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Your Morning Dump…Where Boston Shows the Love to Kevin Love


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While the Celtics and Minnesota Timberwolves have not engaged in any serious trade talks regarding three-time All-Star forward Kevin Love, that hasn’t stopped Love from using this weekend to visit Boston.

Love was seen in Boston Friday hanging out at bars near TD Garden and took a picture with the owner of “The Greatest Bar,” and he also was seen fraternizing with Patriots players. On Saturday, Love walked the streets of the city and took a picture with a thrilled Harvard graduate. A smiling Love was sporting a Team USA Olympic sweater and was holding a beverage cup.

When approached by the Globe at a local hotel, Love said: “I’m sorry man, I can’t do nothing [in terms of talking], I can’t.”

Love, 25, has one more year left on his contract and his representatives are believed to have told Minnesota management to facilitate a trade with a club that has championship aspirations. Boston, which is entering Year 2 of a rebuilding plan, would become a playoff contender with the addition of Love, who averaged 26.1 points, 12.5 rebounds, and 4.4 assists last season.

Boston Globe – Timberwolves’ Kevin Love visits Boston

In a matter of minutes, Kevin Love created quite the frenzy in the city of Boston.  Pictures were first tweeted out earlier in the day yesterday of Love making random appearances all over the city.  Reading rumored stories of potential Love trades to Boston is one thing.  Love taking the time to actually come here for a weekend to explore the city and get a feel for what it was all about is on another level.  So it’s not exactly him walking into Danny Ainge’s office and saying: “Get it done” it’s definitely notable.

We can try to connect the basketball icon’ed dots here.  Flip Saunders was an adviser here in 2012 and traveled with the team throughout that playoff run.  No doubt he and Ainge had several discussions about many things and possibly establishing a solid basketball relationship.  Love and Paul Pierce share the same agent, Jeff Schwartz, and are on good terms since Ainge was able to deal Pierce to a semi-contender in the twilight of his career.  When you read of such stories that reference things happening through “back channels” well, this scenario that is playing out this weekend is one of them.

Maybe it means nothing that Love visited with the New England Patriots and had talks with Darrelle Revis (who just happened to sign on here as a free agent as well).  Maybe it means nothing that he wanted to go to a Red Sox game.  Maybe he plans on making quasi-incognito visits to every NBA city he’s rumored to be headed to.  But let’s all dream for a moment that this was actually the genesis of Love making his way to Boston.  Now, if only they took him to say Grill 23, the North End or the South End.  As shown in the picture above, it was fantastic to see C’s season ticket holder Ace Gershfield take him to Strega Waterfront, which is a favorite of several Celtics players, coaches and staff. Might as well make a trip to Cambridge.  Maybe the Museum of Science can play an omni-theater movie of him hoisting the next banner up in the rafters at TD Garden.  Better yet, take him on a Duck Boat tour.  Finally, take this for what it’s worth:


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  • bill_nair

    This is great. Even if he’s just “visiting” it’s hard to come to the bean and not fall in love with it. Hopefully he doesn’t visit Chicago or Oakland. I hope he can sit down with Brady, Big papi and maybe some celtics legends. Let him know how it is to be a sport star in Boston.

    Adding a rim protector to this team makes us a top 3 team in the east. Resign Bradley (only at the right price) and keep Green as the 3 for now. Love and Rondo isn’t enough to win a chip but see how it plays out over a season than make adjustments better suited for the two and Stevens system.

    • LA Flake

      He should visit Chicago and Oakland. Seeing teens and just random folks getting routinely gunned down on the streets of those two cities will convince him to stay the hell away.

      • Curt Hays

        I was just about to say that. He should also visit Philly…just stay off the trains though.

  • KGino

    how can you not love Boston in this warm weather

    • LA Flake

      I dunno but I’m loving this move by Love. The guy is charging into my heart!

    • adam

      I hear the Twin Cities are amazing in the warm weather too though.

      • Curt Hays

        Then we will up the ante on the comment by @kgino:disqus. How can you not love Boston in the NBA playoffs? That’s something that you can’t compare to Minny! LOL

        • adam

          the hell with Minny. No one cares about them. lol.

  • Brian Pahlm

    Going to Oakland and Chicago is a waste of time. It’s a done deal. Trade Wallace and a future 1st round pick for sanders, resign bradley draft mcdaniels with the 17th pick to add a lock down wing defender and call it a day. That team would be better then the pacers, and after that it comes down to luck and health. Add some 3pt scoring and bench help with your 10.3 million trade exception and your mid level exemption and I think you have a deeper more balanced team then the heat.

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