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Your Morning Dump..Where The Celtics Might Be Irrelevant For A While


Every morning we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump

I heard Wyc Grousbeck on “Felger and Mazz” this past week and the Celtics owner delivered a true and frightening answer when he was asked about the future of his team.

“If we can’t do something transformative or exciting for a veteran this summer, and we’ll certainly be looking . . .’’ started Grousbeck. “Obviously, we’re going to start playing the kids. That’s what we did from 2003-07 and it wasn’t easy to do along the way and people stuck with us. We’re basically on that same path.’’

Ouch. In the words of Rob Schneider in “The Waterboy,’’ “Oh, no! We suck again!”

Celtics Might Be Irrelevant For A While-Boston Globe

Whether you like him or hate him, the Globe’s Dan Shaughnessy definitely has a valid point. What if the big move for Kevin Love doesn’t happen? What if Ainge holds on to the 6th & 17th picks in this year’s draft and brings a couple of youngsters on board? It’s not something Celtics fans want to hear, but unfortunately, it’s a reality. Granted, Danny Ainge has been the purveyor of some pretty big deals in the past, (see Garnett, Kevin) but there will be other teams with very tempting offers for Minnesota and Kevin Love. And, there’s always the off chance that he decides to stay put in Minny-although I personally think that’s a long shot. But as C’s fans, we have to face the ugly fact that it’s definitely possible this team’s rebuilding process may last another one or even two seasons.

I listened to Wyc’s appearance on Felger & Mazz, and although he did make that statement about “playing the kids“, he also had quite a few optimistic quotes as well. Most notably, about starting PG and captain Rajon Rondo. Rondo has been on both sides of the spectrum during his time in Boston. He was here for some of the leanest years ever for the franchise, and was also here for it’s return to glory. And Wyc says that #9 wants very much to help this team get back to it’s winning ways. via CBSBoston:

 “He was in the building this morning working out hard, and he looks great. He’s killing it. He looks like the old days before the knee” [injury].

“Rajon and I had a brief talk … and it’s just positive. He loves being a Celtic. I think he wants to take this team back to where he had it before.”

With that said, it’s pretty clear that Danny needs to trade these picks, lest the Celtics suffer through another season of futility. If you add two first-rounders to the current roster, you’ll get exactly what you got last season-which is not much. As the old saying goes, “if nothing changes, nothing changes.” It would be an awful shame to see Rajon’s talent wasted here over another futile season. Danny surrounded him with talent before, albeit in a different situation, but he needs to do it again. I am a Rondo fan, and want nothing more than for him to be this team’s point guard for a long time, but he wants to win-he’s a fierce competitor and I can envision him leaving if some help is not brought in soon.

Sorry, Wyc, but you are irrelevant if you give us a 57-loss team featuring the likes of Jeff Green, Avery Bradley, Jared Sullinger, Kelly Olynyk, and the sixth-best 20-year-old from the NCAA. No, thanks.

Picks 6 and 17 are not going to change the Celtics. The Celtics will still be losers with these new young players. They will not be worth watching. Trade the picks. Ainge needs to do something “transformative or exciting,’’ or risk watching his team wade into the abyss of irrelevance.

Our friend Chris Forsberg has his own opinion on a quick fix as opposed to another year or so of “rebuild” over at ESPN Boston.

Let us know what you think Ainge should do with the picks in the poll below…

On Page 2, Walter Brown Was The Anti-Sterling

WBUR contributor Thomas Whalen reminds us that the Celtics once had their own extremely controversial owner. Back in 1950, Walter Brown gained national notoriety for taking a huge step towards breaking the color barrier in the NBA:

In 1950 Walter Brown shocked the professional sporting world when his Boston Celtics became the first team in NBA history to draft an African-American, 6-foot-6 All-American forward Chuck Cooper from Duquesne. Brown did this despite being condescendingly reminded by a fellow basketball mogul that Cooper was “a Negro” and therefore ineligible for consideration due to the league’s longstanding bar against athletes of color. In response, Brown famously maintained that he would have selected Cooper even if the latter had sprouted polka dots. “All I know is the kid can play basketball and we want him on the Boston Celtics,” he explained. For this strong vote of confidence, Cooper was eternally grateful. “THANK YOU FOR HAVING THE COURAGE TO OFFER ME A CHANCE IN PRO BASKETBALL,” he telegrammed Brown upon hearing the news. “I HOPE I’LL NEVER GIVE YOU CAUSE TO REGRET IT.”

