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Your Morning Dump…Where Marcus Smart would be honored to back up Rondo


Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

Can’t you see the honor in that face?

Unrelated fact: Had a dream last night that Parker and Exum went un-drafted and signed with the C’s. So there’s always that option. Okay, here’s a Marcus Smart quote:

“Rondo’s one of the greatest point guards to ever play this game,” Smart said. “If I’m fortunate enough and Boston picks me, and that means I have to sit on the bench (behind) Rondo, that’s an honor to learn from one of the greatest point guards in that position. Especially with me playing the point guard position, he’s been playing it for a while…It would be an honor.”

Boston – Marcus Smart stands out in Celtics workout

Smart had his hiccup last year when he shoved an opposing team’s fan, but I still don’t see a player in the draft with an attitude as welcoming as Smart’s. Prospects want to say the right thing, especially in Smart’s case, where sweet talking the Celtics into drafting him at #6 would result in a higher contract than where he’s expected to go (8-10 range). But something about his outlook on competition is compelling. Random, but imagine if Andrew Wiggins had the same mentality as Smart? Not to say Wiggins isn’t a competitor, but if we saw him show it the way Smart Marcus Smart does, I couldn’t see him slipping past the first overall pick. Smart’s interview continued:

“Whoever you put in front of me, I’m not going to back down. I’ve never backed down from a challenge. That’s not me. That’s not what my makeup is. In a sense, it’s kind of showing the teams that it doesn’t matter [who I face]. I’m supposed to be ranked one of the top guards here, but I’m still playing against guys that’s lower [ranked] than me that might have a chance – if they do this, if they do that – to move up in the rankings. But that doesn’t scare me because of who I am.”

Ainge has reminded us that the Celtics intend to draft the best available player at six. At what point and  just how much does a player’s mentality and toughness factor into his ranking? Julius Randle might be more polished and a better player available for us upon first glance, but apart from skill sets, a guy like Smart may be able to better succeed in the NBA because of his intangibles.

I’m not saying Marcus Smart is at all the sensible choice for the Celtics, though I am curious where he falls in Danny’s rankings.


Page 2: Ron Adams to interview with Golden State

During his first season in the NBA, Brad Stevens leaned heavily on veteran assistant Ron Adams. But the Boston Celtics head coach could soon need a new right-hand man.

According to multiple reports, the Celtics have given Adams permission to interview early next week for a place on Steve Kerr’s Golden State Warriors staff. Though Adams has not decided to move on, he wants to explore his options and could prefer working for a contender as his coaching career approaches its conclusion.

Masslive – Ron Adams will interview with Golden State Warriors

The indirect back-and-forth between Boston and Golden state is odd. Scal took off there after a short stint with CSN (though he was eventually banished to the D-Leauge by Mark Jackson). Then the C’s scooped up Darren Erman again, and immediately named him director of NBA scouting… after he was fired by Golden State for taping conversations. Now Ron Adams is being invited for an interview, and the C’s management seems fine with it.

I’d be fine with it too, if they send back Scal in return.


Finally: Knicks are desperate to keep ‘Melo

The New York Knicks are sending a high-level delegation – including president Phil Jackson and coach Derek Fisher – to Los Angeles this weekend to sell All-Star forward Carmelo Anthony on a future with the franchise, league sources told Yahoo Sports.

For Anthony, who plans to become a free agent July 1, this meeting will include his first chance for a face-to-face with Fisher, sources said.

Fisher is expected to be part of a small Knicks management contingent traveling to Los Angeles, where Anthony has been living and working out this month, league sources said.

Yahoo Sports – Knicks’ high-level brass meeting with Carmelo Anthony this weekend

Meeting in Los Angeles, huh? That must be comforting for Knicks fans.

And as for the ‘Melo to the Heat shenanigans: as much as I dislike LeBron and Wade for teaming up, I think ‘Bron has just enough awareness for his legacy to avoid tipping the scales that much. He’s annoying, but smart enough to know he’ll be dealing with the criticisms of not being able to win on his own as is — adding Anthony would take that to an overbearing level. Then again, he’s one loss away from losing the NBA Finals for the third time in his career.


Only 12 days ’til draft night.

The rest of the links:

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