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Watch Jared Sullinger (and Emily Austen) workout

Emily Sully

Here’s a behind the scenes look at Jared Sullinger’s offseason workout program. He’s trying to drop about 20 lbs. I hope he succeeds because I believe conditioning is critical for his development.

If you don’t care about Sullinger’s weightloss, feel free to focus on the lovely Emily Austen and her yoga pants.

What hurts more, the pain of hard work or the pain of regret?

I say the pain of rebuilding…

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  • Curt Hays

    Takeaway from that video: Emily came right on time.

  • Suarez

    The has just an enormous butt.

  • NE_Celt

    Who ever invented yoga pants….I want to shake their hand and buy them a beer.

    Good for Sully getting into it…I hope he gets down to 260 like he wants and keeps strengthening that back…and rehab that ankle.

  • LA Flake

    Molly’s wearing an underwear. Bad form, Molly. Bad form.

  • RedsLoveChild

    This is painfully discouraging….10 weeks after the season ends, and Sully`s weight is still in the “280`s”!!!

    Worst fears realized : JS is just going through the motions, not even pretending that he`s taking his all-important conditioning issues seriously at all.

    He`s looking like the anti-Kevin Love, who transformed his body from what was a soft, doughy physique. Get ready for a short career of unfulfilled potential.

    • wil

      incredibly pessimistic. as theyve said, they just started working out

      • RedsLoveChild

        Incredibly realistic

        • wil

          not really, Seeing as he is already working out now, only means he will be doing it for months to come.

          As far as i know NBA starts at October. He still got plenty of time. No need to get bashed for not losing weight as soon as the season ended.

          • RedsLoveChild

            Sully has been fat all his life…I`ll believe it when I see it.

            We`ll see what kind of shape he`s in come October. So far, 10 weeks into the off-season, this is not looking good.

          • wil

            still premature

  • bill_nair

    Can we get a weekly Emily segment.

  • Guest

    For people that rather watch it on YouTube: