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Your Morning Dump… Where the Rondo-Love Connection is key for the future


Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

Lagging at the end of the line are the two big-market shoppers, the Lakers and Knicks, with virtually nothing to offer.

Compared to them, Ainge is in good shape. He has nine first-round picks over the next four drafts, including two Brooklyn picks (2016, 2018) that may appreciate considerably. He also has a pair of interesting pot sweeteners in Kelly Olynyk and Jared Sullinger. Olynyk, in particular, is an intriguing chip. Saunders was said to be deeply disappointed when the Celtics moved up to take Olynyk with the 13th pick last year. He was forced to settle for a project, swingman Shabazz Muhammad, at No.  14. It’s unlikely Olynyk did anything to change Saunders’ mind as s second-team pick on the NBA’s All-Rookie team.

So Ainge has to believe he has a reasonable chance of bringing Love back for more than just another weekend visit. But there’s a secondary issue at the back of his mind tied directly to this bid for Love.

Love could be pivotal to Rajon Rondo’s future with the Celtics.

Without Rondo, Love has no reason to come here. Without Love, the Celtics lack an ironclad reason to hold onto their most valuable trading chip.

And with a contract that will pay him a very reasonable $13 million in his last season, Rondo is that rare combination of affordable, good and extremely tradeable.

There are many reasons why the mercurial Celtics captain may play better somewhere else. His ball-dominating style is better-suited to a team of veteran finishers than it is to Brad Stevens’ fledgling motion system.

It was preposterous two winters ago when, after Rondo went down with a torn ACL, the debate started over whether the Celtics were a better team without him. They did indeed go on a run in the ensuing two weeks with Avery Bradley at point guard. That’s how long it took for Bradley’s latent weaknesses at the position to be exposed.

Boston Herald – Coming or going, Rajon Rondo’s appeal a key

This is no secret, really.  It’s no huge revelation that if the Celtics cannot pull off a trade for Kevin Love to pair with Rajon Rondo (and perhaps a third star) that Danny Ainge just may need to look long and hard at trading Rondo.  That also means that instead of accelerating the process of becoming relevant again, they will get worse.  Much worse.  Sure, they’ll likely acquire more draft picks, cap space, etc.  But to what end?  Although I do see the logic in this move and agree to an extent, there is an alternative however.

Let’s say the C’s aren’t able to pull off the fireworks that Wyc Grousbeck spoke of this summer.  One possibility they could explore is waiting until next summer when Love is a free agent (assuming he opts out) and then they could simply sign him outright without giving up a boatload of assets.  Sure, then you run the risk of losing Rondo for nothing, but maybe not.  Maybe you can execute a sign-and-trade.  People keep asking: is Rondo a max player? The answer is simple: Is there at least one team willing to offer him max money? The answer is yes (ahem, New York).

Either way, the C’s are definitely at a crossroads.  The ideal summer would be to acquire Love, maybe a third guy, and a legit center.  From there they could fill out the roster as needed.  The most difficult thing to do is to get those star players first.  You have one, another spent a weekend here basically telling Ainge to do whatever it takes to get him here.  By the way, has anyone else seen pictures of Kevin Love in the Bay Area this weekend?  How about Cleveland?  Or maybe Chicago?  Oh he wasn’t at any of those places?  Interesting.  Hey, the other option that Mark Murphy speaks of in the above piece is daunting to think about.  The potential of draft picks are fun, even if you have a ton of them.  But not nearly as fun as it would be to get a little Love here.

