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Your Morning Dump… Extremely early observations from Summer League

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

Celtics summer league is officially underway. Marcus Smart started today’s game vs Miami at shooting guard with Phil Pressey playing the point.

A couple of early observations:

And here’s a Phil Pressey crossover that caught Shabazz Napier flat footed:

I put very little stock into Summer League, but if you want to watch Smart and James Young (out today with sore neck) play, here’s the schedule on Comcast.

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Nothing but silence on the Celtics trade/free agency front. Everyone waiting for LeBron and Melo to make decisions.

The rest of the links:

ESPN – Stevens more confident at 1 year mark |

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  • eddysamson

    Smart looks good enough on everything but shooting so far. Seems to be as advertised.

  • Brian Pahlm

    I dvr d the nbatv feed. Oh well csnne is replaying the game at 8pm. Make sure to add 15 mins cause these games are never on time.

  • RedwasKing

    Smart seems like a really streaky shooter who can always make an impact on the game in other areas. KO and Pressy are both playing really well. Mike Moser is a beast and a two way player. Colton Iverson is adding some nice energy.

    • RedwasKing

      Also, Smart with 6 steals.

      • Mai Gaiaesque

        really impressed by smart’s D,,,and he’s good at controlling court tempo…would love to see more smart’s play in point guard position.

  • NE_Celt

    Glad to see pressey and ko doing what we expect…smart started getting better as the game went on. Colton did decent. Wish Johnson had a better game.

    All in all…thank god Celtics basketball is on again…even if it is summer league…which is pretty rough.

    • eddysamson

      Johnson actually led the team in +/- with a +22.

      • NE_Celt

        Wow…really…dunno how that happened. He was out there trying though…I like the guy from what I saw last season.

        • eddysamson

          I think it means he didn’t really do anything wrong and he was on the floor when good things were happening for the C’s.

  • Kevin

    Smart’s shot struggled a bit but mechanically, it looks 100x better than Rondo’s shot. I can really see him developing into a Deron William-like PG, but with better defense.

    • tvor03

      I hope he doesn’t turn into Deron Williams. An arrogant coach-killer who shrinks under pressure.

  • wil

    All smart needs to do is figure out what he does best, build on that mid range jumper like dwade did.

  • Slap Dog Hoops

    Ainge is going to regret picking Smart over Noah Vonleh.

    • Rjd12345


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  • KGino

    “I put very little stock in the summer league…” The summer league does basically nothing for a team’s stock, only an individuals. For me, watching Sully a few years ago and KO last year, and now Smart this year, is awesome. You get an idea of if/how these kids will truly contribute once the season starts.

    But watching Sully play, I knew he’d be a solid starting PF eventually.
    Watching KO play, I knew he’d have an impact his rookie year, and probably be a top 10 rookie. His coordination for a big was too good.
    Watching Smart play, TBD.

    If they look decent in summer league, it DOES translate to regular season. If they make little to no impact in summer league, you can probably consider them a bust. I put lots of stock in the summer league as far as individual talent (if you can’t handle these guys, how will you handle the real guys?)