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Marcin Gortat seems pretty open to joining the Celtics

John - Red's Army (@RedsArmy_John) June 10, 2014 Rumors 15 Comments on Marcin Gortat seems pretty open to joining the Celtics

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Marcin Gortat (@MGortat on the tweet machine) has expressed a fondness for Boston in the past.  But today the free agent center has made it sort of obvious that he’d be open to coming to Boston with a retweet of a Photoshopped picture of himself in Celtics gear.  Nowadays, that’s one step short of knocking on Danny Ainge’s door.

Jay talked about Gortat a bit this morning.  I like Gortat too, but the question is mostly about his price tag.  He made $7.7 million last year, and if he demands a raise, he might price himself out of Boston.  If he’s just looking for more years rather than more money, then maybe the C’s can throw him a 3 or 4 year deal.

A big plus for Gortat if he joins the C’s… no more getting faked out by Rondo.

(h/t: PlayersInGreen)

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  • KGino

    I’ve really liked this guy since he was on the Magic. I’d be pumped if we got him. Underrated scorer/decent shot blocker too. He’d instantly be our best guy on the pick & roll with Rondo

    • bill_nair

      His bball iq is extremely high. Its why he was such an exceptional backup to dwight in orlando. And him and Nash were deadly in the pick and roll.

  • adam

    trade jeff green to washington, sign gortat for 9-10 mil. and draft tj warren at 17……..

    LOL someone had to say it.

  • bill_nair

    Would a sign and trade with Green going to WAS be in play? Or could we use our TPE to get Gortat. Hes probably going to command 8 figures but id love to see him in green.

  • wil


  • NE_Celt

    Other then his playing skills and basketball IQ…which are pretty good…I like the guy because of his personality and work ethic…above mentions the article where he made the joke about Rondo faking him out, that was pretty funny…and it was either an article or commentators during their playoff games where they mentioned the guy has practically no body fat…which means he keeps himself in really good shape and is committed to being a great athlete. Get it done DA!

  • Curt Hays

    Bring him home, Danny!

  • Brad P

    I’d hate to pay him 10+ million, but hey Ainge was dumb enough to pay Bass over 6 million a year. Gortat on a 3-4 year deal would be great if the price is right

    • Alex Costa

      Why are you even hating on Bass for… I thought he did a good job last season.

      • Curt Hays

        Not a dumb question, but it has been asked a LOT.

        Because…just like every other time this gets brought up…Bass is a duplication of things we already have, and when he’s on the court we don’t have a 7 footer nor do we have a quick outside player. He keeps us from having the coverage we need in either the paint or on the perimeter. He’s sorta the best of both worlds, but not the best IN either. He’s a great player, but he keeps us from being able to have the diversity on the floor that we so need.

        • adam

          didn’t we get bass before we got these duplicates as a bench player during the big 3 era?

          • Curt Hays

            Well we traded Big Baby for him. At least we got rid of Baby instead of keeping them both.

            KG is often an outside player. With Bass on the court and KG shooting Js, we have no big rebounder. Same thing with Sully/Kelly/Humphries. No actual big in the paint.

          • Brad P

            We got Bass after David West decided to sign with the Pacers instead of us. Then Bass had an OK season which resulted in Danny shelling out $20 over 3 years for him

  • Fitzy

    Get him and k-love and we might just be ok.

  • Guest

    I’m huge on this getting done but I have serious doubts that the finances are going to work out. I would imagine Gortat is at least a 10-11mil dollar/yr guy at this point because of his size and skill. Also you can’t rule out one of the many bonehead GM’s shelling out even bigger money for him. I don’t think its smart paying a 30 year old that kind of money long term