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Your Morning Dump… Where Ainge should draft Embiid if he is available


Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

Ainge already had one heart attack. His hair has gone gray. He needs more stress in his life like he needs a double shot of espresso. Embiid would mean a year of waiting, worrying, wondering if the Celtics had wasted their highest draft pick in 17 years.

I wouldn’t do it. I wouldn’t have the guts or the nerve or the patience.

Ainge has all of that, which is why he will select Joel Embiid with the sixth pick.

It’ll be a crazy, risky, potentially disastrous move, and Ainge is just the guy to do it. Cleveland isn’t going to take a chance with the No. 1 pick after Anthony Bennett flopped last year. Milwaukee co-owner Marc Lasry said his team isn’t taking Embiid. Philadelphia just spent a year waiting for 6-11 Nerlens Noel (the sixth pick in last year’s draft) to recover from an injury. Do they want to do that again this year? Orlando desperately needs a point guard, and Utah needs to start winning now.

Let’s face it: If the Celtics can’t swing a deal for Kevin Love, they ain’t winning next season anyway. It will be tank time again in Boston, and what better way to return to the lottery than to let your 7-foot stud heal up completely? Ainge would then be free to trade Rajon Rondo, who has one year left on his contract, and assure a shot at a top-three pick next June.

You got a better idea? The Celtics won 25 games last season. A guy like Gordon, even if he has a terrific rookie season, gets them into the dreaded 30s in the win column, nowhere land in the NBA. Embiid blew everyone away at a private workout in Los Angeles a month ago and was likely going to Cleveland at No. 1. Then the Celtics caught a break. Embiid broke his foot.

Boston Herald – Callahan: If Joel Embiid’s there, Celtics take him

If you were to make a case for the most open-minded, gambling, out-of-the-box, fearless GM in the NBA, Danny Ainge wouldn’t be a bad choice.  He’s made interesting moves before, and he has traded fan favorite Antoine Walker (twice) and Celtics legend Paul Pierce (once).  He traded for Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen, then traded them both (well one of them officially anyway, right Memphis?).  He’s traded his top-ten picks twice (hi Jeff Green, goodbye Randy Foye), and traded another fan favorite (hey Perk) for the highest pick he’s ever had (hey Green again), to get him back.  We could go on and on all day about his moves through the draft, trades or free agency and it would be an incredible case study.  That’s why, if Joel Embiid is still available at six, Ainge just may take him.

Callahan’s premise is a common ‘Plan B’ amongst many hardcore and casual C’s fans: if there ain’t no Love in the heart of the hub, then clearly the C’s need to bring out the C4 and really blow it up by trading Rondo and stockpiling young talent.  It’s a logical approach, but with Ainge you never know.  I do know that I wouldn’t be surprised if Chad Ford’s scenario played out on draft night, that is the C’s getting Embiid at six and then Ainge picking Dario Saric at 17 and stashing him overseas for at least a year.

Season ticket holders (along with tons of fans) likely won’t be thrilled watching another tank job next year, but the one redeeming thing about it would be that there is no funny transition season hanging in limbo.  There likely wouldn’t be Rondo here for the haters to foolishly kill him for every little thing he does or doesn’t do.  There wouldn’t be a Jeff Green to show up on random nights, hitting buzzer beaters against Miami or dropping 40 three weeks later against Milwaukee.  What would be here are a lot of young players making a lot of mistakes because well, that’s how you prove you either belong or don’t in this league.

Personally, I still prefer ‘Plan A’ far more than B-Z.  Could Embiid turn into a franchise altering superstar center?  Maybe, and maybe the majority of you just drool at the story of the Celtics once again striking gold when they shouldn’t have.  Ainge definitely has the stones to make this move.  I’m just not sure Embiid will even be available at six.

