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Your Morning Dump… Where the C’s could use free agency to acquire a center


Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

Marcin Gortat, C, Washington

What seemed a desperate grab to get a sniff at the playoffs, turned into one of the better trades this season when the Wizards acquired the 7-footer from Phoenix.

Gortat was an instrumental force in Washington’s upset of the favored Chicago Bulls in the first round of the playoffs, and was one of the reasons why the Indiana Pacers were pushed to the brink of elimination by Washington before prevailing in seven games.

He is not your prototypical shot-blocking/altering type around the basket. He’s physical, pushes guys around and adds a certain amount of toughness that every teams needs more of these days.

In Washington, he averaged a near double-double of 13.2 points and 9.5 rebounds to go along with 1.5 blocked shots per game.

Gortat is going to have a lot of teams in pursuit this summer, so his final decision will likely come down to which teams provide the greatest amount of financial security. He’s 30 years old, so he understands this will probably be his last, big salary contract. Boston will certainly look into what it would take to land him, but more likely than not he’ll be looking for a salary that exceeds what they believe he’s worth.


CSNNE – Potential options at center for Celtics

For a while now, we’ve known that Danny Ainge desires to add a “rim protector” to the C’s roster.  That could be via the draft (unlikely), by a trade (very likely) or as Sherrod points out, by free agency.  Out of the four guys he listed, I highlighted Marcin Gortat because I think he’d be the best fit here, if they couldn’t acquire Omer Asik from Houston.  In the video from the link above, Sherrod also mentions them possibly trading for Milwaukee’s Larry Sanders.  Not a bad idea either, but could get pricey especially if you have grand hopes of landing Kevin Love and/or Carmelo Anthony.  I don’t want them to go after Greg Monroe because his agent, David Falk, wants a max contract for him.  Monroe is a nice player, but no way is he the first or even second option on a team.  Ok maybe a second option at best, but let another team make that mistake.  Gortat is a solid two way player and would fit in well if the other bigger pieces fall.  I still think their primary target is Asik by using the trade exception they received in the Paul Pierce/Kevin Garnett deal.  The other two big men discussed are Spencer Hawes and old pal Greg Stiemsma.  Brad Stevens would certainly like a guy like Hawes who can shoot the long ball, but his weaknesses likely outweigh that strength, especially at a premium cost that he possibly could fetch.  Stiemsma would be a nice minimum level backup to bring back here if they were short on resources after filling out the major roster spots, but nothing more than that.  Either way, Ainge is on the lookout for that elusive big man.


Page 2: The Bird vs LeBron debate rages on

Sadly, the torch will eventually be passed. LeBron James is the second-best forward in NBA history, but even here in Boston we can admit that he’ll someday be the best.

Maybe he will ascend to the throne next year or the year after. Maybe he will claim the top spot next week when he wins his third NBA title, tying him with one Larry Joe Bird.

Right now, today, Bird remains the best, but even the most devoted Larry acolytes know they must enjoy it while it lasts. Because it won’t last. Did you see James will his team to victory in Game 2 in San Antonio on Sunday night? Does he look like he’s slowing down? As long as the air conditioning is running, so is LeBron.

For now, it is Larry and LeBron — 1 and 1a. They are the two greatest forwards in NBA history, and there is no close third. If you’re picking your all-time starting five, you have to put Bird at one forward and LeBron at the other, or you have to get back on your meds. Charles Barkley, Kevin McHale, Karl Malone and Tim Duncan can come of

Boston Herald – Callahan: LeBron hears a Bird call

I’d have to disagree with Callahan on one thing here: Tim Duncan is absolutely in the conversation if we’re just discussing the greatest “forwards” of all time.  If we’re breaking it down further into PF and SF, then yes he’s correct.  In the case of Bird vs LeBron though, that’s a difficult call to make.  LeBron is already on pace to blow away Bird on longevity and the defensive side of the ball.  LeBron can defend literally every position on the floor.  Bird was a fantastic team defender but not even close to LeBron on one-on-one defense.  Offensively, they’re close, but it different areas.  I will say this: I think if you take both at their absolute peak, then Bird is better.  LeBron will have a much longer career of greatness though, likely amassing several more MVPs as well as titles.  A huge reason why Bird’s career was relatively short was due to the overall competition being better during his time, especially in his conference where he consistently had to battle other great teams like Philadelphia, Detroit and even teams like Atlanta, Milwaukee and New York to a lesser extent.  Not to mention battling another all-time great team in the LA Lakers in the finals.  The east hasn’t exactly been a firewall of opponents for LeBron’s teams.  But again, at each player’s absolute best, I’m taking Bird.

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  • NE_Celt

    I would like to see Gortat in Boston…I think he would fit in great…and I am all for bringing the Stiemer back as a backup. Quite frankly, the thought of just having 2 actual centers on the team next season brings a smile to my face!

    • BillRussell

      whats the $$ looking like to get Gortat you think? could we do a Jeff Green trade for him?

      • RedsLoveChild

        We could still have a “menacing beast” in the middle.

        However, in a mind-numbing act of stupidity…Ainge traded him away in 2011 for one of the all-time “underachieving sackers” in NBA history {Jeff Green}.

    • bill_nair

      If we miss out on all the big name C’s id like to bring Stiemer in as center. Knows some of the players and the organization. Solid defender. He’d be better than anyone we currently have on the roster.

