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Reports: Celtics contacted Parsons, Hayward and 28 other players last night

Sounds like Danny Ainge and Brad Stevens had a busy night.

Hayward and Parsons are up-and-coming players, but I’m a bit worried the Celtics will overpay and end up with a younger version of Jeff Green.

There’s nothing new regarding Kevin Love. It’s believed Minnesota is in a holding pattern, waiting to hear from the teams that lose out on LeBron and Melo.

Hill – a 6-10 big man with a knack for offensive rebounding – is also being pursued by Houston, Dallas and the Lakers.

Earlier this morning, we passed along news of the Celtics interest in Isaiah Thomas. Sorry, but I don’t see the lure of a 5-9 point guard.

It appears the Pistons are setting the market on Thomas:

And finally, ESPN reports that Chicago, Houston, Portland, Dallas and Memphis are all interested in Paul Pierce. Good luck, Truth.

PS – I’m still waiting on the fireworks.

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  • ChazzyJoe

    Well, there’s a tropical storm brewing, so don’t that fireworks will be happening this week 😉

    • bill_nair

      In the Northeast?

      • Thatguy

        There’s something coming up the east side of Florida right now. That’s probably what he’s referring to.

        • bill_nair

          Figured. Wasnt sure if he was speaking about Mass (I kinda just assume most Cs fans are from the area). Thanks for the info.

          • Thatguy

            Sure thing. I’m a Floridian and there’s a decent amount of C’s fans scattered about.

            (Oh please god help me Heat fans are everywhere and I want to move.)

          • bill_nair

            haha well if Lebron leaves you may not have to worry.

          • Thatguy

            That’s true enough. I honestly don’t remember the Heat getting this much love outside of recently and 2005-2006.

          • LA Flake

            B A N D W A G O N

          • LA Flake

            Heat fans are everywhere?

            No. Seriously. Where?

            Ohhhhhhhhhh….Those 4 dudes on ESPN?

          • jrleftfoot

            he`s talking about florida , genius

          • LA Flake

            No s#it, Sherlock. Have you seen their home games? Where are their fans?

          • MARrshh3 .

            I’m in Arkansas, and I’ve been a Celtics fan ever since watching Bob Cousy, John Havlicek et al — on our brand new, first-one-in-town Television Set.

          • forever_green


  • Guest

    This makes 3 years in a row that we’ve had huge storms during and around the 4th, what the hell!

  • bill_nair

    “…but I’m a bit worried the Celtics will overpay and end up with a younger version of Jeff Green.”
    My biggest issue with the young RFA’s. If Danny has a deal to move Green in place id be willing to slightly over pay (or give Green type $) for Parsons or Hayward but no need to clog up our cap space when were going to be pretty bad either way.

  • Jacquard Causeway

    There are no fireworks. Marcus Smart and perhaps a Rondo trade are probably the best we’re gonna do.

    Kevin Love / Omer Asik were the firework they were hoping for, I think, but it wasn’t to be.

  • forever_green

    Get Love & the Truth!

    • LA Flake

      I’d totally call Paul and ask him if he would like to finish his career graciously with his true team and instill some old school Celtics pride in our young’ins.

      • forever_green

        Its a long shot but it would make me happy for one to two years. I can’t see him leaving KG if he returns, even though that team isn’t good enough to win a championship.

        • LA Flake

          I’ll take KG back, too, in a heartbeat. OGs & YGs!

  • BillRussell

    What are the most realistic scenarios for Jeff Green? keep him? or gotta move him?

  • tvor03

    8 mil/year for Isaiah Thomas?

    • KGino

      20ppg & 6apg will get you that kind of offer, even if your 5’9″ and can hardly defend

    • adam

      With a name like Isaiah Thomas, how could Detroit resist?

  • Lee in Oregon

    It’s been reported the Jazz will match ANY contract offer Haywood gets. Chandler is prob. in play though as Houston has it’s sights on bigger names.

    If Thomas is getting 8 mil a year, this is gonna be a crazy summer! Go Danny!

    • LA Flake

      Yeah. Don’t bite, Danny. Let Detroit overpay, again, as usual, and watch that team go bankrupt along with the city.

  • RedsLoveChild

    Ainge passed on drafting Parsons in the 2011 draft…..the lure of JuJuan Johnson was too powerful resist!

    C`mon, one more time….In Danny we trust!

    • Rich Jensen

      29 teams passed on Chandler Parsons. So explain to me how this makes Ainge a uniquely bad GM.

      • RedsLoveChild

        This particular move? No.

        This one doesn`t even make Danny“s Top 10 list when compared to his many other displays of extreme incompetence.

        • Rich Jensen

          Then why even bring it up? If it proves nothing, why say something? Are you afraid that if you don’t keep saying how much you hate Ainge, we’ll all forget that you hate Ainge?

          • RedsLoveChild

            Oh, I don`t know….maybe because I find it ironic that Ainge is now willing to throw tens of millions of dollars to a player, he could`ve had for free, just 3 years ago.

            But, instead drafted a player that couldn`t last 10 minutes in the NBA.

