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Your Morning Dump… Where Ray Allen sees no difference between Boston and Miami


Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

Allen has the perspective of having seen similar pressure on the New Big Three in Boston, when he and Garnett joined Pierce in 2008. The demand for a championship was there from day one.

“It’s all the same stuff,” Allen said. “If you compare the players, we had very celebrated players. The tradition in Boston, obviously, was a lot greater. But when you get inside these lines, the same ideas, the championship thoughts and mentality are the same. You don’t see anything different. It feels the exact same.

“You’re on a quest for greatness, winning championships. When you lose, you feel worthless; when you win, you’re on Cloud Nine. It’s the same grind. Last year was the same, and ’08 was the same, and in 2010 was the same. That’s the great thing about experience; you learn to stay in the moment and don’t get outside of it too much.” – David Aldridge

We’re super protective of the Boston sports experience in these parts, but I don’t have a problem with Ray Allen’s words. Shocking, huh?

There’s a ton of pressure on Miami, er, mostly LeBron, to win championships. That 2010-11 Heat team was crucified in the media for their unimpressive regular season and loss to Dallas in the Finals. Back-to-back titles reigned in the critics, but another loss will conjure up the “LeBron isn’t as good as Kobe or MJ or Russell” chatter.

Notice Ray said, “inside these lines.” Very smart. Because Boston and Miami couldn’t be more different “outside those lines.”

My all-time favorite Celtic promo is this one:

On Page 2, who the hell is Kristaps Porzingis?

Porzingis is the hot name right now. He surprised everyone when he declared for the draft and the more due diligence teams have done on him, the more they have fallen in love with him. He could now go as high as No. 14 to the Magic and the Hawks at No. 15 are also looking at him as well. Porzingis won’t slide past the Thunder at No. 21. General manager Danny Ainge has two picks and can afford to gamble on one of them. At 7 feet with both athleticism and a nice shooting touch, there’s tons of upside for Porzingis. He’s just a couple of years away.

ESPN Insider Mock Draft 7.0

Excuse me, but it’s hard to get excited about an 18 year old project from Spain. Let’s hope the Wolves like this kid and use the package we send for Kevin Love to draft him.

For those tracking draft workouts, ESPN’s Jeff Goodman reports Doug McDermott, Aaron Gordon, Jerami Grant and C.J. Fair will workout tomorrow for the Celtics.

And finally, my new favorite NBA reporter:

“How does a team in their first home game in the Finals get stomped the way they did?”

Meet Bobby Ramos, a radio host in Bridgeport, Connecticut. Bobby didn’t quit after that first question:

“Is the problem your lackluster defense or lackluster offense?”

It’s safe to say Bobby Ramos will never get hired by ESPN.

Oh, and keep laughing Lebron. Your defensive performance last night on Kawhi Leonard was hilarious.

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  • Coco687

    Ray, I don’t think Boston and Miami receive the same level of loyalty from their fanbase

    • dk

      like how the fans left again with like 4 minutes to go in the game since they were losing and couldnt get to do that super effing annoying humming of the white stripes song while jumping up and down. Even the ABC Miami Fanboy announcers were taking them to task on tv.

    • Curt Hays

      I’m gonna quote myself from a tweet last night.

      The A/C was working, but the fans were all faulty.

    • adam

      True, most of the Miami fans at the games are probably going because its the cool thing to do. Most of their true fans can’t afford the tickets these days I bet. Same thing happens in Boston when they were winning. This year the Celtics were lucky to see how much support the fans had for the team. Celtics also have have a stronger tradition than them. But if they don’t improve, I wonder how empty the stands will be. That just makes it easier for guys like me to go, since the tickets will be cheaper.

  • adam

    That dude had some awesome questions. I actually laughed at Lebron’s reaction.

    • eddysamson

      I think the problem is that they weren’t really questions. He just pointed things out (some of which were obvious like what he said to Spo)

      • RedsLoveChild

        Those weren`t questions…they were “in-your-face” commentaries by a hack reporter, trying to make a name for himself, by seeking to provoke an inflammatory/headline grabbing response.

        Wisely….Wade, LBJ, Spro did not take the bait.

        • adam

          I still think they were funny.

        • Mike C

          As usual, ‘Reds’ comes racing out of a ‘Celtics’ blog to defend the two greatest ‘FLOP Artists’ to ever play the game. The Spurs ‘Destroyed’ Miami in ‘Every Way’ possible you can beat a team on the court. Your team got blown out of the gym last night ‘Reds’…BADLY!

          • RedsLoveChild

            Just pointing out what the hack reporter was doing, and why he was doing it.

            I couldn`t care less about the Heat or the Spurs.

          • Mike C

            I could care less about the Heat, Spurs, or the Reporter! All I know is that was one of the Greatest Ass Kickings by a visiting team in Finals History! Heat DESTROYED!!

          • RedsLoveChild

            Had someone told me in advance that one of the teams {Spurs} was going to shoot 91% during the first 16 minutes of the game….I would`ve watched just to see what that kind of shooting display actually looked liked. But nobody told me.

  • KGino

    Wade and Lebrons reaction to question 2 is why I hate them not only as players, but as people too

  • Bayern

    if not for Ray’s 3 pointer in last year’s game 6. Heat will be one ring less. I could see them give up.

  • Brick James

    The irony of the video before the jump…

    “I am not Hollywood” *shows Doc Rivers*
    “I am not South Beach” *shows Ray Allen*

    Gave me a chuckle 😀

    • forever_green

      Really just makes me sick & shake my head but whatever.

  • Justin

    Bobby Ramos should be in the WWE. That was a smack down.

  • bill_nair

    So Kristap is Olynyk-ish? No thanks and thats not a knock on Kelly cause hes fantastic. Someone said he could be the next Dirk in a discussion. Sick of these comparisons, it just makes me want to see these players fail.

  • Redwasright

    Boston fans do not leave en masse when their team gets behind.