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Ainge would have to be high to trade for Larry Sanders


Sherrod Blakely breaks out all his best marijuana jokes in a story about Milwaukee’s Larry Sanders. There’s plenty of speculation the 25 year old center has worn out his welcome just one season into his 4 year, $44 million contract.

Having tested positive for marijuana for a third time (that’s what triggered the five-game suspension in April) would obviously require a certain level of care and sensitivity by any team to try and ensure that Sanders gets whatever help he needs off the court as well as on it.

But the concern with Sanders is even with all the services one could want, there’s a pretty good chance that he’ll be suspended again for using marijuana.

And considering he’s just at the start of his new, long-term deal, making a play for Sanders would be a huge, huge gamble on Boston’s part.

While the 6-foot-11 center apologized to the Bucks for his five-game suspension, Sanders defended his use of the banned substance.

“I believe in marijuana and the medical side of it. I know what it is if I’m going to use it,” Sanders said in an interview with the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel and “I study it and I know the benefits it has. In a lot of ways we’ve been deprived. You can’t really label it with so many other drugs that people can be addicted to and have so many negative effects on your body and your family and your relationships and impairment. This is not the same thing. The stigma is that it’s illegal. I hate that. Once this becomes legal, this all will go away. But I understand for my work it’s a banned substance. I will deal with the consequences and I apologize again to my fans for that.”

Call me old-fashioned, but I prefer to stay away from a player who publicly advocates for the legalization of dope. Fortunately, the league has softened it’s rules for marijuana. Another positive test would result in a 10 game suspension.

Determining if Sanders is worth the risk depends on the deal.

What if the Celtics could land Sanders for Gerald Wallace and a future 1st round pick? Ok, that might be ambitious. Maybe the Celtics could get Sanders for a future 1st rounder and the $10.3 million TPE acquired in the Nets deal.

Let’s spark up the discussion…

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  • Jester00

    Ok sounds good to me it will legal in 10 years anyway

    • Ron Flanders

      Let’s wait 10 years before making the deal, then

  • LA Flake

    Marijuana isn’t addictive. I know because I’ve been smoking it everyday for 20 years and I don’t ever feel like I’m addicted to it.

    • Curt Hays

      The most upvotes I’ve ever seen on this site. @facebook-100001752720295:disqus, make sure this comment is saved in your vault!

  • Big Ticket

    The 4 yr contract was an extension offer from the rookie deal, he hasn’t yet entered the deal. The new contract starts this coming season. just a point of correction after reading the 1st 2 lines.

  • Brian Pahlm

    High maybe, but the guy is pretty damn good. 11 million a year for a guy who can play this kind of defense is not bad money at all. If they will take wallace and a pick it sure sounds like a good deal. Anige has lots of options like Asik and other minor deals but this team with a strong defensive minded center is top 5 in the league. it’s amazing what they were able to do on the defensive end with pretty much no rim protector all year. Sully would love a shot at the PF’s instead of the C’s all night.

    • wil

      id try Gortat too! i like better than sanders and asik.

      • Curt Hays

        I’ve been advocating that for years. Danny just won’t listen!

        • wil

          i like it because mainly Wizards like jeff green and they can do a sign and trade for gortat.

          We need to move on from Green and stop asking him to be more than what he is. And lets target another SF in the freeagency.

          • Curt Hays

            and, Green went to Georgetown…all would be happy

          • wil

            hopefully the wiz will do this. and i wonder what the lowest contract Rudy Gay will accept to play with his close friend Rondo.

            wouldnt we love that line up. Rondo/ Sg?/ Gay/Love/Gortat

            specially in the East

          • Curt Hays

            Yeah, that alley oop from Rondo to Rudy during the lockout was NUTZ.


            How about Rondo/Stevenson/Gay/Sullinger/Gortat?

            I don’t really WANT Lance, but it’d be easier to get him than Love.

          • wil

            i really dont wanna gamble on lance stephenson. saw an article about hibberts ; “selfish dudes” comment was just about lance stephenson and his allstar snuband wanting to get back at coaches not giving him a spot.