Page 2: Blast the Past: Rick Pitino defends his 1997 draft picks

CSNNE: Blast the Past: Pitino defends his 1997 draft picks

Last night CSNNE showed an entertaining one-hour look back program of the 1997 draft special that aired on Sports Channel.  It was equally entertaining as it was hilarious and puke-worthy.  To hear Pitino toss out some gems was exactly what I described.  At one point he said that Antoine Walker was “untradeable” for any basketball player, then said if they were able to successfully trade for Scottie Pippen, he would have gone hard after Jordan and had Phil Jackson coach the team.  Check out all the videos below if you want to laugh and be tortured at the same time.

CSNNE Blast the Past – Gorman & Heinsohn’s attire from ’97 | Warm reception for Pitino at the FleetCenter | Fans give their take on who C’s should take | Maxwell critiques his own appearance |

The rest of the links:

Boston Globe – Teams intrigued by Noah Vonleh’s physical tools | Celtics know talent can be found at Nos. 6, 17 | Comparisons not fair to many prospects | If Joel Embiid falls to No. 6, should Celtics take him?

Boston Herald – Jay Larranaga in line for promotion | Power forwards: They’ve got Celts’ number

CSNNE – How long a leash does Stevens have? | Preparing for a world without Love | Sixers interest in Embiid could be a smokescreen

WEEI – NBA draft’s potential Celtics: Team’s biggest needs | Celtics pre-draft chat with Ben Rohrbach

MassLive – Joel Anthony will opt in to final year of his contract with Boston Celtics, as expected

Star Tribune – When it comes to dealing Love, Wolves have many options  | Rand: Wolves must pick which type of trade to pursue

ProHoopsHistory – Boston Celtics All-Decade Team: 1946-47 through 1955-56

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  • dk

    was great to watch that 97 stuff. Mike and Tommy look so young. Was also great to see Liar Rick that sleezeball. I forgot about that Pippen trade–I agree with Holley I think it would have been a good trade for the Cs had they been able to pull it off.

    • LA Flake

      If we had traded for Pippen, then we don’t get Paul Pierce. In hindsight, I don’t know if I make that swap.

      • dk

        Great point. I forgot about that. I guess I’d rather have PP then Phil Jackson as coach!

        • LA Flake

          Pippen played pretty good basketball for another 5 or so years and while we would’ve made the playoffs earlier than we did in 2001, Pippen would not have led us to #17 during the remaining years of his career. Now, if Pitino had traded Antoine Walker for Pippen and we ended up with PP the year after…That might’ve been very interesting.

  • bill_nair

    I do not want to sit through another tank season again. Theres nothing fun about it. I cant even get invested in the players cause I dont expect any of them to be here for our next contending team. Embiid would sure be good to get in the draft but I still had my doubts about him before he even got injured. Id hate to see Rondo go but its probably gonna happen eventually anyways. I just hope Danny can get an extra first in this years draft for Payton.

    • LA Flake

      Unless LBJ decides to join us and Love comes tagging along, there’s not a lot we can do to vastly improve this team this summer. LBJ will most likely go back to Miami or sign with the Clips or the Cavs. We’ll most likely have to wait another year to get Love.

      Nobody said this was going to be a quick turnaround. Patience is what we need with this team. Get Embiid this year. Pair him with Sully/Olynyk. And we have a dominant frontcourt for at least a decade.

      • bill_nair

        If we got Love I think he gives us enough offensive firepower to will us into the bottom 2 seeds. But seeing as how its unlikely, were gonna have to accept another terrible year. I just want to watch entertaining basketball. Atleast add a couple 3pt shooters.

        • LA Flake

          6th, 7th, 8th…that gets us bounced in the 2nd round at best and gives us a pick in the early 20s. I don’t wanna settle for that. I want us to get a potentially dominant big and be a contender for 10 years.

          • bill_nair

            Its something to build off. I dont want Love if it makes us the Hawks but I expect right away were a bottom seed and then build up from their. And im assuming that 20th pick goes right to the Wolves so at that point it doesnt matter.
            Now im just hoping we dont draft Gordon or Randle and the BKN picks are gold. Ive lowered my expectations a bit.