  • BillRussell

    couple things to keep in mind as well- even with Birds injuries he still averaged averaged a career 10 boards a game- that’s huge- and LeBron is a great passer but i don’t think he was a better passer than bird- Birds passing goes totally unnoticed with most people. LeBron better at going to the basket, but Larry clearly better shooter- i love Bird- but i am not a Bird nut- LeBrons great, one of the best. But neither of them are still in my top 3- which i feel is concrete- its Centers man

    -Bill Russell
    -Wilt Chamberlain

    • RedsLoveChild

      Nothing spells “rings & banners” like landing a young, soon-to-be legendary center.

      Boston never sniffed a title until Russell led them to one as a rookie…Kareem took a 2nd year expansion team to the EC Finals as a rookie, and a title in his 2nd season. Non-center rookies will never have this ability.

  • BillRussell

    I think LeBron fits in the all time discussion in terms of his overall athletic ability. He is one of the best “Bodies” the league has seen. Strong, fast and extremely athletic. he must work is ass off not stop to always be in the shape he is. and i have had my fair share of hate for LeBron over the years, but it is truly impressive when you look at the development of his game. just looking at how much better he is now than he was when he first signed with the heat.

    • BillRussell

      i would still take Bird and/or Magic over Lebron if i was building a team. i would take Russell and/or Chamberlain over anyone. lol

      • Curt Hays

        I would take Bird or Magic over Russell or Chamberlain…but I would pick Russell 3rd after Larry and Magic.

    • bill_nair

      Its crazy to think Lebron is on the back 9 of his prime now and can still improve in areas.

      • BillRussell

        definitely- i would like to see him work out of the post more- he can pass out of it, make a move to the basket and alot of times will draw the double team.

        • bill_nair

          As he ages its safe to assume he becomes a full time 4. Thats where its crazy to beleive hes still developing his game. I could easily see him being a 20-10 guy as a PF.

    • adam

      I can agree, the guys genetics are good. He is in superb shape. Have Larry, Magic, or Michael ever been as rock solid as Lebron? Lebron has become a better outside shooter as his career continues. But is it me or did the guys in the past seem to have better fundamentals than they do today. Today it seems like a lot of guys get drafted because of pure athleticism. Larry would never go as high as he did in today’s market.

      • BillRussell

        you are spot on with the fundamentals. and they are invaluable.

  • bill_nair

    Bird is a legend. Lebron certainly will be but how about we let him finish his career before we pass the torch. If Lebrons career ended tomorrow because of a freak accident theres no way I rank him higher than Larry.

  • RedsLoveChild

    LBJ has always been a “genetic freak”, who has crafted and refined his game over time.

    The mere fact that we`re even discussing Bird—who had to overcome a severe case of “White Man`s Disease”—is a tribute to how awesome Larry`s work ethic and desire to excel really was.

  • KGino

    I could still never respect or consider Lebron in my all time starting five… His career was only validated once he unprecedentedly joined forces with two top 10 players at the time (sure Bird had great teammates, but he didn’t track down Magic one off season & ask to be on the same team so they could steamroll the league). For that, he is a coward in my eyes who is not even close to the intense level of competitiveness that Bird & Jordan were.

    And his competition is SO weak. The east is INCREDIBLY WEAK since PP & KG got old (and the ex-MVP D-Rose can’t stay healthy). No one stepped up. The Pacers are a JOKE of a team to have to play in the conference finals. His main rival in the league is Kevin Durant, a bonafide scorer. That’s like Bird’s biggest rival being Bernard King.

    I’ll take Bird in his prime over Lebron EVERY DAY OF THE WEEK, and TWICE on days with no A/C.

    • Curt Hays

      I’d take Bird as a rookie over LeBron.

    • RedwasKing

      I see what you are saying about LeBron’s championship pedigree being tainted by the fact that he joined the enemy, but Kevin Durant may end up being the top scorer to ever play the game. Besides, if we are talking rivals, LeBrons career rival to this point is a man known as The Truth

      • KGino

        I’m talking since PP got old/left Boston man… He doesn’t even have a rival anymore honestly. And that’s what I’m saying, Durant is the only one even close, it’s kinda pathetic when you think about it.

        Lebron’s generation of players is weak. Timing is everything. Kobe got old, Pierce got old, Durant aint good enough, and to a much lesser extent, D rose has been injured which has just made his path thru the east incredibly easy (not that Bulls would beat them with Rose anyways).

    • art

      If LeFlop loses the current series, his Finals record will be 2-3 with only one legit win with Popovich gift wrapping last year’s title. Not an impressive record for a supposedly great player who quit on his ex-team ’cause he couldn’t lead them to the ultimate success.

    • forever_green

      This is one of the best comments ever KGino, represents my feelings.

      • KGino

        Thanks man. Wherever there is someone praising Lebron, I will be there to tell em whats really good.

  • Gortat retweeted this picture of him on the Celtics on June 7th. Check it out S@MGortat

  • swissflix

    What is it with Celtics fans and Gortat….he is an average center close to 30 years old. I would not spend any money on him. Just don’t see him fit into any kind of rebuilding plan, not even as a trade asset.

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  • art

    Page 2 was written because there is nothing else to talk about. LeFlop and Larry are two totally different players and a comparison is not worth the time nor the ink. But one thing worth pointing out is that Larry didn’t pack his bags and join another team in order to win as LeFlop did.

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  • bojan

    You can’t compare Larry and LeBron! It’s total bullshit. There playing style is so different.