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Your Morning Dump…Where Kevin Love is visiting Boston all weekend


Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump

Right off the plane he headed to The Greatest Bar for dinner up in the mezzanine. He sat in The Greatest Bar with his to buddies for a couple hours and then Rumor has it he headed over to Rumor for a night cap!

When asked why he was in town he responded ” I’m here to just check out the city and see what it’s like”… Tomorrow (actually today as it’s 2am) he will be walking around the city checking out all the sights . We hear he is headed to Del Frisco’s in this evening (Sat. Night). Sunday he will be going to the Red Sox game.

Dirty Water NewsKevin Love in Boston all weekend

Somewhere, Bill Simmons is giggling uncontrollably.

I’ve never read Dirty Water News before but damn…definitely an awesome/intriguing headline, especially since he chose to come visit on his own time. If he’s really here for the entire weekend, then it’s likely we’ll get a bit more info as to why he’s here/who he’s with (hopefully Rondo). The two of them are probably planning out the next great Celtics team as I write this very sentence, right? But seriously, a good sign on all counts.

If we really do pull off this trade, then what’s the next step? We’d have a Rondo-Love duo, likely with a re-signed Avery Bradley at shooting guard. Eventually the small forward spot would have to be addressed. We all know Jeff Green’s game, he’d probably be a much better value to the team as the third option, but whatabout trading him? He could be used in an Asik deal. Then turn around and try to pick up Luol Deng in free agency? Even as guards, Deng and Bradley would help make up for Love’s sub-par defense. If Ainge couldn’t send Green to Houston, the C’s could still try to make the Asik deal work, or hold off until 2015 and try to sign a bigger name. Then look into other destinations, like Washington, as a place to send Green.

Who knows, lots of room for imagination. For the time being, I’m going to go bask in the glory of this is unexpected news. The month of June is gonna get crazy.


Page 2: Stauskus, Payne, Vonleh, and McDermott to visit C’s

ESPN’s Jeff Goodman, who has been all over workout schedules for some of the top prospects, tweeted some more information Friday about who the Celtics intend to work out. According to Goodman, Boston will bring in Adreian Payne on June 4, Noah Vonleh on June 12, and Doug McDermott and Nik Stauskas sometime during the week of June 8-14.

Masslive – NBA Draft 2014: Payne, Stauskus among prospects to workout for C’s

Add these guys to the list of draft prospects visiting Boston. Just saw a tweet yesterday of someone snapping a pic of Aaron Gordon passed out on the MBTA red line. Maybe he’ll be the 2014 version of Jeff Green and we’ll send him to Minnesota only to trade back for him in like three years. Anything’s possible, yo.


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