            Yeah, that`s probably it…thanks for making me reflect, Rich.

          • Rich Jensen

            And if the Celtics had drafted Parsons, what would Ainge have to pay, now, to keep him? Would it be any different than what they would have to pay to acquire him?

          • Herman Bubbert

            And what exactly have the Celtics gained from Parsons thus far? Or for that matter, the stiff Ainge drafted instead of him?

          • Rich Jensen

            It’s so much easier to change the question instead of building an argument based on data, isn’t it?

          • wil

            they are very much nitpickers, thats why there are steals in drafts because you dont know how theyll fit until they get into the NBA.

            Criticizing a Good GM because he is the BEST Gm.

          • Rich Jensen

            I’d like to see (but don’t have the time to do) a survey of career average games played and basic stats per draft position compared to various GM’s drafts at those positions. My expectation is that Ainge comes out in the top quarter.

          • RedsLoveChild

            The Celts would`ve had the right of first refusal.

            We`ve already seen how very easy it is for Boston to attract prime time FA`s to come here from other places.

          • Rich Jensen

            And ‘right of first refusal’ would do what to reduce the cost of keeping Parsons?

          • RedsLoveChild

            They could`ve matched the salary, or lock him up long-term to a contract they could live with.

            Again, Boston isn`t Miami or LA. We don`t have the luxury of making stupid mistakes on draft day.

            Getting quality, in their prime, FA`s to come here is impossible. In fact, it has never happened yet.

          • Rich Jensen

            Again, how does this save Boston money? If Parsons was an RFA, and received a sizable tender from another team, Boston would have to match it to keep him.

            And, again, please provide some evidence that Ainge is more prone to ‘stupid mistakes’ on draft day than a majority, or even a sizable plurality of NBA GMs.

          • RedsLoveChild

            I don`t care to know how DA compares to other GM`s. I care about what affects the Celtics. DA`s actions affect the Celtics. How Portland or Atlanta drafts is of no meaning to Boston`s situation.

            Within the past week alone I posted a partial list {6 or 7 drafts} of horrible players Ainge has drafted, and the quality ones he passed on.

            What you keep ignoring {for very obvious reasons} is that we cannot afford the luxury of drafting poorly. We have to get it right. We`re not the Lakers. We don`t have long lines of top FA`s wanting to come to Boston.

          • Rich Jensen


            Aside from that, does the Celtics GM *need* to be better than all 29 other NBA GMs? 28? 25? Do you have a specific number in mind–in order to overcome this inability of the Celtics to bring in a Gilbert Arenas, or a Rashard Lewis, or some other gawdawful player on a gigantic contract?

            Or is this just “I don’t like Danny Ainge for some visceral reason, and here’s a quasi-logical fig-leaf for my anger”?

          • RedsLoveChild

            The Celtic GM “needs” to be better than than the one they currently have.

            That much is clear. If other teams have crappy GM`s, that`s their problem, not ours. Our one and only path to a banner is through the draft.

            Drafting JuJuan Johnson, Gabe Pruitt, Marcus Banks, J Giddins,….at the expense of DeAndre Jordan, Omer Asik, Chandler Parsons, Marc Gasol, David West, Dragic is unacceptable.

            Trades? McHale is no longer a GM, so don`t expect another KG type gift to come Danny`s way, courtesy of an ex-teammate.

            Not even gonna discuss the Perk-Green trade that overnight turned the best team in the EC {if not the NBA} into irrelevant also-rans.

          • Rich Jensen

            I see. If the Celtics had made every pick that Ainge “got right” (whatever that means), and made one more pick that Ainge “got wrong” (again, whatever that means). Boom. Banner 18. Makes perfect sense to me.

            BTW: Which ex-Celtic teammate traded Ray Allen to Boston?

            And I’m *so* glad that you brought up the Perk/Green trade. Because, as we all know, if the Celtics had kept Perkins, there’s no way D-Wade would’ve crippled Rondo in the 2nd round. And Perkins would’ve played *so much* better for Boston than he has for OKC. And Perk would’ve contributed all the bench scoring that Boston lacked in 2012 when Miami bounced them in the ECF.

          • forever_green

            Com’mon now even you know that Perk trade was horrible. There’s no way to spin it.

          • Rich Jensen

            What was horrible about it? Consider these three alternate scenarios:

            1 – The team doesn’t re-sign Perk, people hate Ainge for letting Perk go and getting nothing in return.
            2 – The team signs Perk at $10M+, people hate Ainge when Perk plays poorly (as he has ever since he was injured).
            3 – The team trades Perk for a player that performs even worse than Perk has over the past three years, and people hate Ainge for botching the trade.

            Bottom line: people who hate Ainge would’ve justified their hatred with every possible outcome, including one where Ainge acquired a better player.

            People that kvetch about the trade’s impact on team chemistry–team chemistry didn’t wreck RR’s elbow in the playoffs. D-Wade did. And having Perk instead of Green would’ve made no difference whatsoever after that. People forget that the Celtics eviscerated the Knicks in the first round.