          • LA Flake

            Thos BKN picks are going to be very good, IMO. I’m also hoping Donald Sterling keeps the Clippers because that could mean one crazy, perhaps one of the worst seasons for the Clippers ever which is saying a lot. And we own their pick, so…STICK AROUND, DONALD!

  • Reggie35RIP

    You absolutely take Embiid at six if he falls, it’s a no brainer. It would be the steal of the draft. He was the consensus number one pick before the injury and yes he misses half the season or more, but as the article states we’d be tanking anyway so who cares. I realise foot injuries and seven footers go together about as well as toothpaste and orange juice, but the reward far outweighs the risk. It’s all about the long game.

    Only issues are (a) Embiid won’t be there at six (I’d put money on it) and (b) I don’t think we’ll be picking at six.

    • bill_nair

      mmm oj and brushed teeth.

      • KGino

        cranberry sauce & milk

      • LA Flake

        I know, right? This dude, Reggie35RIP, obviously ain’t living the life to the fullest.

        • Curt Hays

          You gotta put an @ before it so that he knows he’s tagged. @reggie35rip:disqus…you need to start living it up!

  • RedsLoveChild

    Embiid might drop to 6th…but, only if doctors determine that foot and leg amputation is necessary.

    Otherwise, he`ll be in the Magic Kingdom {ORL} next year.

    • bill_nair

      You really think ORL takes him? I think its more likely Utah or Philly. I cant see Orlando going for another franchise center only to have him leave to LA in a few years. Thats certaintly why I dont want him being drafted to the Lakers farm team.

      • LA Flake

        They will do it because they’ve done it twice: O’Neal and Howard. But I think they take Exum or Smart. They need a PG very badly.

        • bill_nair

          Ya I dont see them passing on Exum or Smart in hopes of Embiid being good. Exum/Smart paired with Oladipo is too much to pass up on the Lakers future starting center.

        • Curt Hays

          It’s easier to find a PG than it is to find a dominate big. Like you said, they did it twice. Both of those times it ended really well for them. I think they take Embiid and trade for a PG like Jeremy Lin.

    • Dirk Diggler

      Vucevic is kind of really good though, and was a piece in the Howard trade. Do they really plan on bringing Embiid off the bench, or trading the 5 they acquired in a deal involving Dwight Howard.

      • RedsLoveChild

        I can see Philadelphia playing it safe, drafting Randle, finally putting Nerlens to use.

        Orlando? No way!
        Embiid is far too tempting to pass on. If it works out for them, I`m sure they`ll have no problems finding takers for Vucevic.

        • Dirk Diggler

          Will they be given Embiid’s medical reports though? Remember, Embiid’s agent is only handing over the medicals to a few hand-picked teams, apparently including our Celtics. I think Orlando goes either Exum or Smart as they need a dynamic back court player considering they were having Oladipo run the point at the end of last season and Nelson’s scrubby-ness. And I think a Smart/Oladipo backcourt could be pretty explosive to pair with a pretty good frontcourt in Harris/Vucevic.

          • RedsLoveChild

            I hear ya….but there is no possible way I can even imagine ORL passing on Embiid.

            Teams don`t tank to get a 6`3″ Marcus Smart, nor do they dream about getting guys like Exum, Gordon, etc.

            Embiid is a franchise game changer, if healthy. You don`t run the risk of passing on him, only to see him win titles elsewhere. Your fans would torch your arena if that happened, you`d be committing career suicide.

            If Embiid can`t stay healthy, most fans will understand and approve on the gamble…at least you tried.

          • Dirk Diggler

            Marcus Smart has gotten comparisons from scouts and experts to James Harden and Dwayne Wade for his motor, footwork, and skill set. I think teams *would* tank if they could get a player like that in their prime on a rookie deal, especially if it means having one of the best young defensive back courts in basketball with Smart paired alongside Oladipo. Smart/Oladipo would also be one of, if not THE fastest end to end combo in the league as well. And Exum just worked out with the Cavs, who own the number one pick. So, he’s definitely considered an elite talent.

