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Sneak peek at new Rondo shoe?

Anta’s website has posted pics of what could possibly be the next shoe for Rajon Rondo. The low top sneaker is white with black & green accents, and does look somewhat similar to the high top shoe Rondo was seen wearing at his camp last week. Stay tuned to Celtkicks for any updates on these shoes.

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  • NE_Celt

    Parsons head makes KG appear to have a massive gotee haha…I think KG needs to rock that next season (if he plays)…extra mind effing to opponents…that chin looks angry.

  • James

    Chinese shoes, lol. Garbage!

    • bill_nair

      Not quite sure where you think “good” shoes are made.

    • Hex Effect

      Aren’t most US products like sneakers, jerseys, hats etc are manufactured OUTSIDE the US? You know, like in CHINA?! Don’t be a fool.

  • bill_nair

    Their symbol is a bit weird, I think the shoe would look nicer without it on the side.