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Kevin Love rumor madness: Golden State jumps into the lead?

klay thompson

This shit-storm of rumors is apparently playing out just like Minnesota wants it to.  They’ve (reportedly) gotten each team interested in acquiring the 3-time All Star to (reportedly) loosen their purse strings and (reportedly) offer more than they’d originally intended.

The latest club to budge:  Golden State.

Breaking up the Splash Brothers to get Love?  Slick move, Golden State.

This would instantly put Golden State in the lead as far as the quality of player at the center of the offer, trumping the Kenneth Faried availability from Denver.  The problem with Golden State’s apparent offer is (a) they have no draft picks to offer and (b) they’d probably want to offload David Lee in the process.  I’m not sure two years of David Lee at nearly $31 million is appetizing to Minnesota.  Also Thompson is a restricted free agent after next season, and the TWolves run the risk of losing him if some team puts together a creative offer (or just breaks the bank).

So does the addition of Thompson suddenly make the Warriors front-runners, or do the Celtics, with lesser players but much more valuable picks, remain in the lead?  I’m sure someone’s sources are already talking.


Seriously.. as I was posting this, this was tweeted by Chris Brussard. Take this not with a grain of salt, but with a dump truck full of it.

Minnesota giving up a pick and Love for just Thompson and Lee?  I call bullshit.  No way Minnesota is that dumb……….. right?


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  • bill_nair

    I figured if they add Klay it becomes the best package. If they really want to TRY and make the playoffs this gives them 3 legit starters (assuming Barnes is thrown in). I dont see them making the playoffs though so I dont see how its better than rebuilding after losing your star. Im not high on Klay either so just my opinion.

  • Rich Jensen

    Which leaves Golden State with what? Curry, Love, a center made of bone china and a bunch of average NBA talent—with a rookie head coach from the oh-so-productive Phil Jackson coaching tree and an unproven GM?

    If you’re Kevin Love, how is that better than the current situation in Minnesota?

    Bottom line, to me, is this: If I’m Kevin Love, I’m not signing an extension with any team that has to trade one of its best players to get me.

  • NE_Celt

    Holy news day Batman! Today is a busy day on RedsArmy, and I’m lovin it! haha

    As with any of these rumors/stories…I will believe it when I see it. I personally don’t see Klay pushing GS to the top of the offer board.

    • bill_nair

      Flip wants to win now. Flip is the GM. If im a Wolves fan, im furious if this deal goes down (especially if we have to give up #13).

    • bill_nair

      “You know, normally I would just ignore such a terrible proposal as our FO would never consider it.

      Until I realize I’m a wolves fan and our FO is a joke…”
      From realgm Wolves forum. I actually feel bad for them.

  • Rich Jensen

    BTW: Flip may want to win now, but he has to understand that Kevin Love won’t sign an extension with any team willing to trade enough talent to enable Minnesota to “win” now.

    And let’s be honest about what “winning now” means if the Wolves get Klay Thompson or Kenneth Faried: It means they win about 40 games and go in the playoffs as a bottom seed and get bounced in the first round. That’s “winning now” with the best “winning now” packages we’ve seen.

    The Wolves can’t get enough proven talent in a trade to become a top tier team, and they’d be fools to settle for less when they can get draft picks instead.

    • bill_nair

      They won 40 games last year with Love. I find it hard they see similar success if he leaves unless Klay becomes the second coming of MJ.

      • LA Flake

        …And the second coming of MJ he AIN’T.

        Minny is getting desperate. I can smell it.

  • braun bradsworth

    celtics fans make me sick, nobody was complaining with all the lopsided deals danny did lol, come big baby for brandon bass? let’s talk about what he stripped the nets for lol. celtics fans complain about everything. saunders does not like ainge from what im guessing, klay and david lee is a way better deal if you want immediate results. Im not mad at the wolves they want results over picks. who do we have sullinger and thats it pretty much, who can make an immediate impact. Sullinger is way better then love in due time numbers are close enough plus he plays defense. I’m not losing sleep over this, sullinger held love to game low in points

    • BIG_HITTA1

      dude, its not who has the better deal for MN, its where will Love decide to go and “allow” the Flipper to make a deal. Saunders is at the mercy of Love. Love is in the drivers seat!!!!


    to follow up on Rich J’s point below, Love will dictate (NOT Saunders) where he goes as Love’s signing an extension is a must for any team trading for him. And if the trading team gets decimated or nearly decimated of its talent, why would Love want to go there??? He wants a good chance at winning; that is why he wants out of MN.

