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Examining 2 media created trades for Kevin Love


Not much new to report on the Kevin Love trade front, except for some media created proposals. So… let’s have a look.

Sports Illustrated

Timberwolves acquire: Jared Sullinger, Brandon Bass, Keith Bogans, Boston’s 2014 first-round pick (No. 6) and Brooklyn’s 2016 first-round pick

Celtics acquire: Kevin Love and Alexey Shved

This is essentially a variation of the Suns’ trade, with a few minor differences. As constructed, this deal guarantees a mid-lottery pick in the way that a trade with the Suns would not. There are still no sure stars in that draft range, but talented players like Julius Randle and Marcus Smart should still be available at No. 6. Brooklyn’s 2016 first-round pick could also turn out to be better than the Lakers’ top-five-protected first-rounder in 2015. Kevin Garnett is 38, Paul Pierce could sign elsewhere this summer, Deron Williams has not impressed and Brook Lopez is a mammoth 7-footer with a worrisome injury history. It would not be a shock for the Nets to yield a lottery pick in 2016.

On top of that, Bogans’ $5.3 million salary can be cleared from the cap sheet without penalty, which — after accounting for the difference in incoming and outgoing salary and the rookie-scale deal of the No. 6 pick — would save Minnesota about $7 million. Those savings might seem abstract to fans who aren’t responsible for the Wolves’ finances, but they mean something for a team staring at a likely rebuild.

This seems like a reasonable deal. One caveat – It doesn’t work in ESPN’s Trade Machine unless you remove Shved.

Scenario #2 is from ESPN:

Celtics receive: Kevin Love
Wolves receive: Kelly OlynykJared SullingerBrandon BassPhil PresseyVitor Faverani, Nos. 6 and 17 picks in 2014, Celtics’ first-round pick in 2016

Here, the Wolves are basically getting the picks and then a bunch of cap filler and former first-rounders. There’s no reason to pretend Olynyk and Sullinger would be pieces for the Wolves at all. Being a Wolves fan since they’ve come into the NBA, I am pretty good at recognizing overvalued first-round picks who won’t be as good as you hope they are. This is about the picks, and with Nos. 6, 13 and 17 in this draft, they could load up or move up.

The author – Zach Harper – clearly isn’t a fan of Sullinger’s game. If the Wolves feel the same, why wouldn’t they insist on Bogans’ $5 million in lieu of a few of those names?

If I were running the Celtics, I’d pull the trigger on both of these deals with a preference to keep Olynyk.

There are some other intriguing scenarios involving good players (Greg Monroe, Taj Gibson, Jimmy Butler, Klay Thomson, Dion Waiters), but the Celtics can outmatch any team when it comes to picks. Unless Cleveland offers up this year’s #1.

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  • eddysamson

    I don’t think Jimmy Butler is any good out of that list of dudes. He averaged the highest minutes in the NBA this past season and his stats were completely unimpressive.

    • bill_nair

      Wouldn’t mind swapping Butler for Bradley but it may be to expensive.

      • Michael Biscardi

        If the money worked, I’d make that deal in a heartbeat.

        • eddysamson

          Wtf why? He’s worse than Bradley on both sides of the court. Averaged 38.7 minutes and only 13pts at .397 % and an abysmal .287 % from 3?!??!? He’s a freaking shooting guard, his job is to shoot!

          Bradley averaged 14.9 pts, at .438 % and his 3pt % MATCHED BUTLER’s OVERALL SHOOTING % all of this in EIGHT LESS MINUTES.

          COME ON GUYS, just COME ON.

          Let me just say this again. COME THE F ON. You don’t want that trade.

          • Michael Biscardi

            I prefer Butler’s size, durability, and ceiling. We know what Avery is at this point. Just one man’s opinion…

          • eddysamson

            Yeah we know AB is a significantly better shooter while still being one of the best guards at defense in the league. And he’s still getting better (this season as evidence), so no we don’t know his ceiling.

          • Michael Biscardi

            I have plenty of buddies on the AB bandwagon, I just don’t happen to be one of them. He’s a slightly above (league) average shooter at 39.5% (vs. 36%) and a great perimeter defender when he can stay on the floor ( avg of 46 games per year, high of 64). At 6’2″ 180 lbs, he’s vastly undersized and hasn’t proven he can effectively run the point yet. I prefer more size at the SG position. As always, nothing wrong with agreeing to disagree on the topic though!

    • Curt Hays

      Jimmy Butler defends LeBron better than any other player in the league. He is a GREAT defender.

      • eddysamson

        AB defends the entire league’s set of guards better than Butler or any other player in the league.

  • adam

    The 2nd deal is ridiculous. Yes we are getting a combo PF/C in KL. but what does that leave us with Vitor and Humphries if he decides to return? We also have that dude playing in Turkey right now……

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  • bill_nair

    Love is not a Center so we still need to address that. I really like the first deal. I don’t wanna give up both KO and Sully and I doubt Minny wants both.

    • eddysamson

      Imagine that if we could pull Pekovic or Dieng from them along with Love…

      • bill_nair

        I wanted Dieng in the last draft. Danny should throw in an extra pick for him.

  • Michael Biscardi

    Totally agree that the second deal is absurd. Essentially giving up 5 first-round picks starting in 2012.
    Not sure what the mechanics are behind Pierce’s $10.275M trade exception are as I can’t get it to go through in the Trade Machine (out-of-date?), but the math on this swap works:
    Minnesota receives:
    Sullinger, Bass, Anthony, Bogans, 2014 #6, Brooklyn’s 2016 1st-rounder
    Boston receives:
    Love, Martin, Budinger or Brewer (preferably the latter)

    • Michael Biscardi

      Cs could then go out and sign Okafor or Kaman as a relatively cheap stop-gap center

      • eddysamson

        Or just take Colton Iverson back from Europe.

        • Michael Biscardi

          True. As long is it’s not Jermaine O’Neal, I’m good.

  • bob

    Ainge isn’t stupid enough to give up THAT much for Love.

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  • grey_skies7

    Ugh both these deals are awful. Love has not yet proven to be a winner. He’s *maybe* a top-15 NBA talent. Great numbers but one-dimensional. Oh and did I mention that he hasn’t won anything yet?

    I’d consider the first deal if it didn’t involve Brooklyn’s 2016 pick.

    Also, to those mentioning Dieng, he would not be a “kick-in” in a deal. He has real value given what he did at the end of last year. He actually probably has more upside than any young player on our roster. So yeah..we’re not getting him.