            Stephenson is a locker room problem, specially when you put a pointguard like rondo beside him. Specially when george hill and lance already butt heads. lol

          • Curt Hays

            I’m with you, but look how good this team was for Steez…

          • wil

            i really dont wanna gamble on that thought that Lance will react the same way as Steez hahah

            Jordan Crawford i think was just looking for acceptance, Lance Stephenson got a big chip on his shoulder.

          • Curt Hays

            I agree with you. It’s a big gamble. I’m kinda opposed to Lance. But “chip on his shoulder” is precisely how Steez was described.

          • wil

            Just cant wait for the offseason to start. Lets hope that itll be big hahah

            because we really can improve alot considering how terrible this season was.

          • Curt Hays

            We can also get worse…depending on Danny.

          • wil

            tbh id rather target Gordon Hayward if we are not gonna get Love.

            Rondo/ Hayward/ Gay/ Sully/ Gortat.

            Question is, would that be good enough to go far in the playoffs.

          • Curt Hays

            I’d accept that. I think Brad Stevens, Rondo, and Gortat would bring the vet poise and the Gordon/Gay/Sully would bring the pain! Seriously though, if we draft Doug McDermott we could go down that same road. I like Gortat and Gay in Green with Sully and Kelly. We’d just need one more big. I’m not opposed to Larry Sanders…he’s one of the top two paint defenders in the league. He’s better than Dwight in many ways.

          • wil

            Id go for Gortat even more if we dont get Love because we will need a center who can shoulder more offensive load.

            Larry sander will be good if we got Love.

            i just think the Polish Hammer is awesome lol

          • Curt Hays

            Rudy has a lot of faith in Rondo:


  • Astarot

    I mean if we talking about centers it’s one of the best in the category of the players that Celtics need – defensive minded C- a top priority for rebuilding. I’d go for him, but to be honest I’d rather prefer to get Gortat (he’ll get 10 – 11mil/yr) so I doubt Cs would have a chance to get him.

  • RedHead617

    Any deal would have to include Wallace’s awful contract but could make some sense for the Celtics. Sanders is a rim protector with skills that would really complement Sullinger or Olynyk (or Love) and buying now might be the perfect time. I would also include a protected pick in the deal but with our uncertain future and Deron Williams’ damaged ankles I wouldn’t risk a lottery pick going out for a known risk.

  • Brian Pahlm

    If you want more info on why larry Sanders would make a huge impact on the C’s defense check this out. Sure many of you have already but for those who haven’t take a look.

  • Ron Flanders

    Wallace and a pick.

    • Fitzy

      that doesn’t get it done

      • Ron Flanders

        Probably not. But a team whose player most likely will get a 10-game suspension, missed half last season because of a bar fight, and is a complete moron is not who you want around Antetokoumpo and Wiggins. If they can jettison his massive contract (4 years left) for a professional (2 years left) and a pick, that’s something they have to consider…and might be one of the best offers they’ll get.

        • Fitzy

          Sanders gives you something on the basketball court. Wallace does not.

          EDIT: IF and WHEN he’s on the basketball court 🙂

          • Ron Flanders

            If and when he’s on the court, yes. But to the Bucks, he might not be worth the headaches and the bad influence on their future stars. If they can get a valuable pick and two years of cap space, it might be a great deal for them. Addition by subtraction.

          • Fitzy

            Or they could let him play up his trade value. buy low sell high.

          • Ron Flanders

            The “high” is the problem. After his next suspension, he’ll be untradeable.

          • Fitzy

            and then we’re stuck with an 11 million dollar untradable gaffe on our salary cap. so why take someone elses problem and make it ours if you’re so concerned about suspensions.

          • Ron Flanders

            Do you mean the gaffe that further torpedoed a division rival and landed us 3 first round picks?

          • Fitzy

            He might be accountable for ONE of those picks. and personally I’d rather wait him out and use the cap space later. The only trade at this point that we should be focusing on is Kevin Love. Then worry about everything else. Getting back to the original debate though, If Milwaukee says “hey everyone listen, Boston is offering up Wallace and a 1st, who can top that?” They will almost certainly get a better offer.

          • Ron Flanders

            Agree with you on Love, which I’m sure is the focus above all others. Disagree wholeheartedly that they can get more. No way.