    I still say if Danny gets Love, but loses the 6th pick plus Sully, and/or Olynyk (plus Green?) who the hell is left of any talent level to take the C’s to the playoffs?? The most needed and interesting move by Danny would be the move(s) after Love is onboard. A Love & Rondo (the odd freak) don’t get it done for me.

    • eddysamson

      If we get Love our plan doesn’t end there, it can’t. Whether we alleviate the new need this year or next is the question. Love doesn’t expect to win now if he comes to us, he’s said he’s okay with going somewhere it will take a year or 2 for things the wheels to be set in motion as long as its a reliable organization (like ours).

    • LA Flake

      I agree with this sentiment a lot. To win, the C’s must add Love to their current core, not change parts or give away the farm. But with Embiid going down and changing the draft order today, my first preference would be to land Embiid at 6. If not, MOVE UP to grab him at 3, 4 or 5. Embiid & Sully/KO is a lethal frontcourt combo in 3 years. And their games mesh!

      Whatever it takes. Get Embiid. Even if we suck for another year, #GetEmbiid

    • Mike

      Like eddysamson said, The celtics would get love and then use more picks/assets to get a 3rd superstar like Melo, etc this same summer. They also have the $10M exception to use for that 3rd superstar.

      • BIG_HITTA1

        Mike, like your thinking. But hopefully I don’t burst your bubble when I say that Rondo is NOT a superstar. The C’s need a 2nd superstar or near superstar to cover for Rondo’s deficiencies. And what the C’s really need to happen is attracting a stud free agent for $ only and save some of NJ’s first rounders.

        • Mike

          I guess the term superstar is subjective so there is nothing I can say there, but that I feel Rondo is a superstar IF he has players around him(Kevin Love, Melo, Any sharp shooter). Rondo is still the best at getting anyone the ball where they need it and also one of the best at getting to the rim when he wants to. So I’d agree that alone, Rondo is not a superstar.
          As far as a stud free agent coming to Boston for $$$ alone…. difficult for that to happen.

  • CFH

    The Wolves are allergic to draft picks. No wonder they don’t want ours… they don’t even want their own! Instead of offering more and more picks for Love (three? four? five?), Danny obviously should have said “we’ll take your pick as well as Love and then you don’t have to worry about it.”

    This is HILARIOUS. Except for Wolves fans.

    • bill_nair

      You’d think they want #6 and #13 so they could draft a couple point guards.

  • Roy Sanchez

    Damn if I’m Minny I ask for Thompsom , Lee and Barnes. Man this is a dumb trade by Flip. He won’t make it to opening night!

    • LA Flake

      If I’m Minny, every conversation with GS starts with Steph Curry and picks.

      • Jaedre

        I got a feeling Flip is putting all this BS out there himself… Golden State CANNOT be that dumb… oh wait they did fire Mark Jackson… i take that back.

  • wil

    Love’s price is really high, but will be worth it for the celtics, he is just turning 26. Celtics are basicly buying a new face for the franchise. We all know Rondo is only worth his contract if Celtics reach the playoffs.

    Problem is getting there lol. But Rondo+Love in the play offs and add good role players. could be lethal

  • forever_green

    All smoke screens…I’ve already pre ordered my k-love C’s jersey.

    • Curt Hays

      Haha, nice. I bought an Olynyk jersey before the first game last year. I’m thinking one of us will have a useless jersey soon.

  • Thatguy

    You know when the off-season is here. Haha.

    I love it. These rumors are fun.

  • rmb5220

    My question is.. How does this trade benefit a clearly rebuilding ( although they refuse to admit it) timberwolves team? David Lee’s contract alone should be enough to make them reject this trade offer. Add in the fact that they could potentially end up in a bidding war for thompson and you’re left with a complete mess. To me, this makes absolutely no sense for minnesota.

  • Richard Truong

    They are trading packages in order to get the player they want, Dubs want Love and Wolves want Klay, but if Wolves want Klay they’d have to give up an extra #1, I can see a Dubs-Wolves trade after the draft but not before w/o including the #13 pick because the 2015 first rd pick can’t be traded until after draft. Even if it’s Klay, Lee and first rd pick, it’s in 2019 ONLY. So if its a draft day trade, it will be to the Celtics.

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  • Herman Bubbert

    Good God, Flip makes David Kahn look like Red if he takes this deal. What a moron.

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