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And… here comes the Rajon Rondo trade talk


I started bracing for the Rajon Rondo trade talk the moment we learned the Celtics had the No. 6 pick. John and I discussed it during last night’s Celtics Stuff Live podcast.

I think the scenarios are easy to grasp:

1. If the Celtics acquire Kevin Love (or another TBD superstar), then Rondo stays.

2. If the Celtics are forced to draft a player at No. 6 and tread water for another season, then Rondo will be shopped.

Despite Rondo’s desire to stay in Boston, I don’t think he’ll want to ride out the next 3-4 years as Ainge shapes the roster into a legit playoff contender. If he wants to stay, then I’d love to keep him. Again, it’s hard to take a definitive stance on a Rondo deal when you don’t know what’s coming back in return.

I’m not surprised that the usual suspects starting barking about Rondo:

But I am surprised at the stance taken by the MWDN’s Scott Souza:

But if that package is not enough, and another team wins the Love sweepstakes, Ainge must now consider the alternative. That would be moving a player in Rondo with one year left on his contract, and who has shown the ability to make very good teams great, but little ability to make a developing roster better.

The Celtics were just 6-24 with Rondo in the starting lineup last year — while they were 6-5 with undrafted rookie Phil Pressey in the lineup — and were also worse during the 2012-13 season when Rondo played than when he was injured or suspended.

The ole “this team is better without Rondo” theory? C’mon, Scott. I expect that from the Felgers and Masserottis of the world, but not you.

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  • bill_nair

    Unfortunately it’s something that needs strong considering now.

    • LA Flake

      I agree. After watching guys like DWill and CP3 choke through the playoffs, my opinion of Rondo has vastly improved but the league is full of exciting young PGs but not many dominant bigs. If we’re going to package Rondo & #6, I don’t want just the top 1 or 2 pick. We have to get more in return. A lot more.

      • bill_nair

        I wouldn’t be mad at moving Rondo to get into the top 3 but I think it’s unrealistic.

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  • Jim Eisenman

    As much of a Celtics fan as I am, I truly don’t understand this undeserved loyalty to Rajon Rondo by half the people on here. He is a terrible defender (despite the steals), a mediocre shooter and free throw shooter and a person who runs full court and then, instead of shooting an open lay-up, flips a pass behind his head to get an assist. He has an attitude issue. Let’s package him with our pick and get a Kevin Love. There is money available to get another good point guard – perhaps one who can shoot consistently and let’s move on to another chapter. This guy is not going to change. Be honest with yourselves.

    • Ron Flanders

      I don’t think Minnesota would want Rondo for Love. They have another mediocre shooting PG they are high on. If you can get Love for a package of assets that can help Minny quickly rebuild, then you have Rondo AND Love. As Souza so eloquently states, Rondo is much better with stars.

      • WardenOfTheNorth

        Rondo is much better when he tries hard. He’ll be playing for the biggest payday of his life. Win or lose, Rondo knows in order to get max money, he has a lot to prove. Whether or not this team will put a winning product on the floor, is yet to be seen. If Danny can get a deal, similar to what the 76ers got last draft (trading Jrue Holiday), I think he pulls the trigger and ships Rondo. He has to. PG’s in this league are a dime a dozen right now. The C’s best player is a PG who can’t shoot and is coming off a torn ACL, but he still has tremendous value. Hate to see Rondo leave but it might be in the best interest of the franchise and the player, if he is dealt before the season.

    • KGino

      Rondo’s got bigger balls than 99% of the other NBA PG’s, that’s why.

      • Jim Eisenman

        Who cares about his balls? I care about shooting. I care about defense. I care about someone who doesn’t think he knows everything.

        • KGino

          Says the person who thinks he knows everything.

          Rondo is a 47.5% Career FG shooter… Has made multiple all defensive teams (although his defense was masked by KG for years which made him appear much better, I agree… But you can’t call him a “terrible defender”). And I guess you’d rather have a guy who was unsure of himself out there, rather than confident.

          Who cares about his balls? People who love the Celtics, that’s who. Larry Bird had balls. Paul Pierce had balls. KG’s balls were so big they hung out of his shorts at times. Last I checked they were all winners. Rondo has balls… You’re asking him to be the perfect player when in fact there’s not much Rondo CAN’T do.

          • NE_Celt

            I never thought I would agree with so much balls talk…that last paragraph was poetry my friend.

          • Lardking

            Also, chauvinists care about balls, fascists care about balls, hooligans care about balls…

          • Curt Hays

            He also has grit. Grit AND Balls.

          • Jim Eisenman

            Larry Bird, Paul Pierce and KG had exceptional talent and balls…AND THEY PLAYED DEFENSE. Rondo’s earning a spot on all defense teams just shows how stupid the people are picking those teams. My God, he is constantly cheating off of his man, so that he isn’t within 10 feet of him (and they hit the open 3) or so that he gets picked off on nearly every high pick that’s ever been set on him because he doesn’t get back to his man in time. His man generally torches us for career highs. Use your eyes, not some stupid choices by other people. Also, telling me his shooting percentage is a sign that you use stats rather than using what you see. I said he was a mediocre shooter and a terrible free throw shooter. Your stats mix lay-ups with outside shooting. I meant to say he is a mediocre outside shooter. He is. I don’t think I know everything. I just don’t let my rose-colored goggles deny what is happening before my very eyes, like some people. By the way, you left out the two biggest balled players in Celtics history (along with Bird) – Bill Russell and Dave Cowens. But that would be before your time on earth. Sometimes your elders may not know everything but they may know more than you do.

