assets for him instead of Love.

          • Fitzy

            draft picks, sully/olynyk and smart don’t get the job done. He’s litterally not going to pop up in trade rumors for at least another 5 years, if that. The likelihood of any of our draft picks turning into anthony davis is like .000001%. he’s a generational talent that won’t be going anywhere for a long time.

          • Brad P

            When did I say the Celtics should go after Davis? We don’t Wiggins to offer, the Cavs do. I’m saying that the Cavs would be smarter to unload assets for a ‘generational’ talent rather than a guy who is going to leave the Wolves regardless

          • Fitzy

            The assets the cavs have don’t equal davis on any level. The only thing they have of value is kyrie and wiggins. If they don’t get lebron back they could throw in all their 1st rounders though. That’s probably at least 5 1st overall picks.

  • bill_nair

    Please keep Thornton at home. I would’ve loved having him in 2012, not during a rebuild. I’m sure Danny will look for any and every deal for him that helps us.

    I can’t believe Lebron might already come back to Cleveland. Some may think it’s logical (I say so especially if they can get Love) but I think it’s stupid. I’d rather see Wiggins and Kyrie grow as a pair rather than be put in a force to win now situation. If Bron has to play babysitter for the youngings I don’t see them being true contenders for a few years. 3 firsts in 2016? Sweet.

  • tvor03

    Of course Thornton’s agent is mad. He fleeced Sac last time around and is thinking about another payday. He’s gonna struggle for minutes in Boston, and that means less money for him.

    And, if Lebron does go back to Cleveland, I personally think it would be the wrong move to trade for Love. Love is like 6-7 years older than Wiggins. So Lebron, Kyrie, and Love can be contenders for I’m gonna say six years, then Lebron and Love start seeing serious wear, leaving Kyrie to carry the load himself. Lebron, Wiggins, Kyrie, and possibly Bennett can be contenders for 12-14 years. In six years, when Lebron’s age starts to show, Wiggs and Kyrie will just be hitting their prime. And Lebron becomes the David Robinson to Wiggins’s Tim Duncan.

    • Rich Jensen

      That’s exactly how I see it—with these additional observations:

      Do the Cavs need Love if they’ve got LeBron? You’re not going to get all of Love’s production and all of LeBron’s production, but you’ll have to pay for all of Love’s production. Cleveland needs a Lance Stephenson type player, not a Kevin Love type player.

      Also, under this CBA, you can’t assemble a long-term contender without developing homegrown talent under rookie contracts. For Cleveland to trade a bunch of that away for a player that they don’t really need….. That’s not smart.

    • WardenOfTheNorth

      Love is a top 5 player in the league. Wiggins might not even be top 5 in his draft class. Of course Cleveland makes that trade. Besides, a PF who can spread the floor like Love is 10x more valuable than a kid who will be LeBron’s backup for the next 5 years. Love is proven, wiggins is not.

      • tvor03

        Love is talented, but he’s never led his team even a .500 record. If you can’t do that, you can’t be top 5. Top 10 maybe. And Wiggins might not even be top 5 in his draft? seriously? did you just ignore everything that happened this past year?

        • wil

          yeah blame it on a guy averaging 26 points and 12.5 rbs and 4.4 assists lol how about the rest of their roster?

  • Mike C

    If Cleveland ‘Back Doors’ us on acquiring Kevin Love after we cleared cap space for them then ‘Its On’! I say we make it our mission for the next decade to snake every deal they try to make!