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Your Morning Dump… Where at least one team was going to offer Bradley more money


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At first glance, the numbers on Avery Bradley’s new contract with the Celtics may seem a bit high. But the decision to lock him up may not have been simply about pure numbers — even though their validity is supported by the market.

The Celts and their restricted free agent agreed on a four-year pact that will net him a total of $32 million, and, according to league sources, it is a straight-up deal that will begin in the low $7 million range and rise to nearly $9 million by the 2017-18 season. There are no player options or incentives.

In terms of the money alone, sources told the Herald that at least one other team was prepared to offer more and might have already done so (Philadelphia was known to have interest in Bradley, but it could not be confirmed as that team). Perhaps more importantly, the other bids coming his way would have contained clauses designed to dissuade the Celts from meeting the terms.


Thank you, Steve Bulpett.

While some media members are ranting and throwing tantrums over Avery Bradley’s new contract, Bulpett offers a rational, informed opinion on why the deal makes sense.

For starters, there was competition for Bradley’s services. Danny Ainge views Avery as a core player and so do others around the league:

“I love the kid,” one NBA coach said. “You can try to pick apart this or that, but all I know is when he’s on the floor, he makes plays. He’s a relentless defender, and he moves really well without the ball. You can’t talk about his shooting without talking about his cutting and what that does for their offense when (Rajon) Rondo wants to move the ball.

“You’ve got to look at the bigger picture with (Bradley). He had that one bad shooting year, but he was coming off shoulder surgery.”

And whether you like the contract number or not, it’s market value. Jodie Meeks is getting $6 million AAV. Ben Gordon – a 31 year old guard who shot 34% in 19 games last season – signed for a guaranteed $4.5 million in Orlando. Gordon Hayward is on the verge of a max contract – $14 million AAV.

This contract isn’t going to cost the Celtics a shot at any future big name free agent. It fills a slot on the roster.

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On Page 2, the Clippers and Nets are negotiating a trade for Paul Pierce.

And while the Clippers could simply sign Pierce as a free agent using their midlevel exception at $5.3 million, they are interested in pursuing sign-and-trade scenarios that would allow Brooklyn to get something in return for the 10-time All-Star and because the Clippers already have so many small forwards.

Because Brooklyn holds his Bird rights, a sign-and-trade also would allow Pierce — who made $15.3 million last season — to sign for more than the midlevel exception.

The Clippers likely would include some combination of Jared DudleyMatt Barnes and last year’s first-round pick, Reggie Bullock, according to sources.


Poor KG. He’s going to be all alone in Brooklyn on that mess of a team.

And finally, James Young takes in his first game at Fenway.

Apologies to James for having to watch the miserable Red Sox.

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  • Kahnstantine

    Can’t believe there are Cs fans who think we are paying too much. This deal makes sense from every angle. You can’t put a price on cohesion and consistency. When building a team, a real TEAM, you have to keep people around and let them grow, not just mix and match parts like a video game. It doesn’t surprise me that AB could have gotten more money elsewhere; he is good and getting better. I’m glad he will be in Green for the foreseeable future.

    • Mai Gaiaesque

      as long as he gets healthy…

    • Brad P

      It’s mostly the impatient Celtic fans like me. We want the big fish instead of giving these long bulky contracts to mediocre players (Green, Bass, Bradley) and taking in contracts like Wallace/Anthony.

      But I guess it’s just time for a reality check, this team is going nowhere any time soon.

    • SULLY617

      Avery COULD have been a trade chip…making $8mil a year, I think those days are done.

      Pointing to the Gordon and Meeks signings is ridiculous. “At least we didn’t do that!” Horrid contracts are handed out every summer in this league, and unfortunately I think the AB deal is likely gonna fall into that category.

  • Frank Aziza

    Don’t be surprised if the Brooklyn – Clippers trade involves KG

    • Curt Hays

      Call me stupid…I hope he gets traded to Boston. For Gerald Wallace maybe?!

