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Warriors GM says Love trade is “unlikely”


There’s no way Minnesota goes into training camp with Kevin Love. Not only will his presence be a huge distraction, but Flip will be costing his team multiple choices in one of the deepest drafts in recent history.

This deal gets done when Danny Ainge includes Jared Sullinger with picks 6, 17 and another 1st rounder. Bogans cap relief contract and Bass/Green also in play.

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  • Curt Hays

    If it HAS to be Sully, so be it. If it HAS to be Bass/Green…please be Bass.

    • LA Flake

      I’d rather keep the 6th pick and take my chances with JO-EL EMBIIIIIID!!!

      • Curt Hays

        I agree.

  • Justin Quinn


    • LA Flake

      I for one am hysterically laughing my ass off at Flippy!
      Oh, Flip…HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!

  • Rich Jensen

    Bass and Green aren’t interchangeable parts unless DA’s got a line on ‘Melo coming to the C’s. Trade Green and who’s your starting #3? Gerald Wallace or some guy you hire off the street?

    OTOH, Flip might be dumb enough to think that better offers are coming along. Heaven only knows what his rationale is. Does he think that teams are going to get more desperate to acquire Love the closer he gets to unrestricted free agency?

    If anything, he seems to be too dumb to recognize that he has to handle personnel matters as dispassionately as possible.

    • CP37

      Do you think we could send Bass in the Minny deal and sign-and-trade for Melo using Jeff Green and other assets instead?

      • Rich Jensen

        Yeah, but I don’t think that PJ is going to do that deal unless they get picks, and I just don’t think you send picks to Minny for Love *and* picks to NY for Melo. You do one or the other.

        Also, I don’t think you need the difference between Melo and Green on offense if you get Love, and I think you’d suffer with the difference between Green and Melo on defense.

  • wil

    total conflict of interest. Flip the coach wants piece to contend for playoffs, Gm Flip sacrificing their future. lol

    there is no deal tgqt the wolves are gonna get better

  • Rich Jensen

    Let’s all take a moment and reflect on the breathtaking stupidity of Flip Saunders:

    They want to trade their *best* player and also *win now*.

    • Justin Quinn

      not trying to be a jerk, but…

      they *have* to trade their best player if they want to win now, or they will lose whatever leverage they can get out of him, and end up with a bunch of cap space and not much else. stupid, perhaps, but as bumbling as the haggling has been, it’s because they can’t do much else.

      • Rich Jensen

        I mean ‘win now’ as in, making a run at the playoffs this year and next, etc.

        Something they couldn’t do *with* Love.

        If they take Boston’s offer, they’ve got a huge pile of picks this year and next, and they can package some of those picks to get established young players (say, Chandler Parsons), and use others to acquire talent so that in 2-3 years, they’ll be deep, talented and cheap.

        • Justin Quinn

          in that context, i agree.

  • Johnnie

    flip saunders is on lean. heard it here first. dude is straight trying to pull the dell demps deal of CP3 to the lakers. even stern knew that was asinine. clap clap clap for that dude FLIP

  • Roy Sanchez

    So basically smoke was being blown out of someones back side and the rumored trade between Wolves and GS was a lie . Flip is getting desperate by the minute

  • Don

    I think the Warriors are being ridiculous. I would trade Thompson and Barnes in a heart-beat for Kevin Love. I think the Warriors are overvaluing Klay and Harrison, they’re good young players, but not great.

  • Don

    Not sure what to believe at this point. I think the Celtics and Warriors have the best offers at the moment. Personally, I think the Wolves are playing hard ball, because they don’t want another KG issue on their hands

  • Brian Pahlm

    I don’t see a problem with this at all. Let’s keep the picks hell trade green for the 9th and 24th pick if the rumors about the Hornets are true and build a deep bench something that the heat wish they had. You can alway s sign love as a free agent. People say boston doesn’t get free agents but how many guys make such a public visit as love did while they are under contract. Angie might have said let’s just wait a year. We will have a nice young team with the cap room to add another impact player. …

    • LA Flake

      Green for two picks? FOR REAL???
      Embiid, Gordon & McDermott to the C’s!
      Yes! YES!! YESSSSSS!!!!!

    • swissflix

      I would give Green away for two mid first rounders without hesitation. That would be awesome – four first rounders this year!

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