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How much does Love cost? Do the C’s have enough?


Earlier today, Chuck posted on some media created trade scenarios for Kevin Love.

Whether you support both or either scenario, there are three important considerations to make when being concerned about “giving up too much” for Kevin Love: Age, total minutes played (including playoff minutes) and injury history.

When the Celtics acquired Kevin Garnett from Minnesota in 2007, KG was 30, had played 36,538 total minutes (including 2003 playoff minutes) and had essentially no major injuries.  The Celtics gave them Al Jefferson, Gerald Green, Sebastian Telfair, Ryan Gomes, Theo Ratliff’s expiring contract and a first round pick that turned into Johnny Flynn.  I distinctly remember at the time that there were several fans and media members in Boston that felt the C’s gave up way too much.  So, factoring in all of that, what is too much for Love?  Do the C’s even have enough?  Let’s look at two other superstars that were recently dealt: Chris Paul and Dwight Howard.

As for Kevin Love – Age: 25 | MP: 11,933 (0 playoff MP) | Injury History: Broken hand and surgery for scar tissue on knee

Now depending on how you feel about his injury-riddled season in 2013, it should be a little easier to send such a huge package to Minnesota.  He’s only 25, only two WEEKS older than Kevin Durant and seven months YOUNGER than Stephen Curry.  Does that make you feel any better?  Since the Celtics don’t have the NBA ready talent that say the Warriors have, then maybe the C’s would have to agree to take back Kevin Martin’s albatrossian contract.  While that might make you shiver a bit, he can be useful since the C’s don’t have many consistent and reliable three-point shooters.  One Idea I thought of would be: Sullinger, Bass, Bogans’ expiring deal, the Pierce TPE, both picks this year and one more pick (all unprotected) for Love and Martin.  Then, you’d assume that both Love and Rondo re-up here for max or near max deals.  The problem would be having both Martin and Gerald Wallace’s bloated contracts on the books, making it tough to add quality players.  Obviously this is just a starting point and the real offer might be closer to what Harper’s was at the beginning of this post.

But the point is to GET those big pieces because when constructing the NBA contender puzzle those are the most difficult to find.  They have the ownership, front office, coach and one of those players.  Giving up a lot of picks isn’t as bad as you might think it is, considering how good Love is and how young he is in both age and mileage.  So what do you think?  How much are you willing to give up for Love?

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  • Penus Helmetpincher

    In my opinion, Jay’s proposal is pretty solid. Having 2/3rds of a strong nucleus in Rondo and Love would be awesome. Pretty much anything it takes to get him here, due to all of the things mentioned in this piece (youth, lack of wear and tear, top-level skill) are worth it in my opinion.

    The politically correct elephant in the room however, is the fact that Love is a white dude. If his career stays on the same track it’s been, he’d be a GOD here. Anyone who thinks the marketing folks in Waltham don’t know this is lying to themselves.

    • Curt Hays

      Just because the Celtics had the greatest white basketball player ever, doesn’t mean that Boston will love Love as much.

      I mean, the White Mamba was a one-in-a-million level player.

      • P Funk

        Hahaha…now that’s funny

    • Brick James

      are we supposed to take a guy named penus helmetpincher seriously? gtfo

  • Nick Ault

    Wallace is on the last year of his deal, right?

    • adam Wallace is under contract until 15/16

      • Nick Ault

        Well by the trade deadline of ’15-’16, Brooklyn should be headed for a rebuild, hopefully we will be headed towards contention. Maybe we can package Wallace with one of the picks Brooklyn gifted us (for pierce and garnet) for Brook Lopez or another veteran piece we may need for a playoff push.

    • Jay O

      No, FA after 2016 (roughly $10 mil per next two years)

      • Nick Ault


        • Jay O

          Yeah and Martin’s deal expires the same year, unless he picks up his player option for 2017 for $7mil

  • bill_nair

    Great write up. I did think most of the reported deals were to much but I think we’re so used to the other team getting fleeced with superstars. I don’t wanna give up both KO/Sully and Bradley/Green. If we can keep two of the four i like it.

    What I don’t like is the amount of picks we give up. I think the 6th and BKN or our 16 first is good. Maybe even the sixers pick (which is two seconds if I remember correctly). I still don’t think we win a chip with Love and Rondo as our best players but I don’t wanna watch 50+ losses again next year.

    • adam

      I agree with this. I rahter give them soemthing else, Brooklyns 16 pick, or clippers, philly’s. and try to keep olynyk and green. I would hate to see Bass go, but he is a good trade chip who plays his heart out.

      • Curt Hays

        Bass is a great player, but he’s a duplication. Don’t forget that. His size prevents him from doing so much that a PF should be able to do on defense. And we KEEP getting beat in the paint.

    • Mike C

      EXACTLY!!! I wrote my post above before I read this…sorry. I CAN’T watch another season like the one we just went through!

  • Michael Biscardi

    If you throw in Joel Anthony into Jay’s deal, you could theoretically take back Brewer or Budinger as well (preferably the former). Maybe that allows us to keep #17 this year…

  • Jaedre

    We should Draft Julius Randle or Marcus Smart this yr. if we get randle give them Bass, Sullinger/KO, Bogans, 17th pick this yr, 1 first rd nxt yr an both 2nd rd philly picks. For Love.

    • bill_nair

      Wy would we need Randle and Love?

      • eddysamson

        Same reason Lardking was talking about above: Rondo + Love are the #2 + #3 on a contender, missing a #1 guy. Problem here is trying to make that guy a rookie….ain’t happening.

        • bill_nair

          Ya but Randle isn’t that and he plays the same position as Love. I guess you can make the case for Smart but I’m not willing to do it. But I agree with you 100%. We need a wing who can score and take the pressure off Love.

  • Frank Aziza

    Give em everything but those future Brooklyn picks. Those are gonna be lottery picks.

  • Lardking

    Kevin Love is the prototypical B-level star. Rondo is at best the third wheel on a contender.

    I have no interest in trading the farm for the guys who should play around the star before getting that superstar talent first. A team built around Love and Rondo is second round fodder.

    • Jake Gruber

      Though I know most people will automatically disagree with this because a lot of people are homers, you are pretty much right. It is unrealistic to say the Celtics are a legitimate contender with those 2 as your best players. ESPECIALLY when you have no cap space to add a superstar G/F or even good role players.

      • adam

        i’ve been saying this the whole time. i don’t think getting kevin love will make them a favorite in the east like people say it will.

    • Mike C

      After losing 57 games this year, I cant even imagine how thrilled I’d be to make the second round of the playoffs! Any rebuild process is going to take some time. If we’re only going to trade for ‘A Player’ that can win us a championship the ‘Year’ he joins the team, we’ll probably all get a chance to see what hell looks like frozen over.