Walter Brown put every bit of his heart and soul into the Boston Celtics. From taking out a second mortgage on his home to keep the franchise afloat, to giving emotional speeches to his team in the locker room, he was extremely passionate about his C’s. And he treated each and every one of his employees and players like they were family. The great Red Auerbach said about Brown, “He never gave a damn about a person’s color, religion, nationality or anything else. He simply cared about the man.” Check out Whalen’s piece for more about the late, great Walter A. Brown.


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  • bill_nair

    What if we get a stud at #6? Who knows one of the top 4 could slip. If we had a top pick we would still have sucked for a few years. Trying to replicate 2007 every time we need to rebuild is gonna bite us in the ass eventually. Danny just needs to play the hand he’s dealt and not force it. Love can come and leave in the blink of an eye.

    • tvor03

      Good point. Thunder drafted Kevin Durant, and still sucked enough the next year they ended up with the fourth pick, which became Westbrook. They were terrible yet again and got the third, which became Harden.

  • thetitleisours mkay

    Sounds like they will keep the picks and groom them for a big trade in the future.

    So if we pick at #6 Gordon should be the pick. The team needs a Tony Allen replacement.

    I would not be against trading the 6th for an additional second rounder. Dario Saric would be available or others that could fll the need at SF (at least when Green is having his off days) at a higher selection but I would take Jusuf Nurkic first is he was still there.

    Pick Kristaps Porzingis, Capella, or Tavares with the second pick. We need to draft big in hopes that one of of the two turns into something. If we can trade down for a second round pick then pick up Austin and Roll the dice. If we could take three bigs, at least one would make it (I hope)

    • Mikey Amentola

      scratching my head…

      • swissflix

        ….at both: using the 6th pick for Gordon and the bevy of european players.

    • Herman Bubbert

      You enjoy sucking forever, eh?

  • Brad P

    We’ve heard both sides of the story in pretty good detail, but the draft is still a month away. I’m taking everything with a grain of salt at this point

  • Rjd12345

    In 2011 Trailblazers won 28 games. Then they drafted Damian Lillard #6. Celts writers/fans can be alarmists all we want, but nobody knows what one of the kids can do.

  • Tommy_Heinsohn

    You realize the 6th pick doesn’t mean the 6th best player in the NCAA right? For all we know we could get a stud at 6, that’s the beauty of the draft.

  • Rich Jensen

    The Celtics have too many draft picks to not make a trade for a difference maker. Ainge hasn’t been stockpiling picks to use them. He’s been stockpiling them to trade them.

  • CoachAJ

    If no deal for Love is made(which I am against),
    We have a starting allstar PG and his backup.
    We have a strong defensive minded combo guard.
    We have a scoring sf, that plays good defense.
    We have a starting pf, that rebounds.
    We have a backup forward/center that can shoot AND put it on the deck.
    We don’t have any guards bigger than 6-3.
    We don’t have a starting center that is strong at the rim.
    I think Danny should revisit Houston to pry Asik away using the 17th and Humphries/Bass. Each guy could be the first off the bench to spell Jones, making them a better defensive team. Each guy costs much less than Asik. This deal must be made before the draft, so we can then consider one of these big guards to aid our small backcourt: Smart, Hairston, LaVine, in that order.
    Not quite the fireworks promised…….
    We won’t get championship level better, but we will be better than 30 wins.

    • CoachAJ

      This from Slam Magazine’s DeMarco Williams – In the 28-year-old Rondo, of course, they have a four-time All-Star captain who’s under contract through next year. In 37-year-old Brad Stevens, they have a young coach who’ll be just fine after another year of NBA seasoning. In 27-year-old Jeff Green and 22-year-old Jared Sullinger, they have a pair of forwards who cause a multitude of headaches on the court. There’s a solid nucleus in New England, no doubt. Should Boston GM Danny Ainge grab a big man and a big-time scorer in the offseason, this Celtics’ stumble will be short-lived.