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New ESPN mock draft: Who gets picked at 6 & 17?

From now until draft day you’ll see about a thousand mock drafts posted by a thousand different sites.  Essentially, you’ll find that the names associated and rumored with the Celtics are relatively the same: Marcus Smart, Julius Randle, Noah Vonleh, Aaron Gordon, etc.  The real drama will be if Danny Ainge decides to trade one (or both) of the picks for an established player.  But for now, here is another updated mock draft from Jeff Goodman of

Marcus Smart
Boston Celtics (25 – 57)
COLLEGE: Oklahoma State
HT: 6-3
WT: 227

Analysis: General manager Danny Ainge likes Randle, Vonleh and Smart — but taking a point guard at this spot also would allow him to dangle Rajon Rondo and have a backup plan. Smart is physically ready to play in the league, and his floor game has improved in the past year.

Wait, so Goodman included a suggestion of dangling Rondo in a trade in something he wrote? SHOCKER!!!  I’ll give him credit though, he did it less than two sentences.  The man is great at it, I’ll give him that.  Like Ainge, I like Smart’s fire, but he is a bit of a complainer and a flopper (go on youtube and look) but that’s stuff that can be fixed (hopefully) from a guy that’s so young.  Not a bad choice here and if you’re wondering he has Randle going 5th to Utah (odd, since they have a surplus of PFs) and Vonleh going next to the Lakers.

As for the 17th pick:

T.J. Warren
Boston Celtics (25 – 57)
HT: 6-8
WT: 220

Analysis: He’s not an exceptional athlete, but neither was Paul Pierce. Warren can flat-out score, and his perimeter shot is hardly broken. Boston needs a guy like Warren, who was the ACC Player of the Year and carried NC State last season.

Bravo, Mr. Goodman you were able to make a comment about the C’s that didn’t include some sort of a dig at Rondo.  I’d be fine with this pick here, but it depends on who goes ahead of him.  Goodman has Rodney Hood going to the Bulls at 16 and Adreian Payne going to Phoenix at 17.

There’s also this interesting tidbit of information about international prospect Dario Saric:



So ONLY the C’s or Lakers? I guess the Adriatic League MVP respects only the best teams, traditionally in the NBA.  Have to admire that.

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  • Fitzy

    Just curious but does anyone know if Saric can play the 3? If so I’d be tempted to take him at 6. Does anyone have a list of Goodman’s draft? I’d like to see who’s left on the table at our second pick.

    • colincb

      Saric would have a lot of trouble defending the 3 by all accounts, but 4 may be tough too.

      Payne 18, Nurkic 19, Payton 20, Porzingis21, Hairston 22, Anderson 23, Napier 24 etc. I’d be very happy with Warren, but there’s going to be good value at 17 and it gets very murky after the top 8 names as to who goes where.

      • Fitzy

        definitely. there’s not really anyone (IMO) that we left on the table who is more skilled. From what I’ve read Saric can really shoot the ball well. We need more high quality shooters on this team. Stauskas would be ideal but he’s going to be too much of a reach at 6 and gone by 17. I hope we can snag Lavine at 17. In love with his athleticism and size. Something we are sorely lacking on this team.

        EDIT: also what do his defensive deficiencies stem from. Speed, length, IQ?

  • Suarez

    If they keep the picks, Smart and Warren would be a pretty ideal result.

    • LA Flake

      Or Randle & Warren. Or Exum, Gordon or Vonleh and Warren.

      • Fitzy

        Exum won’t make it to 6.

    • CoachAJ

      I think it’s going to be Smart and trade #17+Humphries for Asik. Houston will realize it can get no better than that. We will have a new bulldog guard and a rim protecting center.

  • forever_green

    A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush…trade the picks for Love.

    • Brad P

      I have no problem with just those 2 picks, but rumored deals are proposing like 4 total first round picks for Love. Way out of the question

      • wil

        we have by far the best to offer minnesota tho. saw this article saying
        Sully, Bass, Gerald Wallace and 3 first rounders for love and brewer.

    • Curt Hays

      Seems like this could be about Larry Bird being a bigger deal than both Bush Presidents…

  • CallingBatman

    Saric is well worth a look and it doesn’t look like we’d have too much competition.

    • Curt Hays

      He’s a triple double threat and loves the spotlight!

  • MikeABQ

    I watched a couple NC State games this year and was really impressed with Warren. Kid can get buckets but rebounds really well too which would be a nice change from Green who has proven himself to be allergic to the glass. Would be very happy with him at 17.

  • Brian Pahlm

    If he only wants to play for the C’s or Fakers why not just take him at 17? Trade your 6th and another pic and players for love. I’d be ok with Love and Saric instead of sully and green.

  • RedsLoveChild

    Get Smart?
    No, Forget Smart….he`s too fat!

    Ainge is entitled to his fetishes…but, he has to stop being such a non-stop relentless “Chubby Chaser” {Big Baby, Sully, Smart}

    • ming_mow

      lol, ainge love his chubby players

    • Dustin Chapman

      When I saw Mike Sweetney on the summer league squad a couple of years ago, I lost it

    • wil

      Ainge struck gold with Sully at 27th pick btw, Big Baby was 35th.

      If players are that far down the draft and becomes a serviceable starter. Id say go for it. But i doubt we will draft smart unless we trade down the pick.

  • Evan Murphy

    Would absolutely love to see TJ Warren here.

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