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Why GS isn’t insane for refusing to deal Klay Thompson for Kevin Love

A lot of people think Golden State is crazy for refusing to include Klay Thompson in a deal for Kevin Love. Mercury News reporter Marcus Thompson gives us some insight into the reasoning:




This is about Klay Thompson’s role on the Warriors and how his defensive presence preserves Golden State’s golden boy – Stephen Curry. The young Warriors won 51 games last season. They are a team on the rise. A team that recognizes it needs a defensive stopper to combat the likes of Chris Paul and Russell Westbrook. When I look at the trade from this perspective, I understand the logic.

Now if Flip Saunders would just move on and trade Love to Boston.

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  • Frank Aziza

    Minnesota’s best bet is to get a ton of draft picks for Love and build a good homegrown team.

  • LA Flake

    I’m hearing that the Flakers are looking to package their 7th pick with Steve Nash for an expiring vet so that they can clear some cap space and go after LBJ. Don’t we have a TE and some vets we could dump on them? I’d love to fleece them of their lottery pick. I just can’t see LBJ wanting to play with Kobe whose career is pretty much over. If we can dump out trash and steal their lotto pick, and swallow Nash’s contract for a year, we’d improve and the Flakers would implode. FIND A WAY, DANNY!

    • Rich Jensen

      Oh, that’d be hilarious. Trade 3 picks to Minnesota and still have a top 10 pick in this draft—from LA! Jerry Buss would probably rise from the grave and do unspeakable things to Mitch Kupchak if that would happen.

      So, you know, I hope it happens.

      In other news, Pat Riley is trying to use Norris Cole to move up like 8 spots in the draft. So they can draft a better PG. This is hilarious: “Hey Pat, if Cole is so valuable, then why do you want to trade him to draft yet another PG”

      Also, he’s allegedly doing this because no less an authority than LeBron (who has never played with a good PG) thinks that Napier is the best PG in the draft.

      So it’s already a good day to be a Celtic fan. Just need the Love trade to get finalized in order to make it a great day.

      • LA Flake

        Well, I think it’s really the Buss offsprings who are the brainchildren behind this idiotic idea. But hey, I’m all for helping them set their franchise back for decades.

      • bill_nair

        I’d hate to see Bazz go to Miami

        • Rich Jensen

          I agree–but I don’t think there’s a GM in the NBA this stupid–I mean, even Billy King says this:

          “Hi this is Pat Riley, I know you guys are looking for a young backup PG to develop, and we’re willing to make Norris Cole available if you’ll swap picks.”

          “Well, we have Shabazz Napier on our board. We think he’ll be available.”

          “So you’d rather have Shabazz Napier than Norris Cole?”

          “Yes. And from the sound of things, you would to. It’s always good talking to you Pat, but we’ll need another player or more picks. Do you have any other good young players under contract?”

    • Curt Hays

      How could we trade a tight end for a draft pick? I guess all the Boston clubs are tighter than I thought. 🙂

    • bill_nair

      I really hope Danny gets another pick. Especially if it hurts the Lakers.

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