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Mock draft: Brace yourselves for 2 guys who won’t play next season


ESPN’s Chad Ford offers up his latest mock draft and I’m not happy:

Joel Embiid #6

Embiid could go No. 3 to the Sixers (or to the Cavs in a Sixers-Cavs swap) or the Magic at No. 4. But if he slides past both of those teams (I don’t see the Jazz taking the risk on Embiid) there’s an increasing belief that GM Danny Ainge won’t let him slide further. Ainge always has been a gambler, he’s always emphasized have great assets and Embiid has the potential to be a franchise center, and there’s no one else on the board that the Celtics are in love with.

There are a few caveats. The Celtics, like everyone else, are still gathering medical info. Sources say that the foot and back fractures aren’t the only issues with Embiid’s physical. There are several other issues that need to be addressed. Something they see in the next four days could scare them away. And second, the Celtics are engaged in a number of different trade scenarios that could alter this plan (by either trading the pick or getting an established star that would necessitate getting a player in the draft that could help them now.).

If the Celtics pass on Embiid, I believe Gordon is their top target. If he’s gone, Marcus Smart seems to be the next guy up. The Celtics love his toughness and think he can play with Rondo as well as free them up to explore Rondo deals.

Dario Saric #17

Saric might go as high as No. 10. He’ll get looks at 11, 12, 14 and 15, as well. But with Saric staying in Europe for two more years, there seems to be more reluctance toward taking him that high. Again, I don’t think the Celtics let him pass. Yes, I know that it means that Celtics fans would not see EITHER of their first-round picks play in Boston next season. But as far as talent goes, Ainge could walk away with the best player in the draft and a top-10 pick for Nos. 6 and 17. I’m not sure he could help himself.

First off, I’m pissed there’s no mention of Kevin Love. Ford’s last mock had the Celtics with the strongest package for Love. But suddenly Flip Saunders isn’t in rush to trade Love before the draft.

As for Embiid, it appears there are additional concerns aside from the foot and back. Wonderful.

If the Celtics follow up Embiid with Saric – a guy contractually obligated to play Europe for two years – I might go off the deep end.

We were promised fireworks. I want fireworks, damnit.

And regarding the trade Rondo talk, Chris Mannix said:

“I don’t think Rondo gets dealt on draft night. I don’t think he gets dealt in the offseason. I think this team has to see what he looks like going into next year healthy with this group. The earliest he can get dealt, and the last time he can get dealt is at the trade deadline. I think that’s the plan with Boston.”

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  • Brian Pahlm

    This is the first I heard he is staying in Europe for 2 more years. I heard he wants to play for the Lakers and Celtics, but he just won the mvp, what else does he have to prove over there.

    • Curt Hays

      It was just announced this morning. I was brushing my teeth when my phone lit up. Apparently ESPN thought it was important enough to push before 9 AM CST.

      • Brian Pahlm

        His Dad says one thing and he says another. Guess you have 2 see what the buy out is. Thanx for the heads up.

        • Curt Hays

          Thanks for telling me that it isn’t set in stone. I’ve been too “busy” to read it for myself.

  • Fitzy

    I’d say this is best case scenario for our draft though. Definitely the outcome that has us walking away with the most talent. I haven’t seen the whole mock, but IMO we would come away with the best draft if this was the outcome.

    • LA Flake

      Yep. I agree. I’d also be happy if we ended up with Randle, Gordon, Exum, Smart, McBuckets…It’s a DEEEEEP draft.

      • Fitzy

        I know real deep. I’m not as high as everyone else on Randle or Gordon but am certainly intrigued by a lot of the players we could end up with. Here’s hoping the draft gods are on our side thursday.

  • RedsLoveChild

    The 76`ers did all that shameless tanking last year…and the best player they`re looking at is a very damaged Embiid.

    Bad Karma is biting them in the ass!

    • KGino

      lol, you mean the kind of shameless tanking you promoted and endorsed and wished upon our Celtics all year?

      • tvor03


      • RedsLoveChild

        If you`re asking me—on a warm summer day—if 6 fewer victories last cold winter {19 vs 25} would be worth moving up 3 slots {3 vs 6} for Draft Night just 72 hours away…..the answer is “HELL YEAH!!”

        • KGino

          hahahaha just pointing out another inconsistency in your comments… You praise the 76ers all year for tanking so hard saying we should take a page out of their book, then you’re the first one to say karma’s a bi*ch… Which is what people told you all year when defending why we shouldn’t tank.