Page 2: Saunders takes a shot at Love in radio interview

Saunders appeared on KFAN 100.3 in Minneapolis and spoke about Love:

Host: “Doesn’t he have a right to be frustrated?”
Saunders: “No.”
Host: “You don’t think so?”
Saunders: “Just like I told Garnett, he didn’t have a right to be frustrated. Why does any player have a right to be frustrated? You’re either part of the problem or part of the solution.”
Saunders: “Should the team be frustrated? Yeah, the team can be frustrated. But I don’t think any one individual should be frustrated.”
Saunders: “I tell a story. I tell a story about – we were in the locker room when KG was in like his third year in the league, and Sam Mitchell was sitting in the locker room. KG was in there, and we had lost a couple games, and we were all sitting there talking. KG started going, ‘Hey, you’ve got to start doing more.’ And he’s talking to some of the bench guys. ‘You’ve got to start doing more.’ And Sam said, ‘Hey, hold it, hold it. Let me tell you something. You’re making all the money. Hey, it’s your responsibility. You make the money, you’ve got to live up to that.’ So, that was the mentality, and from that time, KG never ever from that point, he always took responsibility.”

CSNNE – Saunders takes shot at Love in radio interview

Yeah so that whole ‘taking over as head coach’ thing is off to a great start.  Flip, this isn’t the best way to get Love on your side.  I don’t know, maybe Flip thinks Love needs some ‘tough love’ to change his mind?  Whatever the case, I can’t see this as helping anything.  At least from their end of things.

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  • CFH

    . “KG stopped saying he was frustrated after we forbade it, but the minute he left town he said he regretted staying as long as he did.”

    • CFH

      So that worked out well for us.

      Flip is buggier than the Reds Army mobile site.

      • Tommy_Heinsohn

        I second that. I’ve been coming to the site a lot less since I got an iPad. Way too buggy, crazy pop up ads, really frustrating to use.

        • KGino

          I 3rd that. I still come to the site just as much, its just frustrating to do it on mobile. Full screen pop up adds randomly as you read, and seemingly impossible to leave a comment… Sometimes I can’t read the comments section either.

      • zippittyay

        the ads cover the right side of the comments.

  • Frank Aziza

    What’s up with the mobile site ? Pop ups like crazy. I never got a pop up on my iPhone. This is weird.

  • romeo0119

    Yea those ads are super annoying, I would be reading something and that stupid verizon thing just pop up in my face

    • Alex Costa

      Agreed. I swear that with every mobile update that this site gets, the worse it becomes.

  • Relentless Incompetence

    I don’t care what the Beatles say, the Celtics don’t need Love.

    The dream of Love, Melo and Rondo would be a nightmare.

    See what the newly drafted players can do, along with the growth of Sully and Kelly.

    Rondo may have a great season next year that might bring huge assets at the trade deadline.

    Hit the lottery one more year and then go full build mode.

    Patience is a virtue.

    • bill_nair

      The lottery sure worked in our favor this year didn’t it?

      • swissflix

        It was not a perfect outcome but not a total desaster either. With the 6th pick you have plenty of options. Draft solid, develop solid, trade solid.

        • bill_nair

          Yes but if im to understand the original comments intentions correctly, it would be to go into the lottery to gather more young talent to build the team. We wont get a better pick next year and how does adding role players to our role player packed roster help.
          I’d be all for the youth movement but the draft doesnt work for this organization. Id rather see Danny buy low on young guys like Waiters for example and add Love rather than put us threw 50 losses over the next 5 years because we need our young role players to max out their potential.
          Just my opinion.

          • swissflix

            How do you know we won’t get a better pick? And how do you know what our draftees turn into?
            I guess there is more than just one strategy going forward. Summer’s gonna be interesting (hopefully).

      • Relentless Incompetence

        I don’t know, who’d we get?

  • swissflix

    As much as i love KG, Saunders is right. KG did hurt the Wolves with his huge contract in 98 or whenever it was. At that point, two or three years into his career and already being a superstar with unlimited potential, he could demand for anything and the Wolves could not give up on their first franchise player and a true superstar. So Marbury got greedy (what a surprise) and wanted the same. Hence that promising team was broken up. And as for his comments about players being frustrated, he is correct. Unless we are talking about Derrick Coleman.

  • Curt Hays

    Part of the problem or part of the solution? Only a Sith deals in absolutes…wait did I just make an absolute statement? I quit.