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Your Morning Dump… Where Flip goes below the belt after Love’s visit

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“The last I knew Kevin was under contract with us, and I expect him to be playing for us next year,” Saunders said yesterday after a workout of draft prospects. “I don’t really dictate where guys go on vacation or what they do. They can go wherever they want to go.”

[…] As for those excited Celtics fans, Saunders said they should calm down.

“They’re the same fans who thought they had Tim Duncan,” he joked. “They still think they got Tim Duncan in the draft. I’m not really sure, but the last I looked he was playing for San Antonio, Old Man Riverwalk.”

Herald: Wolves GM has no Love for Celtics fans

Damn Flip.  You mad just cuz your franchise player just had the best weekend of his life in Boston?

I mean, I assume it was the best weekend of his life.  The weather couldn’t have been better.  He hung out with Rondo and Gronk, probably DM’d with David Ortiz, and I heard Mayor Walsh made him breakfast in bed that was delivered by Maria Menounos.

I gotta check my sources on that last one.

Yes, Flip Saunders has no choice but to piss on this parade because, quite frankly, Boston Celtics fans acting like Kevin Love to Boston is more of a lock than the sun rising and Chuck getting rejected after 5 Shirley Temples at happy hour.  That’s understandable since Love did everything besides grab some Celtics practice gear and run through drills with the guys.

But what we have to remember is that Love IS still under contract for next year.  And even if he hits up Jason Terry’s tattoo guy before he leaves town, it’s still up to Minnesota to decide where he goes.  Again, the Celtics can make a pretty good offer, but there are teams that can make better ones.  So… (nsfw audio)

I would like to echo Ryan’s comment from last night… it’s impressive that the other athletes from other sports are so quick to jump into the recruiting of a player.  The guy showed up unannounced and suddenly he’s got Papi and Gronk seeking him out to tell him how awesome it is here.  That tells you something.

So you tell me how a guy can have the weekend Love had in Boston and not fall in love with this city.  The only words of caution I have for Kevin Love are these:  Don’t get so used to having this much free time in June if you come to Boston.

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  • adam

    I didn’t know Gronk was out there recruiting him too. And where did you find that pic of Maria? That made my day.

    • NE_Celt

      I second that…thanks for linking in the Maria pic…Monday just got a little better.

    • Curt Hays

      That was posted on the site a year or so ago.

  • Herman Bubbert

    No biggie with Flip. He’s got to retain his negotiating leverage.

    • CFH

      Yup. Flip is doing the only thing he can do to hold onto some leverage. If the other teams think the Wolves no longer have the option of keeping Love, they’ll make cheaper offers.

      Love is trying hard to force the Wolves hand by inviting Boston (and maybe other cities soon) to recruit him. Flip has to fight back.

      • LA Flake

        Yeah but did he really have to bring up Tim Duncan? That was totally uncalled for. It wasn’t us who begged Kevin Love to come and visit the city. He did it all on his own. Yet Flip who has never won anything thought it would be okay to basically call us all delusional.

        Flip will end up like Mike Brown and get fired from the same team twice. At least I hope so.

  • Guest

    You do realize the photo of Love is fake….

    • CFH

      It better be, or else he’s only about five feet tall. 🙂

      It’s hilarious though. That’s about the only thing Love didn’t do!

    • Curt Hays

      It isn’t even photoshopped…more like paint. And it is a flipped image. The text is backwards.

  • NE_Celt

    Hope that Love’s visit to Boston doesn’t damage any possibility of him coming here…say DA makes a great offer…but Minni is a bit spiteful for how Love visited and had a good time…so they look elsewhere for a trade partner. I guess in the end $$ talks though…

    Have to say though…the support from the other Boston athletes is pretty impressive…those are the types of things that make you proud to be a fan of those guys.

    • RedsLoveChild

      Agree….Minny sending him to elsewhere in a “spite trade” is a real possibility. The price tag for Boston probably just went up.

      Also, it looks like Saunders left the Celtics on not-so-good terms.

    • Rich Jensen

      “so they look elsewhere for a trade partner”

      Then Boston just picks him up next summer when he opts out. If he wants to come to Boston, Minnesota can either get something from the Celtics, or they can get nothing from the Celtics. It’s up to Flip and Taylor.

      And if Kevin does not make a similarly high profile trip to another city, that’s a very loud non-declaration of where he wants to play–and a notice to other teams not to trade a pile of assets for a one-year rental.

  • KGino

    If there was any doubts in Love’s mind before this weekend (about Boston), they have been erased.

    And f&%@ you to Flip Saunders… I was fine til he said “They still think they got Tim Duncan in the draft.” That’s some type of ignorant sh** a troll would say. SMH. What a stupid freaking comment. Someone punch flip in the face for that.

    • adam

      Sounds like he was supper pissed about this weekend! And hates this City even more.. wait wasn’t he an assistant here for a year?

      • LA Flake

        No. He was rightfully FIRED from the Wizards of all teams (LOL) and Doc brought him in as a consultant just for the playoffs. He never sat with our players on the bench. He didn’t even sit behind them. He’s a loser.

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    Love can still torture Flipper and somewhat direct where he will be traded because Love can refuse to extend his contract with any team seeking him. No team in their right mind will give up a lot to MN if they don’t have the guarantee that Love is around for many yrs. Love can stiff ANY team by saying “I will not extend with you”. And if Love will extend with Boston, then that makes Boston a more likely landing spot. Flipper is just a bitter man with a dolphin’s name……………..

  • God I hope this happens. I still think you need a third piece after making this kind of move but Kevin Love… I realize that’s not technically a complete sentence but the phrase “Kevin Love” is sufficient for expressing awe, incredulity, and hope in my eyes. I’d be ecstatic if this were to go down somehow.

  • adam

    Just saw on app for my droid that Flip will be returning next season to be the Wolves coach.