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16 teams have called about Kevin Love


Fresh off naming himself the new Wolves head coach, Flip Saunders shed some light on the trade interest in Kevin Love:

“We probably have 16 teams that have called us,” Saunders said, regarding interest in Love around the league. “We haven’t called anybody.”

Regarding Love’s recent weekend visit to Boston, Saunders said he didn’t know if it had any connection with basketball.

“I don’t think [the] Boston [Celtics] had anything to do with it. But I don’t know,” he said.

Apparently Love’s agent is telling teams that Love will enter free agency next season, but financially, Love can make more money staying with the Wolves.

“We can sign him to a five-year deal, the last year of his contract would be $27.5 million,” Saunders said. “Anybody that is his number of years serviced in the league, that’s what their contract is. To go sign as a free agent anywhere else, he can only sign for four years, so you’re not getting that fifth year.”

Flip doing his best to play it cool and act like trading Kevin Love is still an option.

As for the Wolves being able to pay more guaranteed money in that 5th year, I don’t think it matters. Unless Love’s skills erode prematurely or he suffers a career-ending injury, he’s going to see that money. He’ll have more than $100+ million in career earnings by that point. It’s a comfortable risk when you want out of Minnesota.

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  • LA Flake

    It’s comical how miffed Flippy sounds toward Boston and the Celtics.

    ““I don’t think [the] Boston [Celtics] had anything to do with it. But I don’t know,” he said.”

    No, Boston isn’t run by a bunch of amateurs like you, Flippy. And no matter how much you lie, you’re going to lose your best player within 1 year and most likely your job in 2 or 3 after that. Don’t come crawling back to us looking for a “consultant” gig then.

    Oh yeah. The whole 16 teams calling about Kevin Love is a joke. Of course there are teams interested. But 16 teams calling to take advantage of the Sota/Love situation and 16 teams actually willing to offer anything of substance to rent Kevin Love for one year are two totally different things.

    No one’s falling for your desperate attempt to salvage the situation, Flippy. Give it a rest and start accepting reality, bud.

    • wil

      16 teams, lol how many of those team has offers that matters id say theres only about 4-5 teams really in play for Love. Trying to bump up the price even when he knows its over lol He is making himself look like an idiot.

      Flip looks butt hurt with the Celtics. If we dont get him through trade, i doubt he will sign with us in the offseason,

  • wil

    Flip definitely has something against the Celtics. I dont think he is gonna trade Love to the Celtics. We can only get him if our offer is by far the best.

    But seeing to how stupid flip is looking right now. I think he’ll do a terrible trade lol
    is Taj Gibson+Butler+Mirotic really better than our offer?

    lol you get taj who is already nearing his prime, butler who has really shown that much improvement and a gamble on Mirotic.

    If Flip takes that deal over our picks, then he has doomed Minnesota to be mediocre for atleast 7 more years lol

    • LA Flake

      I think deep down Flippy believes the Celtics had something to do with Love visiting Boston. He probably thinks the C’s got through guys like Big Papi to pitch the Celtics to Love. Otherwise he wouldn’t be taking these pot shots, directly and indirectly, at us.

      Doesn’t matter. Flip is incompetent and has to find a way to justify his incompetence.

      • wil

        I hope his incompetence doesnt ruin our chances with Love. Because if love reaches freeagency, he can choose a team in a better position to succeed.

        Its funny how Flip thinks he is above every one with these idiotic ploys. And then he goes and takes the Coaching position for himself. He can barely handle one job.

  • CFH

    Love can make up that extra year by the extra endorsements and higher recognition that come with playing for a good, popular team in a big market.

    The TWolves will never be any of those. They’ve been bad in the past; they’re bad now; and they’ll be bad in the future unless the owner gets a brain transplant or sells. It’s too bad since they seem to have really fantastic fans. It takes character to root for an organization like that.

  • adam

    why would someone want 27.5 million dollars. chances are your team is going to stink because you wont have the cap space to sign anyone else. these guys make millions of dollars in endorsements are already set for life……

  • Frank Aziza

    Get Love here even without him agreeing long term. After one year in Boston he’ll never want to leave.

  • bill_nair

    Go ahead and make the Chicago deal flip. Set that franchise back another decade.

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