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Your Morning Dump… Where Brad Stevens won’t be able to coach Kevin Love?

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

“What’s his strength as an NBA coach? It’s developing. It’s not coaching Carmelo Anthony, Kevin Love. Those guys won’t listen to him, I think.  But what he will be able to do with young draft picks is mold those guys, coach them up, get them to look better than they were and then you can trade Rondo,” said Ian Thomsen.

Your conviction is to trade Rondo?

“Yeah. Absolutely.”

Do you think they will?

“Yeah. When he becomes a free agent,” said Thomsen. “he’s talking about the [maximum contract], so he can’t back down off of that. That’s going to be $18-19 million. That’s Garnett money. Pierce only made that once.”

“Jordan Crawford had a better record as the point guard of the Celtics than Rondo. Part of it was because maybe Rondo isn’t such a good fit right now with this team. And part of it was because Rondo is coming off a knee [injury].”


My apologies for passing along such drivel, but sometimes it’s necessary to point out (and laugh at) the nonsense.

What the hell is happening to Ian Thomsen? He’s devolving from a respected national basketball writer into a Comcast comedian right before our very eyes.

According to his logic, the Celtics cannot sign any star veterans because Brad Stevens is unable to coach them. Hmm, I was under the impression that Stevens was widely praised (by writers and colleagues) for his first season on the job.

The Rondo trade talk is a legitimate (yet tired) argument if you don’t believe he’s worth the money. But to reference Jordan Crawford in the same discussion is [insert adjective here].

Comcast might be the only media outlet in the world still talking about the absurd Melo-to-Boston rumor.

On Page 2, TMZ caught Paul Pierce buying water (again)


“Just getting hydrated after a great workout this morning. Gotta get rehydrated.”

You’re already back to working out? The season just ended.

“It’s a long grind. It’s a long grind dawg … I only got 1 or 2 years left in me.”

TMZ Sports

I love Paul’s laugh at the start of the clip. He’s thinking… “I can’t believe these bastards found me here.”

This is the second time TMZ caught Pierce buying water at a grocery store.

For those wondering about KG, SI’s Chris Mannix believes he’ll return to the Nets next season.

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  • Luke Walton

    devolving. hmm. risky word choice. but I have to admit it might actually work here

  • Joe Bettencourt

    So I guess a “young” coach like Spoklstra can’t coach a pack of veterans like LBJ, Wade, Bosh, Allen, etc?? Does he really think the Celtics are so shortsighted to sign a coach to a long term deal for good money with a plan to let him go after a year or two once they acquire vets??

    • bill_nair

      I dont think Thomsen likes the C’s.

      • Curt Hays

        Not sure he likes basketball

  • bill_nair

    I cant take anyone seriously if they use Rondo’s time out as an example as why were better off without him. In case it was missed, we still sucked either way. So ya lets trade Rondo to be slightly worse, makes sense.

  • adam

    This is a stupid argument but a valid concern. I guess this guy doesn’t know that Stevens has a high basketball IQ. If he is so young and inexperienced, than why did Rondo (can be very stubborn) buy into the system? Slow news day I bet.

  • RedsLoveChild

    Brad Stevens is the least of Boston`s problems.

    There`s about an 80% chance the Celtics will acquire Love…due largely to the ping-pong balls sticking them with the crappy 6th pick. {Lesson learned : Do not open a “tank season” by going 12-14}.

    Once they fell out of the Top 3-4, Celtic brass lost all interest in this year`s draft. Might as well package it, as they have zero desire in drafting a mediocre chump {Smart, Vonleh, Gordon, etc.}.

    It`s a shame we can`t time-travel back to 2008 : The Celts just won the crown, they were about to lose Posey, instead of addressing the front court with DeAndre Jordan and O. Asik both available on the draft board…Ainge was “blinded” by the the crazy-ass skills of JR Giddens!

    • Herman Bubbert

      Pretty much. And yet people have so much confidence in Ainge’s drafting ability that they want to pass on a top 5 NBA player in Kevin Love.

      Does anyone who follows the C’s pay any attention at all to past history? It wouldn’t appear so.

    • dk

      Great point. Not that it’s as good as a resource of day the NFL draft but I don’t recall them getting anything of value from 2008 onward that could have helped them. Even say second round euro players like the spurs. Unless we count semi

    • forever_green

      I know I lost interest. .

  • Paul Yee

    If I was a millionaire like Pierce, I wouldn’t drink that gross arrowhead brand water.

    • KGino

      lol I was thinking what brand is that? He can’t afford poland springs?

      • Curt Hays

        maybe he was donating it.

  • Rich Jensen

    In the last 4 years, 6 players drafted by the Spurs (excluding Livio Jean-Charles) have played a total of 321 games, vs. 708 played by 9 players drafted by Ainge.

    Let’s try to temper our criticism of Ainge’s drafting with a bit of perspective.

    Nobody gets it right all the time, including RC Buford, who has unquestionably done a better job at this than anyone else in the league.

    BTW: I’m amazed that, after one season, Thomsen can speak so authoritatively about what Stevens’ skill is as an NBA coach.

    One other random thought: This stuff about Love not being able to play defense? Who has been coaching this kid in the pros? Who’s even bothered to try to teach this kid how to play D at the NBA level?

  • KGino

    Can’t wait for BS to coach a talented roster, he’s gonna shut all them haters up. I’m hoping as early as next season. But we need Love & a center tbd first.

    I have high hopes for Stevens. In basketball, it seems coaching isn’t as important as other sports, but of course you have your exceptions (Pop, Red, etc.) But someone like Eric Spoelstra, I feel like Lebron might as well be player-coach. Everyone has their specialties, whether it be Thibs D, Dantoni’s O, Jackson’s triangle, Doc’s ATO plays, etc. I feel like Stevens could be one of the next great minds… Still very young and he’s like a sponge. I could see him as the Bill Belichick of the NBA someday haha. Let’s hope.

  • LA Flake

    Man…what is this world coming to? So we give credence to Stephen A Smith but Ian Thompsen is a joke now? WTF..?

    • forever_green

      They’re both jokes.

  • Mike

    You buried the lead in the second piece. Shaq is DJ-ing in Vegas and Pierce is going! That’s a party I need to be at.

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  • forever_green

    Hey I posted that link of Paul first, last night.

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