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Your Morning Dump..Where Smart Matured Through Life Lessons

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

Kansas hadn’t lost in Allen Field House in 33 games when visiting Oklahoma State popped the bubble on Feb. 2, 2013.

Marcus Smart, the Cowboys’ irascible freshman leader, started a postgame show with a cartwheel and finished off the move with a back flip. He stuck the landing at midcourt on the Jayhawks logo in front of an annoyed departing crowd, his arms flung back like a linebacker-sized Mary Lou Retton.

This was Terrell Owens attempting to spike a football on the star in Cowboys Stadium, or Reggie Miller taunting Madison Square Garden with a choke sign.

Some of the greatest athletes have been defined by the loathing of their rivals, and Smart’s legacy as an irritant is preserved in the minds of thousands in Lawrence, Kan. The reigning Big 12 Player of the Year returned for his sophomore year against the advice of many, and immediately launched another Scud attack, just by speaking plainly.

Celtics’ Marcus Smart Matured By Life Lessons-Mark Murphy

2When you talk about athletes who are loathed “by their rivals”, I can think of more than a few guys who recently suited up for the Boston Celtics. Most notably, Paul Pierce and of course KG. Now I am by no means comparing Smart to either of them obviously, but more so reiterating the point that you have to love that he has that quality. With so many guys just going through the motions in today’s league, it’s great to get a kid who just loves to play the game and loves to get under his opponents’ skin.

I’m quite excited to see just what Smart can bring to the table in the NBA. There’s nothing better than having a guy on your bench who can go out and get in the other team’s head. Players like this are extremely valuable and bring so many intangibles to the table. Of all the team sports, basketball is one that requires so much focus. If you can take a guy out of the game, especially a key player like say a Melo, your team is certain to have an advantage.

Some C’s fans may not like some of Smart’s antics, like flexing after a big basket, the incident with the Texas Tech fan, where according to Smart’s brother by the way he was called a “trashy ni****”, (guy’s lucky he just got shoved if that’s true) but you have to love his confidence, heart and competitive fire. When Smart was suspended for the issue with the Texas tech fan, it absolutely killed him. He was allowed to play on Oklahoma State’s scout team at practice though, and coach Travis Ford says his leadership in the ensuing practices was “phenomenal”.

Due to Marcus’ unsinkable nature, few on the outside saw how deeply the suspension — and what he viewed as a horrible mistake — hurt.

Ford put him on the scout team during practice, and watched Smart vengefully attack the starting unit behind closed gym doors.

“It was just dominance,” said Ford. “His leadership (on the scout team) was phenomenal.”

You definitely want to give Murphy’s piece a read to learn more about the guy the C’s drafted at #6. There were quite a few things about Smart that I didn’t know and the more I learn about him, the more I like him.

Page 2: One of Smart’s best performances from 2014

Our friend RD6 is back with a new vid-this one from newest Celtic Marcus Smart. It features one of Smart’s best games from his final season with OSU. Smart dropped 21 points to go with 5 assists & 4 steals in OSU’s 72-65 upset over Kansas on 3/1/14.

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  • wil

    he has been through alot, Mother needing dialysis weekly, Oldest brother dying of cancer, another older brother who got into gangs and got addicted to cocaine.

    I liked the part about him watching out for his brother waiting for him just to make sure he comes home safe (and i think he was like 9-11 years old then). Great life story.

    He got a lot of passion for the game.

    • KWAPT

      It really is a fantastic story..can’t help but pull for this kid.

  • forever_green

    As long as two star point guards can Co’s cool.

  • LA Flake

    The JKidd situation in NJ is IMPLODING!!! Kidd is as good as gone, which means they’ll be losing some key guys as well!

    Now we just need Donald Sterling to keep the Clippers and BOOM! Lotto picks galore!

    • forever_green

      Keep dreaming, last I checked Kidd and Sterling don’t play the games.

    • tvor03

      2016-2018 is gonna be sweet!

  • Tommy_Heinsohn

    Smart is going to be a bust… Really don’t see any of the hype surrounding him. Nothing from that video or his other highlights really jumps out at me.

    • RedsLoveChild

      Other than his aggressiveness, I have NO idea what all the excitement is about regarding Smart.

      You would think blown lay-ups and missed shots would not be part of one`s highlight film.

      I`m open-minded only because every so-called “expert” is singing his praises…but, right now, all I see is Nate Robinson on steroids!!!

      • Tommy_Heinsohn

        I totally agree red jr. Only thing I’ve noticed is the hustle… Guy cant shoot, he turns the ball over, I doubt he’ll be able to penetrate against bigger nba players, doesn’t have handles, isn’t super athletic or agile, and flops. He seems to be a solid defender, that’s it. I see more potential in James young

        • Herman Bubbert

          Completely agree. I like the Young pick a lot better than a guy being described from within the program as “Tony Allen-like,” which if you Google Tony’s college hijinks, is a bad, bad thing.

    • CallingBatman

      I live in Austin and have had a chance to actually see him play. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

      • bill_nair

        Take your optimism and get it out of here! Hes a bust, you havent heard?

    • adam

      i just watched the whole high light filk. they said he started off rough in the first half. in the altter half of the flip he looked better.

  • dingding

    E Moore is better than this guy!

    • Alex Costa

      If you are going to troll, at least try to be subtle.

  • Herman Bubbert

    Not sure how Murphy can write that with a straight face. That is most assuredly NOT the message coming out of the Oklahoma State program. There’s a lot of smoke being blown here.