          • Fitzy

            more than a 32 year old who averaged 5 ppg and 3.7 rpg? They could do that for a joke (IMO). Sanders is 25, I’m pretty sure the rest of the league hasn’t quit on him like you make it seem to be. He played 23 games last year and his numbers are still better than Wallace. People know it’s hard to get into rhythms when you spend more time off the court than on.

          • Ron Flanders

            Not more than a 1st rounder and two years cap relief. Not after last season.

          • Fitzy

            Two years of Gerald Wallace is not cap relief no matter how you put it, They could easily trade him for another prospect who had a down season last year as well. we obviously differ on this topic so we may as well end it here as neither of us are going to relent.

          • Curt Hays

            Not to mention the positive influence Wallace would actually have on the young guys. Hustla

  • RedsLoveChild

    If Mallory Edens {that awesome 18 year old goddess whose father owns the Bucks} wants us as a trade partner….then, YES, we should definitely do it!!

    Besides, Sanders vs. the Celtics {2012-13 season} :

    14 PPG
    14 RPG
    .686 FG%

  • Eisenhorn1976

    I can see the reasoning behind this — buy low on a proven asset.

    Except that Sanders was great for exactly 1 season. Ever since he’s gotten the extension, he hasn’t been the same player he was in 2012-2013. Trading a 1st rounder for him, considering that it could be a lottery pick, would be a VERY big gamble.

    I would rather bark up the Asik tree — if Morey is serious about pursuing Melo then he’s probably going to be more open to dealing Asik and his dollars for a guy like Bass and some combination of picks that would be more favorable to the Celtics.

    • Fitzy

      Bass doesn’t get them any closer to melo.

  • CoachAJ

    We need a rim protector but not this bad. Remember when we didn’t go after Chris Anderson and Kenyon Martin because of the tattoes, then why would we go after a guy that is an advocate of a drug that we can’t even decide is legal or not. And has used, and will continue to use. That wouldn’t be smart. He won’t stop using just because he’d become a Celtic. Nope. Go after Asik or Gortat.

    • CoachAJ

      True I forgot about those allegations. It seems like Wyc only wants “model citizens” on the player payroll. Have to recant my statement considering we had Delonte on two occasions, lol. Sorry guys.

  • bballee

    Wallace and our 2017 first sounds like a good gamble. I assume the pot suspensions (and eventual ban?) would be sans pay and that it would come off our salary cap calculations.

  • jrleftfoot

    Nothing he said was incorrect. Taking a chance on his not being suspended is of course a factor.Saying you prefer to stay away from a player who” advocates for the legaization of dope” is stupid on so many levels you can`t cram them into a sports blog comment section.

  • Rjd12345

    Pot being illegal is really dumb, but so is Larry Sanders for being caught 3 times when you know the league is going to test you.

  • Chief_00

    I would be happy to take on sanders I’d he is available. He is a legitimate rim protector and is active on the boards.
    So what if he smoked a bit of weed.
    I am pretty sure that a lot of players do but aren’t as vocal about it (and truthfully maybe he should’ve kept his mouth shut).
    And with 44 million dollar contract kicking in you’ll be sure his smoking days are all but extinguished.
    Let’s hope the bucks want to move him.

  • Fitzy

    Smoked weed since grade 10 in high school probably daily right up until april 11th this year. My friends said surely we must be addicted. However I quit due to the quality and price of it here in France (coming from Canada; it’s terrible). I’ve never once had a craving or thought about smoking it again. Does that sound like something bad for you? Man made booze god made weed. who do you trust? In ten years we’re going to look back on the prohibition of marijuana the same way we do alcohol. ridiculous.

  • bill_nair

    I respect and agree with his opinion but it’s the NBA. Until it’s legal he needs to approach this matter like a professional. I’d do the two deals you mentioned but I hate this guys character and “smarts”. I’d rather go after Asik.

  • pointforward

    The author isn’t old-fashioned, he’s just a moron who doesn’t know anything about scientific evidence and that Sanders is absolutely correct.
    It’s why he had to demonize it by calling it ‘dope’ which is always the last resort of the ill-informed: call anything he doesn’t understand some name.
    Typical of bullies as well.