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Rondo talks about Melo and Love during appearance on ESPN’s “Numbers Never Lie”


Rajon Rondo made an appearance on ESPN’s “Numbers Never Lie” earlier today, with host Jemele Hill.  It wasn’t laced with typical athlete clichés, as Rondo’s public commentary rarely is.  While they discussed some of his incredible career triple-double numbers and how they rank with the likes of Magic Johnson and LeBron James, the discussion did get around to both Carmelo Anthony and yes, Kevin Love.  Hill first asked if Melo would be the missing piece that the Chicago Bulls would need to get over the hump, and he agreed.  But unprompted (much like during a recent pre-draft workout interview) he discussed the idea of Melo coming to Boston.  He basically said if he doesn’t go to the Bulls, then “we’ll have to figure something out in Boston.”  When pressed on the Melo comment, Rondo simply said he couldn’t say too much, but that they want to be a contender next year and that Danny is working on it.  Below are some other tidbits from Rondo:

  • Hill told him she thinks Kevin Love would be a good fit on the Lakers, to which Rondo replied: “You’re gonna say that to my face?!?!”
  • Rondo said they would still need more if they got Love, but it would be nice to have him
  • His thoughts on how opponents should interact with each other: “When you’re on the court, you don’t need to shake hands or help anybody up (that aren’t your teammates)”
  • Rondo said he wouldn’t be disappointed if they didn’t get Love, and would still focus on his teammates in the locker room and playing for Brad Stevens
  • On his future in Boston, he said he doesn’t plan on going anywhere and wants to bring in guys to Boston that want to compete and want to win as much as he does
  • He said Boston is a great city and has great fans: “They’re the greatest in the world”
  • He thinks having 3 star players is enough to contend, would rather play against the best competition
  • For the Heat haters, he said that LeBron should definitely have some doubts about staying in Miami based on how they played in the Finals and their cap situation
  • Rondo on his PER ranking: “It’s gotta be lying, something’s wrong with the system”
  • When asked to share a crazy story about KG, he told of the time some doctors were in the locker room eating the food, and KG was angry and said that players eat first because they play.  KG then proceeded to knock the plate of food out of the doctor’s hand (hmm kind of tells you where Rondo learned that temper from, eh?)

I found it very interesting that it’s the second time that Rondo has publicly dropped Melo’s name, in reference to possibly coming to Boston.  He could be just playing around and the complex scenario that would involve he and Love both coming here is headache inducing, but hey there could be something to it.  Coupled with the news of Joel Embiid injuring his foot, it was a wild afternoon.  Oh and by the way, Simmons seems to think Embiid’s agent will force him to Boston or LA now.  Not exactly sure how easy that is, but the draft and possible Love scenario have just become far more interesting.

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  • bill_nair

    What a leader that KG was. Should’ve traded him for a 2nd round pick.

    I need a link to see the show. What was it about Rondos PER that made him make that comment?

    • Jay O

      He was joking in his response, but I think it was because it had him ranked as the 22nd best PG based only on PER

      • bill_nair

        Ah I see, preciate it.

      • eddysamson

        In the league now or all time?

        • bill_nair

          Since Rondo entered the league.

          • eddysamson

            I don’t get how that’s possible. Is it just because he doesn’t score much? How can you lead the league in assists and be one of the best rebounding guards in the league AND be big on the steals and get ranked 22nd? I assume that’s awfully close to last for the starters…

          • bill_nair

            PER isnt a great stat to use for rankings. Volume shooters tend to have higher PERs cause they take alot of shots which is why Rondo is so low. He doesnt score alot so he wont ever have a great PER.
            Funny example: Beaselys PER the year he averaged 19 for Minny was 15.5 which is only average and pretty bad for a volume scorer.

          • Curt Hays

            PER is good for stat-heavy players. For the players who excel in stats that aren’t measured (K-Perk), the PER system makes them look terrible. Like @disqus_PxbpHGIskj:disqus said, successful volume shooters have the best rankings because you have to have the ball in your hand for it to matter. You can make your team better without it showing up on the stat sheet.

            Also, part of Rondo’s intangibles can even happen when he’s in a suit on the sidelines. That stat would be virtually impossible to measure..

          • reggie lewis

            can you explain what you mean in your second to last sentence?
            and isnt part of the attraction to rondo (for rondo lovers) is that he always has the ball in his hands and records so many stats that arent typical to PGs?

          • Curt Hays

            Clarification of the sentence: Correct me if I’m wrong, but my understanding is that PER, while a pretty good (maybe the best) measure of a player’s contribution, has a bias for players who have the ball.

            Rondo DOES score a lot of with-the-ball stats. I’m not saying he doesn’t. I’m saying that I’m surprised his PER is so low, but what I was suggesting is that those of us who are Rondo fans aren’t only fans of his stats. Make sense?