          • RedsLoveChild

            Hope you`re right…hope ORL sees it your way.

            Then, you have to worry about the Jazz!

        • LA Flake

          Then I’ll happily take Dante Exum.

  • Dirk Diggler

    At this point, assuming the medicals aren’t career threatening, I would take Embiid at six instead of trading the pick for Kevin Love. And I think Kevin Love is probably the fifth best player in the world after James, Durant, Davis, and Curry (just my opinion folks).

    — He is a rim protector, something the C’s would still desperately need even after getting Love.

    — Embiid would be under a rookie contract, rather than a max deal after this season that Love will command.

    — Embiid at #6 won’t cost the Celtics two other first round picks and one of Olynyk/Sullinger

    Embiid is a ridiculous talent with an already above average offensive arsenal to add to his shot blocking and rebounding. He’s been balling for a grand total of THREE years. Former soccer and vollyball player. He is an athletic freak.

    • adam

      Someone else broke their foot in their career…..

      • Curt Hays

        WOW. Thanks for that share. The same bone! But Jordan spent most of the time in the air.

        • adam

          yeah hopefully embiid will too blocking shots, getting rebounds, dunking…. oh wait. all that jumping will blow his knees……

          • Curt Hays

            As long as he doesn’t try to build his mom’s driveway…

        • eddysamson

          and landing…

    • Curt Hays

      Those are very valid points. Finally, a rim protector, but you know he’ll be gone before we get there. However, just imagine him on the court with Sully or Kelly for the next like 6 years. Geeeez

      • Dirk Diggler

        Hey, Danny traded up in last year’s draft to get the guy he wanted. Will he do it again? Maybe, maybe not. Either way, the suspense is killing us all and we’re still two days away from draft night.

        • Curt Hays

          Remember when we were good? Summer was basically the time when we just logged on to see if we’d bet to watch Shrek and Donkey again or if it was going to be someone from Europe. I hate having to care about the big things.


      • adam

        I hate to say it, I don’t think he will be there either. the draft so far this year hasn’t been lucky for us at all. i’ll still take julius randle or noah vonleh if he is still there.

        • bob

          Noah, yes … Randle, no. Randle wont be as good in the NBA as he was in college with his short wing span.

  • Curt Hays

    Ray Allen is a free agent! Don’t we need a vet and a new shooting guard?

    😀 Downvote me to hell, if you must.

  • Jesse Dampolo

    Gary Tanguay is just as puke worthy as Pitino. “Remember Chauncey Billups did help bring a championship to Boston…”

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  • RedwasKing

    Kevin Love, Aaron Gordon, or Marcus Smart. I would also consider a Rondo trade if it involves the 2nd pick or a top 10 pick and an awesome prospect.

  • Curt Hays

    Does anyone else think Danny is trying to trade up to number one so that he can get Jabrari Parker? If he does, I’ll go to a game in Boston this year.

    • bill_nair

      If he did this id name my daughter Danny.

      • Curt Hays

        Does your daughter already have a name? Because REnaming her to be Danny would be awesome.

      • Curt Hays

        Just want to say “I called it!”. Danny is going after Jabrari

        • LA Flake

          Why Jabari over Wiggins?

          • Curt Hays

            Watch them play. Parker is clearly the better player. He is also stronger. Parker plays like he’s already NBA level.

  • swissflix

    i hate Rick Pitino.

  • bob

    If the Celtics didn’t make any trades and added two first rounders, they would be a 500 club and perhaps pull off a good trade during the season to be more competitive in next year’s play offs. I wish they would give Brad’s first year team another year to see how well they grow rather than to trade players that may be much better in the future. IMHO

  • Johnny

    I would trade up to get Embid. Give him the year off and get a lottery pick next season after winning 25 games. Don’t trade Olynik, he, with his offensive and rebounding skills at PF would compliment Embid perfectly. Two trees growing together. Keep Rondo as the chief.