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Your Morning Dump… Where Big Colt is coming back


Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

Iverson averaged 7.2 points and 4.8 rebounds over 17 minutes per game in 47 appearances between the Turkish season and EuroCup, according to foreign hoops site Advanced statistics logged by Synergy Sports show Iverson ranked in the middle of the pack both offensively (0.875 points per play; 45th percentile among all international players tracked) and defensively (0.881, 46th percentile) over 53 appearances (including exhibitions).

Game film shows a player making strides despite inconsistent minutes, and the Celtics were pleased by much of what they saw.

“The same things that we liked about him still hold true: We love his physical play and his intensity,” Ainge said. “I mean, he is a big, strong dude and, when he caught the ball in the paint, it takes two guys jumping on his back just to keep him from dunking it. Now, I thought that he slowly but surely picked up some of the pro concepts on defensive rotations that were different from college, he got better at that; he adjusted to the officiating and learned to play without fouling a lot better. I think his patience in the post improved.”

…Iverson is a legit 7-footer with a 9-foot-2 standing reach, a chiseled frame, and a desire for contact. He brings an unrelenting intensity to the floor, physicality that Boston needed last season, and, for a mean guy on the court, he’s about as nice and polite as they come off it.

ESPN Boston

You may remember Colton Iverson as the big dude that Danny Ainge selected in the 2nd round of the 2013 draft. He didn’t make the squad and opted for a guaranteed pay day and some international experience. 

Ranking in the middle of the statistical pack in a Turkish league is nothing to get excited about, but Big Colt (I’m sticking with this nickname) brings a toughness that both Kelly Olynyk and Vitor Faverani lack. I’m sure the Celtics would prefer Iverson to Joel Anthony, but it’s highly likely Anthony exercises his $3.8 million player option and anchors the bench next season.  

But… who knows how the roster will shake-out once Trader Danny gets in gear.

On Page 2, the Wolves may be expecting Kevin Love to play for them next season.

As for the Kevin Love situation, at least as of Tuesday the Wolves expected him to play for them next season rather than trade him. If the all-star power forward isn’t traded, though, he can opt out of his contract after next season. A report elsewhere that Sacramento has made an offer for Love isn’t accurate.

Neither is it accurate that prospective coaches aren’t interested in the Wolves job because of the uncertainty of Love’s status.

If the Wolves were to lose Love to free agency, they will have plenty of cash to sign other players. If they trade him, they will have assets.

The Wolves have regularly fielded inquiries about whether Love, Nikola Pekovic and Ricky Rubio are available, but that hasn’t changed from a year ago. Even with those players, the Wolves have not become a playoff team.

St. Paul Pioneer Press

They’re trading him before June 26 to ensure they get an extra pick in a very deep draft. This is all posturing.

And finally, a reminder of just how great the Celtics franchise has been:


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  • bill_nair

    This team could really use Colt. I definitely think he can come in and play right away as long as he can adjust to the pace and how fouls are called. We need a big man who can protect the paint and CI could very well come on like Stiemsma did.

  • eddysamson

    I hope Colt turns out to be like a white Tyson Chandler (or Perk)

  • Rich Jensen

    By virtue of making ten straight finals appearances, the Celtics made four straight finals appearances on seven different occasions:


    • Curt Hays

      LOL, that’s awesome…and also random. Thank you, Rich.

  • Curt Hays

    I read the ESPN article. It says that Colt’s parents visited him in Turkey on Thanksgiving. Does anyone else see the humor in that?

  • muhteremhayalet

    I live in turkey, followed Colton Iverson. Don’t expect much from him. Won’t get minutes in the Celtics team with Olynk, Faverani and Joel Anthony on.

    • eddysamson

      If he can’t get minutes over Joel Anthony we may as well chalk him up as a bust =/

      I’m not convinced he won’t crack the rotation, though. Fav + Olynyk have severe defensive deficiencies.

      • Fitzy

        him being a bust would imply we expected things from him.

  • CoachAJ

    At center a three headed monster isn’t so bad, until one takes the position as his. Asik-Iverson-Faverani, is 18 fouls, 770lbs of beef, knocking people down in the paint, plus not to mention Jared’s bulky body. Folks might not want to enter the paint with that much tonnage being thrown around, on top of them. lol