            Also, thanks for being civil instead of just telling me that I didn’t make sense!

          • reggie lewis

            no prob. im very civil. but unless you clarify or change what your saying, i completely disagree with rondo being somehow beneficial on the bench as a tutor or pseudo-coaching role. does he contribute on the bench in some very small way? i guess. but i dont see that as anything special.
            And as i understand PER ratings, its equally based on all stats. In fact, the whole purpose of it is to be able to assign a value to players who play different positions, on different teams, with different styles.
            IMO, Rondos weaknesses are on full display in the PER stats. Also, his peers show their value when compared to Rondo.
            Just one mans opinion.

          • Curt Hays

            I agree that his bench presence isn’t a huge factor, and I’m not arguing that we keep him merely based on intangibles like that.

            PER does show Rondo to have been more effective with the Big 3. How could it not? The concern seems to be how far it dips when the Big 3 left. So Rondo can make great players even better.

            With a few more years of data, I may just be able to argue that Doc Rivers is the reason behind Rondo’s low PER. He just isn’t the type of player who has a style that is valued by PER and PER IS biased towards offense.

            To pull a quote from wikipedia regarding the bias of PER because I’m lazy:

            “If a player exceeds these thresholds, and virtually every NBA player does so with respect to two-point shots, the more he shoots the higher his value in PERs. So a player can be an inefficient scorer and simply inflate his value by taking a large number of shots.”

          • bill_nair

            Your on to something when saying Doc may have been to do with Rondos PER. Not to blame Doc but if I recall, PER is inflated by systems. A slower system tends to lead their teams best scorers to lower PER. I could be wrong but thats what some pretty smart ball folks have told me.

          • reggie lewis

            all do respect, your wrong. the PER adjusts for any style of play.

          • reggie lewis

            yes. but your point about PER being flawed by high volume shooters is debunked later in the wiki article by the guy who created the PER formula…”

            Actually, if we took a player that was completely average in every other respect for the 2006–07 season—rebounds, free throws, assists, turnovers, etc.—and gave him a league-average rate of shots, and all of them were 2-pointers, and he shot 30.4%, he’d end up with a PER of 7.18.

            As long-time PER fans know, that would make him considerably worse than nearly every player in the league.
            To end up with a league-average PER of 15.00, the actual break-even mark in this case is 48.5%, which is exactly what the league average is on 2-point shots this season.

            Ive been tough on Rondo and his (inflated) value on this team. But this just seems like people are trying to make Rondo into something he definitely isnt…efficient.

          • Curt Hays

            I also forgot that it is calculated as compared to the other players in the league. This tells me that year to year comparisons aren’t as meaningful. Sure they aren’t meaningless, but they WILL vary. Look at the variation of PPG from season to season.

            I’m not arguing that Rondo is the best or the most efficient. I don’t even enjoy watching Paul Pierce play…in the regular season. Get either guy in the playoffs…totally different game.

  • bill_nair
    Link in case anyone wants to listen. Just the podcast.

  • reggie lewis

    rondos PER rankings over the past 5 years show that his success is a product of playing with great players. Those great players made him better. Too often now celtic fans want to argue that Rondo makes those around him better. However, most stats show that this is not true. Hes over rated and if Danny AInge pays him anywhere near a max contract the Celtics are doomed financially.

  • LA Flake

    Can’t stand Jemele Hill.

  • wil

    Rondo’s PER jumps to like top 5 in the playoffs anyways.

    Rondo got a problem of overthinking regular season games. Rondo’s best asset is his intangibles and specially the hustle that breaks the game wide open. But this only happens when he gives it 200%

    • reggie lewis

      Rondos PER jumps into the top 5 in the playoffs? really? where does it say that? I looked it up and he is only ranked in the top 5 (among pgs) in one season…2008.
      You sound like a big Rondo fan who is trying to find a way to make this data fit your opinion of Rondo.
      Bottom line here is that Rondo is a very good NBA PG. He isnt top 5, maybe not top 10 anymore. And all of those vague “intangibles” you talk about actually dont translate into efficient plays or make the team better. But they are exciting, and thats the problem. Too many fans cant see past the fancy (albeit sometimes unnecessary) pass or fancy spinning shot off the backboard.
      And the celtics career record without rondo on the floor supports this.
      Im not trying to attack your comments or opinion, but there is this fallacy that Rondo is a top 5 PG in this league, that he is crucial to the success of the celtics, and somehow a worthy talent who deserves a max contract…and its simply not true.

      • Frank Aziza

        Go watch the nba playoffs from 2010-12 and tell me who’s better then Rondo

      • wil

        i never said that rondo deserves a max contract. Rondo was a top 3 point guard in 2012. lol he has barely played ever since.

        Youre one of those guys that is blind to what Rondo can do. Those intangibles are exciting, which in turn controls the pace for the celtics and gives a bunch of old players energy.

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