      • Nick Ault

        Best trade in Celtics history: Brooklyn sign and trade PP and KG at ~5M each for one year for Gerald Wallace’s two years. Maybe they could throw us a few more picks too. hahaha. Brooklyn sucks.

        • Curt Hays


    • forever_green

      Paul’s not leaving KG behind.

  • bill_nair

    Can anyone answer?: Taking Bird Rights into account, how much did we lose in cap space to on the Bradley deal? I know if we didnt re-sign him its not like we had an extra $8 mill to pay someone else.

    • Celtics total salary is about $69 mil. Letting him walk for nothing would have brought them to a little more than a mil. under the cap.

      • bill_nair

        Thank you

    • Jacquard Causeway

      It was always very unilkely the Celtics would have significant cap space this season.

      However, signing Bradley does mean that the team won’t have much cap space at all leftover next summer if they actually sign Rondo to a max deal.

      • Herman Bubbert

        If Ainge offers Rondo a max deal, that will certainly trump this idiotic Bradley contract on the Stupid-O-Meter.

  • Jacquard Causeway

    If it’s true that the deal represents his market value, then it’s fine for the Celtics to sign him at that price, provided they view him as the guy they want starting at the 2 for more or less the entire duration of his deal, and they think he can stay mostly healthy during that time.

    Other teams are unlikely to want to trade for a guard who is 6’2”, can’t run the point or the pick and roll, and who makes $8 million a year. Avery is ours now, for better or for worse.

    Next question, then, is who will be the point guard starting next to him? The Celtics just used a draft pick on a combo guard whose skillset would seem to be a great fit next to Bradley. If the plan is to keep Rondo, however, either Bradley’s gonna be an overpaid backup, or the Celtics just used a top 6 pick on a super-sub.

    • KGino

      Yes, but teams are likely to want to trade for a guard who is top 5 defensively at his position, scores 15ppg, is a spot up shooter from anywhere on the court, and makes better cuts than most players at his position.

      Rondo & Bradley will start. Smart off the bench for awhile (unless one of them gets hurt). Trade rumors will swirl around Rondo at the deadline. If we trade him, insert Smart as PG (hopefully we gets BIGS or ASSETS in this speculative deal, no more guards). If not, Smart remains in his bench role.

      He’d only be a “super sub” for this season at most… But he is GREAT insurance for any Rondo/AB injuries (slides into either position). And the better he plays to start the season, the more likely Rondo goes at the deadline.

    • RedsLoveChild

      It`s very difficult find fault with the Bradley signing.

      Hayward {same age} is on the verge of signing for TWICE that amount….a guy who outscored AB by a mere 1.3 PPG, and out-rebounded AB by just 1.6 RPG.

      Of course, AB is a guard at least 6 inches shorter, and he out-shot Hayward significantly {especially 3`s}.

      Throw in AB`s defense, plus the fact that most of the 22 games he missed last year were likely in the name of “tanking”, and AB looks like a bargain!

  • Slap Dog Hoops

    That tears it: the Celtics are going to suck for the next fifteen years. Averyt Bradley was at best a solid rotation player on a good team, but giving him *$ million per year for four years? The guys is an undersized shooting guard whose claim to fame was hitting one or two threes during the KG/PP/RA era.

  • Slap Dog Hoops

    If Philly wanted to pay that much money for Bradley, they Celtics should have let them. Now they are going to have a dead weight albatross of a contract for the next four years.

  • frickenWaaaltah

    The more I look around, the more I see it’s not just AB. A lot of teams were in cost cutting mode last summer and last season, and now I guess they are tired of all the ‘austerity’ because if you want to sign pretty much anyone who’s anyone, you’ve got to spend ‘too much.’

    No CBA can protect the owners from themselves.

  • Cal Cortez

    Terrible-remember when Ainge suckups defended signing Green , Bass and Courtney Lee? Now they are defending this-Bradley is a nice role player but not a big money guy.