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Rondo trade rumors are “usual BS”


Sean Devaney has an update on the Rajon Rondo trade rumors that have surfaced over the last few days:

But, according to a source close to the situation, Rondo has not been informed of any change of plans when it comes to the Celtics’ future, and he remains committed to helping Boston in its rebuilding efforts.

“I think it is the usual BS,” the source told Sporting News.

Rondo has, again, been connected to a deal with the Sacramento Kings, this time centering on the Kings’ first-round pick, which is No. 8 overall. That would give Celtics president Danny Ainge the Nos. 6 and 8 picks, and the chance to draft a big man and a point guard around whom he could rebuild. The guard would likely be Marcus Smart.

Can’t tell you how much I dislike the Isaiah Thomas (who as an RFA can’t be traded on draft night) or Ben McLemore and #8 pick smorgasbord allegedly offered by the Kings in exchange for Rondo.

Try again, if you must.

Look at the size of Rondo’s hand in that photo. It nearly covers half the ball.

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  • Jaedre

    I got a gut feeling Rondo will be traded… just not now or this summer.

    • Curt Hays

      Well Danny has traded away every player he started with, so that’s a safe prediction.

      • Jaedre

        Lol exactly

  • NE_Celt

    Im done with rumors…period…can they start playing basketball already?

    • LA Flake

      All rumors are BS until about 6pm. Then s#!t gets real.