          • forever_green

            As soon as that trade was made I knew that championship hopes were gone! Who didn’t?
            After returning from his injury Perk was playing great and still was at the time of the trade. Yes, there is something to be said about team chemistry, Perk was one of Rondo’s best friends & Rondo made Perk a better player, that’s way I discredit “look at what Perk has done since then” it’s a total different team, even OKC’s point guard it allergic to passing.
            Your point about Rondo’s elbow makes no sense to me, who knows if that even ever happens if Perk was still on the team.
            Green was not the better player for US…and if Green was so great, why did OKC even trade him?. Because he’s expendable. That’s right CO. Expendable. You don’t trade your starting Center for a bench player.

          • Rich Jensen

            I’m tired of this conversation. Suffice to say that I disagree emphatically with the notion that a player who is good in the presence of one player and is horrible in his absence is a player that should be kept around, or an asset to the team. But you’re free to disagree with that.

          • forever_green

            The fact is that team was more complete and much better before the Perk trade.
            Starting Lineup
            Never lost a playoff series when healthy..fact

            As voices as Celtics fans we don’t always agree, it’s cool.

          • Rich Jensen

            The only caveat I’d make is that the C’s almost certainly would’ve lost Perk to free agency that summer anyway, so the trade did get some value from him.

            But what’s done is done…..

          • Curt Hays

            Where did you get this vocabulary? This is awesome.

          • RedsLoveChild

            Well, this is definitely a new twist….the use of quotation marks to attribute quotes to me {that I never made}, then following it up by stating “whatever that means”.

            I just re-read my previous comments. Where exactly do I use the phrase “got right” or “got wrong”???

            We don`t know if “D-Wade would`ve crippled Rondo”.

            However, this is what we DO know : The Celts were 41-14, and 3-0 in the regular season vs. Miami, the day before they traded Perk for Green on 2-27-11.

            Boston became irrelevant immediately, and has remained irrelevant w/o interruption for the entire 40 months since that trade. At the same time Boston`s winning % plunged, OKC“s winning % skyrocketed, immediately and w/o interruption.

          • Rich Jensen

            Quotation marks are often used to express ideas which the writer does not endorse. Your logic is that some putative GM would not only make the picks that Ainge ‘got right’ (players that are currently starting for the Celtics), but also some selection of picks that Ainge ‘botched’ (e.g. JaJuan Johnson).

            My question is how many additional ‘correct’ picks would this theoretical GM need to have made in order to win an 18th title? How many more picks would this mythical, nonexistent GM need to “get right”—with the quotes used to indicate that I do not share your apparently binary view of Ainge’s drafting.

            Regarding the Perkins trade—here’s stunning proof that the decline in margarine consumption is increasing the stability of marriage in Maine:

            Correlation is NOT causation.

          • Curt Hays

            Rick Carlisle was a teammate. Maybe we can get a trade from him! Haha

          • forever_green

            I don’t know that he would want to share with DA, Danny wasn’t exactly generous with the ball.

          • tvor03

            You have absolutely no understanding of probability and statistics, do you?

          • tvor03

            And riddle me this, is Daryl Morey smarter than Danny Ainge for actually drafting Parsons? Because the Rockets had two first round picks in 2011 and used them on Marcus Morris and Nikola Mirotic, who has yet to play a single NBA minute. So not even the guy who drafted Parsons thought he was worthy of the first round.

          • Herman Bubbert

            Because it was another of Ainge’s draft mistakes of some significance.

          • Rich Jensen

            Please provide a list of GMs who have made fewer draft day ‘mistakes’ than Ainge. Or, if the list seems shorter, a list of GMs who have made more draft day ‘mistakes’ than Ainge.

          • Bayern

            they don’t have doc to blame on JJJ’s failure or JJJ alone on his failure. all they got is Danny.

    • Herman Bubbert

      Danny Ainge. Draft savant.

      “Biggest Celtics BS Myths of All Time – Second Place.”

      • Rich Jensen

        Just waiting to see if you have a comprehensive analysis of Ainge’s subpar drafting in comparison to his peers.

        Or, you know, is this just your personal opinion presented as a fact?

        • 409Pen

          I’m waiting for him to reference the Danny Ainge knob slobbers.

          • Curt Hays

            LMFAO, have about ten upvotes…that’s his favorite phrase, isn’t it?

  • I swear within the next 3 years, Pistons fans are going to unite to form a suicide cult.

    • Rich Jensen

      Wait till 76ers fans find out that Sam Hinkie is Harold Hill from the Music Man….

  • adam

    I hope Monroe was one of those calls. We need a center and rumor has it Gortat has agreed to an extension with the bulle… Wizards.

    • forever_green

      Monroe would be nice.

  • adam

    Seeing some twitter discussion on Hoopshype… Avery agreed to a 4 year 32 million deal? whoa.

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  • Slap Dog Hoops

    Among those 28 players, ALL of them were probably more worthy than Avery Bradley to get the 32$ million four year contract. Talk about a case of outbidding yourself. Avery Bradley has now become on of the richest bench players in NBA history. Good job Danny!!