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Rondo Throwback Video: 2010 ECSF G4

One of my favorite YouTube accounts, GDFactoryClips, uploaded a classic performance from Rajon Rondo yesterday. The year was 2010, and the Celtics were making their improbable run to the NBA Finals. After being blown out on their home floor in G3, Boston was in jeopardy of heading back to Cleveland on the brink of elimination. They needed someone to step-up in G4, and that someone was Rajon Rondo.

In what some called one of the “greatest playoff performances in Celtic history“, Rajon dished, drove and rebounded his way to a triple-double: 29 pts, 18 rebs & 13 asts. He also got to the FT line at will, going 11 of 16 from the charity stripe. The Celtics went on to eliminate the Cavs in 6 games, in what was Lebron James’ final playoff series as a Cavalier. Enjoy all of Rajon’s triple-double in the video below, and check out GD’s channel for tons of great NBA vids.

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  • Curt Hays

    Talk about a satisfying win. I love beating LBJ in the playoffs.

    • KGino

      I was scared of Cleveland that year until Lebron shot that left handed free throw in the series before us. Then I realized he knew he couldn’t beat us. He was just planting a seed for when he needed an excuse for why he lost to the Celtics next round

  • KGino

    At 1:56 Rondo throws the ball right at Varajao’s ball sack…. Great player to hit with a nut shot.

    • KWAPT

      That play is fantastic..should somehow be included in the box score. “VBS: 1” (Varejao Ball Smash)

  • Slap Dog Hoops

    Wonder if Rondo will stay next season or will he be shipped away by Danny Ainge for something expiring contracts to finally bring the house crashing down. If I were him, I would make the team up so Rondo would be encouraged to stay. One way is to go for Kevin Love on draft day giving Minnesota the 6th pick along with Jeff Green and Jared Sullinger. Hell throw in Gorgui Dieng too and you have got yourself a team that quickly returns to playoff contention.

    Love will certainly think of staying as he will be the most loved white boy in Boston since Larry Bird and pair him with Rondo, you will have a duo that will remain competitive playoff contender for the next four to five years. Sadly I doubt that will happen as I know Danny is set on completely trashing the team so he can put up the charade that he is”rebuilding” thus enduring Celtics fans to suffer another decade of insignificance.

  • Brad P

    Why exactly is that Toronto fan still here? His team is that boring that he posts on Reds Army?