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Your Morning Dump..Where The Celtics Are Looking For More Than Love

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

Things have grown quiet between the Celtics and Minnesota on the Kevin Love front, but that may not be a bad thing.

According to sources, the Timberwolves have been exploring other trade avenues for Love, and it’s been confirmed they are running into some trouble getting what they want from Golden State. That may force Minnesota vice president of basketball operations and coach Flip Saunders to alter his sights, which could bring the local outfit more realistically into play.

Danny Ainge: Celtics Looking For More Than Kevin Love-Mark Murphy

(Boston, MA,02/01/13)        Boston Celtics President of Basketball Operations Danny Ainge prior to the game  as the Celtics take on the Magic at the Garden.  Friday,  February  01, 2013.  (Staff photo by Stuart Cahill)As Thursday’s NBA Draft gets closer & closer,  NBA trade rumors are coming at an almost dizzying pace. But the story C’s fans have been focused on, a trade that could bring Kevin Love to Boston, has lost some of it’s muster. Yahoo’s Adrian Wojnarowski, aka “Tha God” when it comes to legit rumors, told CSNNE that he didn’t think Boston had enough pieces to pull such a deal off.

But this is Danny Ainge we’re talking about here. Trader Dan. Surely he’s got more up his sleeve than just one blockbuster deal, right? Of course he does:

“We have more than two different scenarios and two different teams,” said the father. “I mean, there’s five different scenarios at least — and by draft day there may be more like seven or eight scenarios. I know what you mean, but what I’m saying is it’s more than that, and it’s always more than that. It’s not that simple or just two scenarios. There’s the rebuild and stay young, there’s (the) try-to-win-now scenario, and there is in between.”

There are just so many different scenarios that could play out on Thursday night. And if you remember, the last time Boston made a huge splash over the summer, it started off in a very similar fashion. There are also those who say that if the Love deal doesn’t pan out, we could trade Rondo and do a complete overhaul. I personally don’t see that happening, but we will all just have to wait and see. As for me, I’m going back to bed to nurse this cold, but if you want more NBA Draft/trade news, there’s plenty in today’s links…

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  • Andrew Vellucci

    Celtics need to either trade for a superstar like melo or love or completely rebuild because mediocrity never got a team anywhere look at the Milwaukee bucks theyve been the 8th seed or late lottery and it has gotten them no where i say if you cant get love or melo or someone else you need to trade bass, green, and let kelly sully and whoever they draft get big minutes

    • GreenbirdCro


      • Justin

        See also: Cavs since 2010.

        • adam

          or Sacramento since………..

  • CP37

    I just hope this madness ends on draft night with K.Love as a Celtic. As long as he ends up en route to Boston, this will have all been worth it.

  • Rich Jensen

    If you want to know why the Celtics are not going to trade Rondo, the Kevin Love scenario is object lesson #1. Granted Kevin Love is forcing Flip’s hand here, but look at the offers for Love. None of them are going to make Minnesota a better team. Flip’s only choice is to pick the least bad among a series of bad offers.

    Trading a star player in his prime almost never works out for the team losing the star. Ainge knows this.

  • Justin

    Ainge never stacks his chips in one pile.