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Your Morning Dump…Where Cleveland may try and trade the first pick


Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

That stupid coin flip loss to the Jazz is such a sneaky pain in the ass. The C’s are likely far more interested in the Love pursuit, but another avenue could have been swapping picks with the Cavs…which would be far more reasonable if we had the fifth overall. Twitter says some league sources wouldn’t take Embiid in the top-ten, but I’m still skeptical he falls out of the top-five. Sullinger’s slip, if anything, may remind teams that overlooking injury-stricken talent can be a mistake in the draft. Admittedly, the back and foot injuries aren’t comforting at all, and Embiid’s particular case has been a death-sentence of sorts for some NBA careers. Still, seven-foot talent is seven-foot talent, and I just don’t see the Magic or Jazz waving goodbye to that and opting Noah Vonleh or Aaron Gordon.

Perhaps the sixth pick is still an option for the Cavs, if the other parts of the deal make it worthwhile. If they do keep their pick,  wouldn’t be surprised to see Wiggins become their guy.

Don’t think shooting struggles in a single workout means a damn thing, but if there’s any team in the NBA that should hypersensitive to a bad shooting performance, it’d be Cleveland. Screwing up another pick would be colossal.



Page 2: road blocks in the way of Love to GSW

A few hours ago an NBA source insisted to me that the Warriors flat-out will not agree to any of the proposals Minnesota is currently suggesting in the Kevin Love discussions.

Not now, not in a day, not in 400 days.

The first stumbling block: The Warriors are making it clear to everyone in the league, including Minnesota president Flip Saunders, that they very much do not want to part with Klay Thompson, the key part of any Minnesota demand.

Second big stumbling block: The Warriors have zero desire to take back expensive, no-defense shooting guard Kevin Martin in the deal, the source said.

Kawakami – Some snags in the Warriors’ Kevin Love Talks

Last I heard, Klay Thompson had been made available to Minnesota. If Golden State is retracting on that (or if was never true), it’s a good sign for the C’s chances.

It probably sounds odd considering how much we’ve become obsessed with adding Love, but I don’t see why the Warriors are so eager to pursue this trade. I do get why a Curry-Love tandem sounds enticing, but I’m not sure the Warriors  want to break up their backcourt at such an early stage. Though obviously not the same caliber, David Lee does a decent job imitating Love’s game, and though there’s nothing wrong with wanting to upgrade a position currently well-staffed — is it worth losing Klay Thompson over? I know how ridiculous that sentence sounds. Thompson’s impact will never near Love’s, but he’s also crazy cheap for the next two years. The Warriors are a top team in the loaded West. Losing Klay and giving max money to Love would make your starting five better, but it ties up funds devoted to building a deep roster (something very necessary in the West). On top of that, taking back Kevin Martin isn’t the worst scenario imaginable, but he’s essentially a downgrade from Thompson at a much higher price.

I’m probably wrong on this one. Just not sure how better off Golden State would be with Curry, Love, and a bunch of spare parts.



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  • Justin Quinn

    treating every trade rumor involving love and/or rondo as flip running psy ops.

  • wil

    theres this rumor that Lakers are gonna trade their 7th pick for klay in a three way love deal.

    Seriously, would you take David Lee instead of Sully who has a much more controllable salary.

    • CFH

      That rumor is the most nonsensical out there, which is saying something. The Wolves have been going on about wanting established young talent, not draft picks, so they’d rather take Klay than #6. Okay. But then why take a deal that DOESN’T give them Klay, but gives them #7. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m quite sure 6 comes before 7. The Wolves just want to do the Lakers a favor or something?

      • wil

        and it sounds like the Warriors are in total control of the deals right now lol

        Id only trade Kevin Love to the Warriors if the warriors take Kmart and they give Dlee, Klay and Barnes

  • KGino

    I think Embiid slips, I read an article on the exact extent of his foot injury, and which previous NBA players have had this injury– Yao Ming (ended his career), Bill Walton (ended his career), etc. There’s few success stories, Big Z being the main one (and it still plagued him at times during his short career).

    I wouldn’t take him before Wiggins or Parker at this point, and I’d even be extremely afraid of drafting him at 6 after reading that article. And that’s without even knowing the extent of his back injury.

    • KGino

      “The navicular connects the cuneiform and the talus (which is the keystone of the ankle). The navicular and talus are notoriously blessed with poor circulation, leading to poor healing. The navicular also makes up the top portion of the medial side of the arch of your foot, it’s a BAD bone to break, especially for a jumper/runner.”

  • LA Flake

    So GS is trading KlayT for the Fakers 7th so that they can use the 7th pick in a trade for Love? Okay, got it. Makes perfect sense.

  • Rich Jensen

    It’s good to know that there are still plenty of morons in NBA front offices.

    This business of negotiating trades through the press…..

    My question is what knucklehead leaked this rumor. It can’t be Minnesota, because this is about the cheapest Love trade rumor we’ve seen (Love for #7 and cabbage).

    It’s not GS, because why would GS leak that Klay was available to LA, when they have not made him available to Minny.

    So, did Kupchak’s people leak this? Because that would be the most awesome thing ever. Kupchak showing that he’s so far behind on the Love rumors that he doesn’t know you’re not getting Love for a #7 pick, and so far behind the GS position that he thinks they’d swap Klay for Love straight up, and so out of touch that he thinks having Klay Thompson (who plays the same position as European traveler and occasional LA Laker Kobe Bryant) on the Lakers is a good idea?

    Or did Ainge’s people leak this to make the Lakers look stupid?

  • Slap Dog Hoops

    Contrary to Celtics fans, I do not think Cleveland is THAT stupid: giving away the number one pick in one of the deepest NBA Drafts in recent memory for a player who is at best a wildcard if healthy. Why would they give up the chance to pick a sure thing like an Andre Wiggins or Jabari Parker, who will most likely contribute right away for a player who can be the next Greg Oden? I really have to wonder who comes up with these silly rumors.

    • bill_nair

      On the surface your right, but Cleveland likes to defy logic as we have seen the past couple drafts. I would not be surprised if they drafted Vonleh #1. Hopefully they draft one of the wings.

  • Roy Sanchez

    Minny has to have the dumbest front office people in the NBA. You try to leak that the warriors are willing to deal Klay and a trade is in place but the warriors flat deny that. Now you’re releasing info that the Lakers are involved? Really? Danny must be laughing his ass off

  • Bayern

    embiid is a good second round pick. that navicular injury has a high chance of killing career.

  • wil

    what you guys think about 3 way deal with Cleveland and Minny.

    6th+Minny 13th goes to cavs.
    Sully, 1st, 17th, and another future first goes to Minny (plus fillers contracts)
    We get Love and maybe Kev Martin

  • art

    As far as being obsessed about obtaining Love, please speak for yourself. The only thing I’m obsessed with is winning titles. One player does not equal title. As Danny has said on many occasions, it’s laughable regarding some of things said in the media and the false rumors that are continually spread. Everyone needs to chill and see what happens.

  • Curt Hays

    I just wanted to remind everyone that with the 6th pick in the 1978 NBA Draft, the Boston Celtics select….Larry Joe Bird.