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Your Morning Dump… Where the Celtics could let Rondo walk for nothing and take the cap space


Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

And even if you believe Rondo is bound to leave for a more competitive situation, it’s not as simple as posting a For Sale sign and sifting through the bountiful offers. While he is, indeed, one of the best handful of players in the NBA when at his best, he would not draw the same reaction in the marketplace as Love.

“You’re not going to get a bidding war over Rondo,” said one NBA general manager. “He’s a great player, and teams have interest in him, but they’re not going to rearrange their world to make a run at him like they would for some people.

“Now, if he comes back next season and takes another step forward after the surgery, that could change things. Teams might want him more, and, you know, Danny could decide to keep him and hope he can re-sign him next summer.”

Assuming again they are unable to bring in a major player to pair with Rondo, one source confirmed the Celtics would sooner let him walk away than accept a deal that bogs down their salary sheet just to “get something for him.” If they decide trading Rondo is the best course of action, they will dig in and either get what they need to enhance their rebuilding, or they will let him go and take the cap space benefit.


Don’t mistake this excerpt from Steve Bulpett’s column as an indicator of the most likely scenario in the Celtics future. I just found it to be the most interesting and least talked about.

Bulpett’s column could have been titled, “Everything is in play for Boston.”

The Celtics could…

  • Still make a play for Kevin Love or Star Player X
  • Trade Rondo
  • Keep Rondo
  • Realize that Rondo and Smart play well together
  • Hire me as a consultant

We’re all inclined to rush to judgement, but maybe we should wait for free agency to begin (July 1) before wrapping a bow on this off-season.

On Page 2, Brad Stevens thinks Marcus Smart can improve his jump shot.

Smart, taken with the No. 6 pick by Boston in the NBA draft on Thursday night, shot 29.9 percent on 3s last year at Oklahoma State and that was an improvement – seriously! – over what he shot as a freshman.

After watching him this past season with the Cowboys, in addition to having him in Boston for a pair of workouts, Celtics coach Brad Stevens believes Smart’s numbers aren’t a reflection of the strides he has made as a shooter.

“He can still improve in that area,” Stevens said. “But unlike a lot of shooters who struggle in college, depth is not gonna be an issue with him. He’ll get good range on his shot. He’s got good arc on his shot. He’s got pretty good mechanics. He’s worked hard on it.”


Smart’s 3-point shooting increased from 29.0% to 29.9% from freshman to sophomore season.

Even at that pace, in just a few seasons he’ll be in the same category as Derrick Rose (31%), Tony Parker (31%) and Russell Westbrook (30%).

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  • RedsLoveChild

    And then there`s Rondo…with his career .252% shooting treys!

    • LA Flake

      So…our backcourt should forget about bombing away and always attack the basket? I can live with that…Yeah, I could.

      • RedsLoveChild

        Actually, my strong preference is “old school-smash mouth” basketball.
        Guards basically focus on defense and bringing the ball up-court.

        Real emphasis being in the front-court….massive center/forwards owning both boards, second shots, put-backs, etc. Picture big/bulk guys playing with pit bull intensity…. Shaq and Zach {Randolph} types playing with the burning desire of Marcus Smart.

        • Mike C

          Wow, I’m shocked that I agree with this post 100%. We dont usually see eye to eye. This is exactly the way to rebuild a team if you want to win Championships! Guards are so over-rated in the NBA. Perfect example, compare Spurs with Golden state. The warriors are never going to win a Championship with that line-up, I dont care how good their backcourt is.

          • RedsLoveChild

            Championships are won in the paint.

            Controlling the boards = Controlling the game

  • RedwasKing

    God forbid Marcus Smart becomes like Derrick Rose, Tony Parker or Russell Westbrook haha.

    • RedwasKing

      Watching him pull up for ill-advised threes in college actually reminds me a lot of Westbrook. The kind of shot where you clench you butt-cheeks in anger until it goes in and then it’s the biggest shot of the game.

    • ……… Yeah…….. God forbid Smart becomes a perennial All-Star…….

  • Rich Jensen

    The Celtics should be in a position to sign two players to near max deals next summer, and would clearly prefer one of them to be Rondo. Further, I think Rondo will at least give them an opportunity to sign another one before walking.

    • CP37

      Yeah he’s just that kind of guy. Unselfish on AND off the court, it amazes me how underappreciated he is by some C’s fans (looking at you Gary Tanguay). I’d love to make a run at Chandler Parsons in FA this summer, what do you think the C’s chances are through an avenue like a sign-and-trade?

      • Rich Jensen

        I don’t think the difference between Parsons and Green is big enough to keep both of them around–if the C’s trade Green to DC, then maybe you’ll see them pursuing a deal for Parsons, but not while Green’s still on the roster. Green’s a few years older, Parsons would be more expensive, otherwise, neither one is capable of being a #1 scoring option–something the Celtics still need.

  • CFH

    Comforting to know the Celtics are still too smart to accept the steaming pile of garbage Knicks fans want to offer for Rondo regardless of how Smart works out.

  • Roy Sanchez

    No one has any offer worth trading rondo for. The best plan is to play it out this year and hit FA hard next year

  • Jake Gruber

    You’re comparing nba three point percentages with college percentages. That’s a dangerous comparison. Look at KG, who would be among the best players in history at a college three, but not a good nba 3 point shooter.

  • frickenWaaaltah

    Well, nobody wants to just ‘get SOMETHING’ anymore. That was more like, a decade or more ago, pre-luxury tax.

    I do get how Smart looks like a little Rondo insurance. Smart has an NBA ready body, not an NBA ready game. Unless he shocks the world, realistically he’s got like 3-4+ years of hard work ahead of him to be the starting point guard on a competitive team. And it’s not good to lean on Rondo so much during the regular season anyway. So for now, he’s the back up pg. It should be great for Rondo and the team in general. Stevens will probably also try playing them together some, maybe ~8-12 minutes a night even if it works well.

    So it works fine for now, and later, if Rondo just wants out, wants to play with somebody else in particular etc, and Smart is developing well, they wouldn’t be stuck without a point guard if Rondo walks. And if they stick with Rondo, they still at least have a nice player to trade, which is why you take the guy you believe is the best player available.

    The real ‘master plan’ drafting Smart fits with…I think I may have already guessed it and it’s pretty awesome and almost kind of obvious, so whether I’m right or not, it will occur to more and more people sometime over the next few weeks as people sift through the imagined possible futures of the NBA as they do during the summer…

  • Jacquard Causeway

    There’s gotta be a deal for filler contract (expiring) + pick + decent rookie-contract contributor out there.

    I’d much prefer that to simply letting Rondo walk.

  • bill_nair

    Trade Rondo for Will Bynum and a future second. Trade Smart for OJ Mayo and a protected first.