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Report: Celtics interested in Lance Stephenson


Via ESPN’s Chris Broussard:

Nearly a week after the Indiana Pacers offered talented but controversial guard Lance Stephenson a five-year, $44 million contract, the two sides remain far apart on a deal, according to sources close to the situation.

Although his desire is to remain with the Pacers, a disappointed Stephenson began exploring the free-agent market after receiving what he felt was a low-ball offer on Tuesday, sources said.

Stephenson has drawn interest from the Dallas Mavericks and Los Angeles Lakers, although both teams have other free agents prioritized above Stephenson, according to sources. The Boston Celtics have also shown interest in Stephenson, according to a source.

Broussard may not be the most reliable reporter, but I’m desperate for fireworks people.

We debated whether Stephenson would fit in Boston last month following Grantland’s comprehensive breakdown of his game. Lance wasn’t getting much love from our readers.

I remain intrigued by his game, but I’m not sure I’d spend north of $10 million for him. Then again, if Avery Bradley is worth $8 million in this market, Lance deserves 8 figures.

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  • LA Flake

    $44 million for 5 years is a low-ball offer???

    • KGino

      If Gordan Hayward is going to make 14-15 mil, I can see why he thought he was low-balled.

      For the record, I don’t think he deserves more than 9

      • LA Flake

        He is a dynamic scorer though. Gotta give him that. But he could turn out to be a head case. Which is why I wouldn’t offer him anything more than $10 million which sounds ridiculous in and of itself.

        “Yeah…He could be a lunatic. I’ll only pay him $10 million and not a penny more.”

  • Justin Quinn

    metric ton of nope.

  • KGino

    there’s just better ways to invest $10 mil a year is all

  • Nate

    Let him put up good numbers on a bad team and then flip him for KLove at the deadline. Sounds like a plan to me

  • Andrew Vellucci

    These reports are starting to piss me off the celtics are interested in Isiah Thomas, Stephenson, Hayward, kent bazemore??? all those guys are guards where are they going to play when the celtics have Rondo, Smart, Bradley, James Young, Pressey something has to be going on i hope its a Rondo trade because im sick of hearing rumors and reports that give me a mind F*ck

  • omitasub

    I love Lance “the 8th grader” Stephenson, but what do we need another SG for?

  • Brad P

    What the hell? We already took the Bradley bullet, please spare us Danny.

  • Thatguy

    Dear Danny Ainge,


    – Sincerely, every other guard on the Celtics roster trying to get playing time

  • Frank Aziza

    Give him 4 years 40 million


    Dear Mr (or Mrs) Reds Army – the only rumors I want to read about are RONDO TRADE RUMORS. Lets step up your efforts and dig something up (or make it up if you have to). I need some tasty beach reading to accompany my ice cold Buds!!!

    • eddysamson

      Oh cool well thats you. I’ll take it all, thanks.

      • BIG_HITTA1

        Broussard rumors have about a 10% chance of being real. I like all of these rumors, reports, media-hype, etc stories but the REAL fireworks stuff are the ‘to where, for what, and when’ Rondo trade talk items. Dat b killa!!!

  • Lee in Oregon

    A guard who can score…..interesting concept. He can be had- Bird & The Pacer’s will NOT pay the tax. “Zeke” claimed that Bird & DA walked by each other at today’s game and didn’t speak……

  • Joey

    This would create quite the overload at pg/sg especially since Smart could play either. Can Stephenson play SF? If so, could we lure the T-wolves to trade Love for a Jeff Green package?

  • art

    I believe it’s customary for the C’s front office to show interest in a lot of players That doesn’t mean they intend to try to make something happen. Danny’s focus is likely size and all-star caliber players. Stevenson should have accepted the Pacers offer. It’s about the most he’s worth.

  • RedsLoveChild

    Danny Ainge is of the belief that…”All Guards are Gods”

  • CP37

    How about sign-and-trade for him and use him as a chip to get K.Love?

  • bill_nair

    I like Lance but I want him no where near my team. Keep his antics out in Indy.