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Simmons firing up masses with latest “trade to Rondo to Sac” tweet

Ugh. This scenario again.

5-9 point guard Isaiah Thomas is the obvious plus more in this deal. Ben McLemore’s name almost always comes up in rumors too. This deal doesn’t excite me.

I admit that it’s hard for me to look past Isaiah Thomas’ height (5-9). He’s a talented player who can shoot. But is he a legit point guard? CBS Sports ranked Thomas the 8th best PG this season.

One other note: How does Sacramento make that deal knowing its highly unlikely Rondo will resign with them?

UPDATE: Thomas is a restricted free agent which puts limitations on when he can be traded. I’m working to clarify.

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  • swissflix

    That would be horrible. I’m glad Danny knows what kind of point guard he has. Ben McLemore is going to be a bust soon anyway.

  • RedHead617

    It will be unpopular on this board but I love this deal. Dealing Rondo means we’re also going to deal Green, meaning the full rebuild is on with Sully, Olynyk, Bradley, #6, #8, #17 and the boatload of picks we have. This is the core of a title team and takes merely patience.

    • forever_green


      • Mikey Amentola

        Look at the Thunder / Super sonics.
        It all comes down to the right draft picks. If they trade Rondo they will get Exum or Smart. Marcus Smart is going to be a game changer in the NBA for years he is tenacious competitor and very skilled and athletic. Jump shot will come….look at russ westbrook……very similar

        • RedHead617

          Rondo/Love/Green/Wallace takes us to the salary cap but it doesn’t make us Top 5 in the LeBron era. Next year is another loaded draft and we just don’t have the guns to compete yet.

          • Rich Jensen

            But, I guess, (???), Bradley, (???), Sully and (???) are good enough to win the title?

            That’s the problem with everyone who says ‘tear it down and draft new players’. Where do you get this certainty that drafted players will be better than the players you already have?

          • zippittyay

            Yes, they are. We draft more talented young players just like them and make a key trade when their value rises and sign a good free agent and we have as a legit shot as anyone.

          • Rich Jensen

            So three pigs in a poke are unquestionably better than the players already on the team, and absolutely will either play better, or will be more appealing as trades?

            The Celtics have as many as five first round draft picks in the next two years. I can assure you that no team needs that many picks. Some of these picks are far more valuable when used to acquire established players.

            Because then, you know, you don’t have to trade talented young players that you already have on your roster.

          • zippittyay

            So we take the NYK approach?

          • Rich Jensen

            No. Because NY traded their own picks. Boston has several other teams’ picks to trade.

    • Rich Jensen

      You’re cheering for the wrong team. If you think that approach works, go buy some 76ers gear.

      You can’t take a bunch of NBA infants (as many as seven first rounders in two years) and whip them into shape while losing games hand over fist. All you get is a culture of losing, turmoil and maybe–some day–mediocrity.

      • Herman Bubbert

        Good point. Apparently the attention span of some Celtics fans is as short as a gnat. Remind me again how many teams have built a champion exclusively through the draft?

        • adam

          Didn’t the spurs draft their core big 3?

  • Brian Pahlm

    Chandler parsons kevin love and asik win you the Atlantic. Then you just need a deeper team then Indiana and miami. Team work beats the heat not a big 3. Danny will make it happen, nobody has the assets we do.

    • RedHead617

      Since we don’t have enough to compete for a title in 2015 we have nothing to lose by cashing in assets for the future. Rondo is a great third banana but isn’t enough to pair with Love and contend right away (and he’s said as much recently). There are countless examples of building through the draft but this debate comes down to timing and when we clearly have enough picks and cap room to compete on the day Wallace’s contract expires I’ll be in the other camp. What we need is to admit that a strategy to be pretty good doesn’t cut it in the LeBron era and we don’t have enough talent/assets/space to compete in the coming year.
      P.S. My dad and I are paid season tickets holders as well so the suffering I’m endorsing will be felt every day in the future of this family.

  • RedsLoveChild

    SAC would be sending us a 5`9″ player + the 8th pick for Rondo…

    Is that a fair price for a guy who sees himself as a “max” contract superstar???

    • Curt Hays

      But we could all be happy that Rondo gets to play with his friend Rudy. Right?

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    If Rondo gets traded, I will buy drinks for everyone on this board!!! Hell, I’ll buy drinks for all of Boston! I’ve been predicting since Oct ’13 that Danny would NOT give (the odd freak) Rondo a max contract deal and at some point he would trade Rondo. Has the day arrived??? YIPPEE