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Embiid foot injury prompts speculation of freefall to #6

Joel Embiid

Joel Embiid is an unlucky dude. One week away from likely being drafted #1 by the Cavaliers, Embiid has broken his foot:

“He suffered a foot injury to his right foot sometime over the last few days,” agent Arn Tellem told ESPN’s Andy Katz by phone Thursday. “He’s getting evaluations from various doctors and experts in the field. We’ll know more Friday.”

One source told ESPN.com that Embiid “may have broken” his foot, but Tellem wouldn’t speculate on the seriousness of the injury until he had heard from doctors. Tellem also said it was unlikely Embiid would be doing any more workouts before the draft, which is June 26.

Luc Richard Mbah a Moute, Embiid’s mentor, also was not certain as to the extent of the injury.

“I just heard he got hurt,” said Mbah a Moute, who is overseas.

Despite any clarity on the severity of the injury, Twitter exploded with addictive speculation:

Embiid could be out 4 weeks or 4 months. Until we get the diagnosis, it’s impossible to predict what could happen.

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  • Curt Hays

    “over the last few days”


    • CallingBatman

      It is a very odd choice of words, unless he didn’t think the injury was initially that bad and only sought medical help a day or two later.

  • LA Flake

    Embiid at number 1 has become a HUGE risk. Hell, using a top 3 pick on him has become a huge gamble. But at number 6? That’s a risk I’m willing to take!


    • Justin Quinn

      amen, brother.

      • LA Flake

        A quick chat I had with my daughter (who is a Celtics fan like me thanks to my years of brainwashing her) after finding out about this via text messages:

        Daughter: He gets injured a lot!
        Me: I know. But we’re picking at #6. I’d take that risk. He’s a skilled center. It’s Embiid or Bust now!
        Daughter: Calm down, dad…
        Me: I think Red is looking out for us this year. He probably saw Duncan get his 5th ring and said, “Enough is enough!”
        Daughter: You really believe that?
        Me: …OF COURSE I DO!!!

        THANKS, RED!!!

        • Roy Sanchez

          This has got to be it! Embiid to Boston has to happen if we don’t get Love

    • adam

      I called it. I said Embiid gets injured and falls to us at number 6.

  • bill_nair

    Its risky but thats why your in this busines anyways. Take risks and win. If Embiid falls to 6 draft him and than look at Love in FA. You know Minny will come crawling back the minute Embiid is on the board. If they’re going to play hard ball we should play even harder. Lets just hope he can stay healthy, I dont care if he is a bust or not.

    • LA Flake

      If it comes down to Embiid or Love, I’d take my chances with Embiid. Embiid/Sully/KO = ONE HELL OF A FOUNDATION.

  • Brian Pahlm

    well if you can grab Embid you have to. I guess you could send Future Pics to Minny, and sign Love as a Free agent, but I doubt that would fly. Best case is you take Embid, Mcdaniels. Grab yourself Asik to start for a year until Embid is ready. Mcdaniels is a lock down wing right now, and he doesn’t have the wingspan Leonard has, but he is the closest thing to Leonard in the draft right now.
    Part two of my Celtics Kool Aid fantasy is that That Griffin and Paul both have Season ending injuries and the CLips win the lottery along with the 76ers squeaking into the playoffs so we would also get the 15th pick next year along with our pick which would be in the late teens early 20’s.
    In reality…I hope we grab Love, and if not then it looks like Gordon and god knows who at 17. Sign and Trade for Gortat and Green would be my move, but I also think that Love would take a lot of pressure off of Green. Can it be draft night already.

    • LA Flake

      Season ending injuries to Paul and Griffin? That’s low, dude. Not cool. Let’s just pray the billionaire racist gets to keep his team. That alone is enough to ruin their season.

      • CallingBatman

        Agree. I’m not cheering for anyone to be injured but I’m with Brian that a trade for Asik is very doable, although I’m still skeptical Emiid may be available at #6 and at that point you damn the torpedoes, get a shooter at #17 and maybe trade off a few assets or expirings or $$$ for a few additional second round picks.

      • Brian Pahlm

        Short of both of them being out the pick will b e in the 20’s. Now if we are trading the pick I wish them the best of health.

  • BillRussell

    I would literally cut the tip of my pinky off for Embiid- potential thru the roof- higher Big with HOF potential since Duncan-

    • LA Flake

      I’d take him in a heartbeat, too. And let him sit out the whole season to heal and get healthy if necessary.

  • KGino

    This also makes the number 6 pick appear more valuable, which means the asking price for Love may have just went down a future pick or 2

    I still doubt he drops to 6 with the hype he’s gotten

  • celticpride17

    I got a bad feeling about this,The lakers will find some way to sucker somebody into a trade and get him,its amazing how they always seem to geta quality big man for little in return.

  • romeo0119

    May the basketball god smile on the celtics

  • MatthewWilding

    Can someone explain to me what would stop the Jazz scooping him at 5?

  • Ron Flanders

    Sorry friends, but I simply don’t see any way that Orlando AND Utah pass on him.

    • adam

      they can’t afford to take the risk and need some return on their draft picks?

  • zippittyay

    This changes EVERYTHING!! 🙂

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