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Kevin Love out & about in Boston

As we posted this morning, Kevin Love is in Boston this weekend scoping things out. Check out a few pics of the Lovester taken earlier today on Beantown’s trendy Newbury Street.

h/t to the Boston Tigers

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    • Chulinho

      I was wondering if anybody knew if Rondo was also in town…

  • wil

    woah! :’)

  • Patrick Walker

    First The Celtics START WITH RONDO, then add Kevin Love via trade, Then
    Carmelo, You have a new big 3. With Rondo at PG, Melo at SF and Love at
    PF you need a SG (GORDON HAYWOOD) and a Center (OMER ASIK) Then 3-5 top
    quality bench players…Re Sign Paul Peirce, as Paul can play SG/SF/PF
    and you add 3 other vets, you have a team that can beat the Heat. And
    lets face it, everyone is sick of the Heat as it is….Lebron is no
    Jordan, lets do it. Go CELTICS !!!

    • Matthew Diehm

      Awesome! So you’re the guy that’s gonna put up an additional 25-30 million$ To cover the salaries for these guys! Oh, wiat you gotta pay those nasty luxury taxes we’d be stuck with for 3-4 years as well…Anyways I love your optimism but the salary for this fantasy team would rival or topple Brooklyn’s. But good luck! For some reference…

      • Patrick Walker

        No. Do you not know about the Nets trade exception ? It’s worth about 10-15 million. Gerald Wallace can be cut and his Salary can be 4 million not 10 million. That is for starters. And last but not least if you were the Celtics owner and sold out the Garden every night and had 30 games on TNT , and also sold a lot of merchandise, I mean , dude Matthew , you must be new to the workings of the NBA and the Celtics and how money is made. Long story short, money is made with a winning team and we have trade exemptions and other ways around the salary cap.

    • ming_mow

      why not throw in Antoine Walker

      • Scott Caro

        And lets get James Posey and Eddie House off the bench too!

  • Patrick Walker

    BOSTON and KEVIN LOVE make so much sense. This is a HARD CORE CITY, no
    big lights, no TV shows. BOSTON IS A HARD CORE CITY and perfect for
    Kevin Love. Look at Brady and Ortiz. Two Tough guys with a sense of
    humor. Look at a KG and Paul Pierce, same thing. TOUGH GUYS WHO CAN TAKE
    IT. On the other hand look at Jacoby Ellsbury, wimp couldn’t take
    Boston. OVER paid as well. Long story short, here is my sales pitch.
    Kevin Love is no joke, Boston is the perfect fit and think we have RONDO
    who can take the pressure and Carmelo will be on the way… If I was
    Kevin Love, I’d go to Boston. It’s a PERFECT fit, honestly, PERFECT, and
    they will build a team around LOVE, Rondo, almost certainly the next
    piece is MELO, and from their for 5 -7 years , every year, CELTICS VS.
    HEAT and we win some more championships. Gotta de thrown Lebron, he is
    no Jordan. I would take Paul Pierce over Lebron any day. That’s the
    Boston sports fan in me speaking I think. Kevin Love , welcome to
    Paradise !

  • Rich Jensen

    Dang it, Sullinger. I’m gonna miss you.

  • Curt Hays

    Is that kid in the last photo trying to call Kevin Love an @$$hole, or does he think it’s a gang sign?