          Anyways, picking 3rd in this particular draft is by far the hardest decision… Do you take the most promising player with the worst possible injuries, or somebody else?…

          • RedsLoveChild

            Looks like you actually do take enormous “pride” in Boston`s 25-57 record last year!

            Afterall, given the opportunity to say those extra 6 wins were NOT worth the cost of 3 draft slots…you remained silent.

            Do I hate the 76`ers, and am I pleased things didn`t work out the way they had hoped? Oh, yeah!

            Do I envy them for having the 3rd pick, as opposed to our 6th? Oh, yeah!

          • KGino

            What i think made no difference… The point was to call you out for being inconsistent yet again, which I did successfully. I’ll let you re-read.

            You praise the 76ers all year for tanking so hard saying we should take a page out of their book, then you’re the first one to say karma’s a bi*ch… Which is what people told you all year when defending why we shouldn’t tank. It’s just fake.

          • RedsLoveChild

            Let me know as soon as you figure out which is a better situation to be in….owning the 3rd pick or owning the 6th in the draft.

            Don`t rush, KGino….take your time…I know it requires a hell of a lot of thought!

          • bill_nair

            Hate to nitpick but Milwuakee sure as hell didnt intend to tank. They went into the season looking to make the playoffs (as stated by their gm in september or october). Funny how terrible they actually were though.

          • KGino

            blah blah blah, I skipped over most of your irrelevant jibba jabber so you know… Milwaukee sucked because they sucked. They didn’t have to tank. Your favorite pot head they sunk 44 mil into helped with that.

            RLC: We need to tank like philly
            Other Ppl: players don’t tank, karma’s a B, they’re just lottery %’s nothing guaranteed
            4 months later….
            RLC: Suck it Philly! Karma!!

            Are you too blind to see how phony that is?

          • Bill

            you’re an idiot

          • jrleftfoot

            do you ever stop pissing and moaning?

      • Curt Hays

        He DID say shameLESS, not shameFUL.

  • bill_nair

    I wouldnt be mad at us getting Embiid at #6. Tons of potential who knows if he ever lives up to it. Keep Saric in Europe. Hate how because he isnt going #6 or #7 he wants out. Rather have someone who will contribute within the next 2 years. Also would like to see Danny pick up an additional first.

    • GreenbirdCro

      Don’t hate. He has a contractual obligation measured in euros. That’s why he needs to go high in this draft cause bigger the contract the easier for him is to pay from his own pocket money he is due to pay… Simple as that.

      • bill_nair

        “Hating”?! Hmmm……

  • RedwasKing

    They should draft Marcus Smart. He is going to be a star.

  • Lewis35

    If this happens ill be happy as heck. Embiid is a huge risk but the potential reward is too great to pass up. Who cares if Saric stays in Europe for two more years. He is gonna be a star when he gets to the NBA. We could look back four years from now and possibly have the two best players out of this draft. This is all pending we can’t get K-Love and rebuild quicker obviously.

  • Brian Pahlm Don’t see anything about a buy out oh well. Heard they can trade green for a 1st and 2nd 2 the hornets. Oh well it’s a marathon not a sprint.

  • Curt Hays

    Danny said that Embiid is a gamble at 6? He’s drafting Embiid. The end.

  • Lewis35

    Please No McBuckets!!!!!!!!

    • bill_nair


  • GinoTime

    There’s a CHANCE this could just be a way of discouraging anyone but the Celtics or Lakers from picking him. He’s been pretty clear he only is willing to come over for couple teams. If that’s the case, and this keeps him around at pick #17, then I love it.

    Nervous about Embiid though. He’s only been playing a couple years and his body is clearly not reacting well to the stress of the game. Maybe a great medical staff and the right plan could bring him along, but its a probably long and uncertain road to that coming through.

  • Dirk Diggler

    I want Kyle Anderson at number 17 in the draft — 6’9 point guard/shooting guard/small forward with insane court vision and off the charts basketball IQ. 7’2 wingspan, improving shooter, incredible passer. I love the versatility. Look at how Boris Diaw’s versatility can change the complexion of a team and their success in the right system, with the right coach. I think Anderson can be that guy.

    And Embiid at 6 would be ideal. Marcus Smart would be nice. And the most underrated player in this year’s draft is Gary Harris out of Michigan State though.

  • Evan Murphy

    Tj warren over Saric please. He will be dominated in the nba.