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Your Afternoon Dump..Where Smart’s Defense Stands Out

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

With the addition of a top-rated defender in Smart to a talented summer league roster, the Celtics turned heads on Saturday with their defensive effort. Miami was limited to just 32 percent shooting from the field and committed 25 turnovers, 15 of which came on steals from Boston.

Smart spoke about his commitment to that end of the floor after the game.

“I was born and raised playing defense. Every team I played with was a defensive-minded team first before offense,” Smart said.

Notebook: Smart’s Defense Stands Out-ESPN Boston

1If you’re a Celtics fan, that’s like music to your ears. “..born and raised playing defense“. For each of the Celtics’ 17 world championship seasons, you can always think of at least one defensive dynamo on each squad. Guys like 3 time all defensive team member Dave Cowens, Dennis Johnson and his harassment of Magic throughout the 1984 Finals and of course the legendary Bill Russell. Although it would be ridiculous to throw out any comparisons to these hall of famers, (and I’m not) Smart is a guy who you definitely want in Celtic green.

Assistant coach, and C’s Summer League team head coach Jay Larranaga says that defense is what he wants at the forefront of the mind of each Celtic.

Larranaga added: “We talk about how having a defensive DNA. We want every player putting on a Celtics jersey to think defense first, and the offense will take care of itself.”

While watching Smart yesterday, the first thing I noticed was his aggression. He goes 110% on each and every play, on both sides of the ball. He goes at it like a young puppy-jumping all over the place at what seems like supersonic speed. The only thing that concerns me about that is that he could easily hurt himself. Folks used to talk about Rondo in this same respect, but number nine learned how to find a balance as time went on-I’m sure Smart will too. If you missed yesterday’s game, check out these highlights as well as Smart’s post game media session. C’s are back in action on Monday night.

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Page 2: Ainge Still After Kevin Love

Just when you thought a KLove to Boston deal was dead, Woj says Ainge still trying to make it work:


Some say that Minny simply is not interested in what the Celtics have to offer, but apparently Danny is looking to use his picks to acquire some players that Minny would take. If there is anyone who can get it done, it is Trader Dan. We’ll see..

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  • Brad P

    Ah, that’s refreshing to hear. Give us spoiled fans some hope Danny, screw rebuilding the slow way

  • LA Flake

    Somewhere in Malibu, KG is bleeding green and smiling from ear to ear while uttering some choice expletives.

    “Yeah…Fxxcking defense, moxxerfxcker…Motherfxxxing defense…”

  • RedsLoveChild

    Smart was drafted because the Celts have decided to deal Rondo away, rather than dealing with the drama of trying to re-sign him at a reasonable price.

    But, 1 year from now, Smart will be a better player than Rondo ever was or will be. He can`t help but be…given his superior strength, athleticism, energy, tenacity, commitment to defense, fearlessness.

    • forever_green

      It seems the only guy you want gone more than DA is Rondo now.

      Did Rondo cut you off in traffic or something? ..

      • RedsLoveChild

        With all their severe deficiencies in the paint…there is no other explanation for them drafting a guard with the 6th pick.

        Smart & Bradley is the back-court…if not by Nov, certainly by March!

        • art

          This one’s easy. Danny went with the best player available. If you follow the news, it was known by all what the C’s plan of attack would be at the draft. You must have been on vacation. I totally agree with the pick. There’s plenty of time and other ways besides through the draft to work on the remaining deficiencies.

          • RedsLoveChild

            Of course, that`s what Ainge is going to say publicly.

    • KGino

      Not saying this doesn’t lead to a Rondo trade, but it’s certainly unfair to decree that 1 year from now Smart will be a better player than Rondo ever has/will be. That’s just conjecture at this point. You can’t go saying it like it’s fact

      • RedsLoveChild

        Two years?

        Smart is a wrecking ball, with a linebackers mentality. Defensively, he`ll be a nightmare for most guards to deal with. Offensively, he loves to penetrate, he`ll get to the FT line early and often. He shot about 73% in college from the line, which bodes well for his potential to develop a very decent perimeter jumper.

  • swissflix

    Smart will probably won’t have great shooting percentages – i am expecting his fg to be somewhere between 38-40 %- but he will bring immediate energy and a great boost off the bench. In other words, he will contribute a great deal and this is great.
    The problem with this roster is that there just aren’t many serious assets. Sully and Olynyk are nice but they are not nearly as valuable as some Celtics fans see them, unfortunately. Rondo, Smart and Bradley, that’s it. Hence i don’t expect us to get Love or have a quick rebuild. But prove me wrong, trader Dan!