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Your Morning Dump… Where Avery Bradley wants to stay in Boston

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Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump. 

And while no one knows how the Celtics and their rebuilding efforts will play out, Bradley reiterated to that he wants to be part of it.

“Of course this is where I want to be,” Bradley told in a phone interview on Thursday. “I’ve been in Boston for four years and I love it; I love the fans, the front office. I definitely want to be back.”

There’s no mistaking Bradley’s loyalty to the Celtics franchise and this city. That’s why he’ll have multiple basketball camps in Boston this summer for the first time.

But Bradley has seen how business often trumps loyalty in the NBA.

CSNNE:  Bradley: “This is where I want to be”

Yup, business trumps loyalty, and that’s a 2-way street.  The Celtics could just as easily trade him over the summer as he could accept a deal too rich for the Celtics’ blood.  In fact, Avery Bradley’s value is one of the least-agreed upon topics for many Celtics fans.

What’s he worth?  $4 million?  $8 million?  More? Less?   And how long is the contract?

We’ve talked about Avery Bradley a million times.  We’ve tried to put a number on what he’s worth.  We know he loves playing here and the Celtics would love to keep him… at the right price, of course.  We know he’s a top-notch defender who plays SO much better when he’s next to Rajon Rondo… and healthy.  He’s show streaks of amazing shooting, finishing the year just under 40% from 3.

I’m not worried about Bradley’s size, because he’s negated that in the past with insane ball pressure.  I’m not worried about his shooting, because eventually others will be asked to do the scoring and Bradley’s scoring won’t be AS important.  I like him in Boston.  I think he works here and with Rondo.  And I think he can be part of a winning starting backcourt.

I also don’t think he’s irreplaceable, so you can’t throw too much money at the guy.  If the C’s can go back to their $6 million per year offer for 2 or 3 years, I’d be happy with that.  It’d be a hell of a raise for Bradley and it’d give him a few years to prove that he’s durable enough to make a longer term commitment.

I hope he stays, but like him, I get it… business trumps loyalty.

Page 2:  Kevin Garnett just can’t quit the NBA

Garnett declined to talk to reporters both after the Nets’ final loss of the season to the Heat in Game 5 of the Eastern Conference semifinals and during the locker room cleanout the following afternoon.

Still, all indications have been — despite the drop in production this season — Garnett will be back in Brooklyn for what would be the 20th season of his stellar NBA career. The fact is $12 million is an awful lot of money – no matter how much you’ve made in the past – and after playing much, much better over the final few months of the season, it would be easy to see Garnett agreeing to rejoin Pierce for one final season in Brooklyn before riding off into the sunset next summer.

The bigger question is what role Garnett would play on next season’s squad. This season proved Garnett has outlived the ability to effectively play power forward in the NBA. Having had so much success after switching to a smallball lineup, the Nets are left with a decision to make about how to deploy Garnett – assuming he does come back.

NY Post:  Garnett’s strong finish means likely return to Nets (via Pro Basketball Talk)

I’m going to play the same game everyone else plays in this situation:

Kevin Garnett just wrapped up his 19th year in the NBA.  Over that amount of time, KG has earned in NBA salary alone, more than $300 million dollars.  That is basically like saying that at 19-years-old, KG hit the $320 million dollar Powerball jackpot and has been receiving the winnings over 20 years and he’s just been playing basketball since then.

On top of that, Garnett has earned enough in endorsements to put his overall earnings probably past the half a Billion dollar range.

But $12 million is $12 million.  So the assumption is he’ll be back for his final year.

Of course, the New York Post hasn’t been the bastion of good journalism.  They are basically saying nothing concrete here.  “All indications” is a fun way of saying “We have no f’ing clue, but no one has told us otherwise.”  And they drop the “assuming he does come back” at the end just to hammer home that they’re just guessing here.

But it’s not a bad guess.  KG is loyal, so him leaving before the contract expires runs counter to how he’s been.  He’s also not one to turn down $12 million (who is?), so it’s a fair assumption.

But as I’ve said in other areas, I wouldn’t be shocked if Garnett told the Nets he wants a buyout so he can “quit,” and then resurface sometime in March for a run with Doc Rivers in LA.

Which brings me to the little “Pierce” nugget they dropped in there.  I don’t believe Pierce wants back in Brooklyn.  I’d be surprised to see it happen.  I don’t think he’s interested at all.

All indications are he’s leaving Brooklyn.  I think he’s going to get courted by the Clippers in a big way, assuming he does leave.

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  • adam

    good now accept your qualifying offer Bradley… or the 6 million 4 year deal.

  • chuckmckenney

    I’m scared to offer Bradley 4 years with his injury history. Maybe he’d accept a 2 year, $12 million deal. If he played 2 solid, injury free seasons, he’d be poised to hit the open market and cash in.

    • Curt Hays

      That’s basically how I feel. I think John hit it on the head. But you can’t blame the guy if he leaves for 8 million, 4 years somewhere like Detroit…but it IS Detroit.

  • 84_and_7

    Boston can’t be stupid enough to NOT sign AB!

  • Frank Aziza

    Pierce won’t leave KG stuck in Brooklyn after begging him to come last summer.

    • frickenWaaaltah

      One option is to bring back Pierce, but another is to let him go and buy out KG as well. They are way into luxury tax territory and if KG takes a buyout, then only the buyout amount counts against their cap total.

  • Brian Girolamo

    Brooklyn is in disaster mode, BUT
    they have KG locked up for $12 mill and can clearly and willingly pay Pierce to
    stay on in Black and White. The Clippers can’t do that AT ALL. Even if LA
    waived Jamal Crawford (not happening) and Willie Green they are still over the
    salary cap, so no money can be offered to Pierce. They will also be most likely
    over the luxury tax line so a sign and trade from Brooklyn isn’t allowed
    according to the latest CBA. Now the Clippers could surprise us all and dump
    some major salary to say the Celtics to get a hold of that Pierce TPE they have
    and in doing so create some room to ironically use on Pierce himself, but I seriously
    don’t see that happening either. Brooklyn can’t trade D-Will. He’s about to
    have double ankle surgery and with $60 mill owed, you can’t trade that. You can’t
    trade Joe “Kobe money” Johnson and no one wants Broken Lopez and his $33 mill.
    So Brooklyn has to do whatever they can to lock up Pierce, even if it means
    overpaying him just like they will have to do with Livingston, Blatche and
    Anderson to get them to stay once they opt out or get bigger than a million
    dollar offers from other teams. Oh yeah, and Brooklyn doesn’t exactly have
    first round picks through 2018 so… yeah. Pierce either stays with KG and get
    mega-paid for another year or signs in Brooklyn and forces a trade elsewhere by
    the deadline. Pierce could end up with the Clipps through trade day trade and then
    KG could get bought out in April and sign like Big Baby and Hedo did, don’t
    sleep on that happening too.

    As for Avery Bradley? He’s a great
    weapon ‘off the bench’ but he’s not worth anything above $6 mill a year and he
    can’t play starter minutes because of his constant injuries. If his agent seeks
    more than that, well, thanks but no thanks. We want Gordon Hayward anyway.

  • Curt Hays

    “All indications are he’s leaving Brooklyn.” Real cute, @johnkaralis:disqus

  • KGino

    I like 6 Mil for Bradley. Reasonable. 3 years. Love that kid. And for all you saying he’s a bench player, no, he’s not. 100% starter when healthy

  • Frank Aziza

    If we get Love, we should sign Paul Pierce….Wallace and Pierce splitting time at small forward isn’t bad.

  • bill_nair

    Hearing players say they want to be in Boston makes me like them more.