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What numbers will Smart & Young wear?


Fans took to Twitter tonight, speculating what numbers newest Boston Celtics Marcus Smart & James Young would wear. Reader Lil’ Kaino made the cool image above of Smart wearing #36.

Over at the Celtics’ official website, they are in fact advertising Smart’s jersey with the number 36 on it, and James Young’s currently carries 13. They do both say “NUMBER TBD” next to them, so these jersey numbers apparently are not official yet:




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  • Mike C

    I hope the Timberwolves will determine what numbers these two receive. I’ll wait till Kevin Love picks his number in Boston before I break out my credit card. ‘Yes’, I’m a jerk for making this comment. Maybe a ‘Jabroni’ also. Who uses that, LA Flake?

    • LA Flake

      No. I’ve copyrighted:
      LA Flakers
      Miami Cheat
      LeFlopper James

      But Jabroni isn’t mine.

      • Mike C

        Yeah, those are all good. Maybe its KGino that uses “Jabroni”? Not sure, but it cracks me up whenever I see it. C’mon CELTICS, get Kevin Love in Boston!

  • omitasub

    4 and 13

  • forever_green

    Number 13 will forever remind me of Delonte.

  • LA Flake

    Give one of them number 20!

    • KWAPT

      I actually was thinking 20 for Smart myself..

  • Rich Jensen

    I’m curious what number Smart picks. He’s got personal reasons for 3 & 33.

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  • bill_nair

    I really don’t want to see Smart in number 4. Every player I see wear 4 usually leaves in a year. 36 reminds me of Shaq still and I’m holding out hope our next great C wears 36. Hopefully something different.

    • swissflix

      36 is awful.