          • KGino

            I left them out because I need not list 5 examples for you when I can get my point across in 3… Trust me, I know all about the history from well before I was born. Bill Russell had bigger balls than any of them for what he had to put up with.

            I acknowledged that Rondo’s defensive rep is better than it should be (and he was undeserving of all-defensive team) because of who he played with, apparently you missed that part. I’ve been one of the only ppl on the site consistently saying he needs to play D harder, so you don’t need to tell me… The point is, you called him “terrible” on defense…terrible is Marcus Banks, and sorry sir, but Rondo is no Shamon Williams! He steps it up when it matters (his defense on wade was so annoying that wade nearly broke rondo’s arm for it), but he definitely needs to be more consistent.

            Telling you his shooting percentage is making a point that he’s a better than a “mediocre shooter”, as you called him. 47.5% is ABOVE AVERAGE for a point guard. And if you want to dive deeper into the stats, he was in the top 20 for MID RANGE SHOOTING % amongst ALL NBA PLAYERS, BEFORE injuring his knee. YES, BEFORE injuring his knee… And everyone knows his jumper has improved since. If you don’t think his mid range jumper is above average, maybe you haven’t been “using your eyes”, because my eyes tell me it is, AS WELL as the stats. The one thing we can agree on, is his 3P/FT shooting is mediocre at best.

    • Mike C

      Rondo’s true value that everyone seems to overlook, is this guy steps up in post season playoffs when things get tight. When the pressure is extreme, you need at least one’ CLUTCH’ player that can hit that last second shot, or drive to the hoop and make something happen. The NBA is full of talented players, but those that can keep their cool when the chips are down are extremely rare. I believe this is what KGino was conveying also. If we lose Rondo, it will set us back 4 to 5 years as far as rebuilding goes. Add Kevin Love to the Rondo mix, and we could possibly be an eight seed next year. At this point, I think its our only option.

    • Lardking


      He’s a highly overrated player, the Fat Lever of this generation, who rode the coattails of three HOFers…but also a guy who sells jerseys.

      Time to do a real rebuild.

  • Ron Flanders

    Who gives a crap what Gary Tanquay thinks?

  • Mikey Amentola

    You guys are soft. Rondo is coming off a torn ACL. He barely played 20 minutes a game every other night…not to mention the surrounding roster was as close to crap and all rookies, whom he never played with before. A new coach/system that he didn’t get to practice in. Rondo is ready to be a top tier PG next year. Top 3. A whole offseason under Stevens along with whatever moves they make, and who knows. Its time to start thinking of the draft pick, but knows? Mabye a guy like Exum will slip.

    • WardenOfTheNorth

      If you’re keeping Rondo, why draft Exum? If they keep the pick, Rondo has to go. He’s worth more to the team if they trade him, than if they sign him to a max deal and waste away his prime. There’s really nothing the C’s can do this offseason that will make them contenders in 2014-2015, unless they unload all their picks for proven, all-star level talent. That’s much easier said than done. What worked in 2007/08, might not work in 2014. K Love is not the answer.

      • Fitzy

        Exum could play two. I find it funny that people are now saying there’s nothing we can do to turn us into a contender. But when we had the shot at a top 3 everyone was so excited and we HAD to keep Rondo. patience people, rebuilds don’t happen over night.

      • swissflix

        You pick talent, not needs. If Exum’s still available and there is no better choice in Danny’s eyes then they draft Dante. Has nothing to do with Rondo or what they plan to do with Rondo.

  • KGino

    I dont understand the people on the “trade rondo” bandwagon… Trade him for what? More picks? We all saw how that turned out. You don’t trade your best player when you’re trying to get better.

    Trading Rondo for anything other than equal or better value is a step backwards… He is our first piece to a new “big 3” that it’s clear you need to win. The point is to add Big 3 type players, not subtract them.

  • LA Flake

    Heard this multi-team trade idea from a couple of Fakers blowhards here in the city of plastic people who love to loot and burn down other people’s property when their team wins. Keep in mind: The Fakers love Rondo and have been trying to pry him away from us for a long time now. But I did think the premise was interesting. Okay, here we go.

    Boston sends Rondo to the Fakers for their #7 pick.
    Boston sends #6 & #7 to Cleveland for their #1.
    Cleveland sends #6, #7 and anyone not named Kyrie to Minnesota for Kevin Love.
    And with the #1 pick in the draft, Danny Ainge picks his coveted player: Wiggins.
    Cleveland, with Love and Kyrie as their core, can now woo LeBron when he opts out.
    LA gets their coveted PG Rondo.

    Who says no?

    • jrleftfoot

      who`s on first?

    • RedsLoveChild

      Cleveland & LA would give it a…Thumbs UP

      Boston & Minnesota would give it a…Thumbs DOWN

  • Frank Aziza

    HERE ME OUT FIRST CELTIC FANS…The Best chance of getting Kevin Love is take a chance in trading for him without asking him to sign a new contract. This way minnesota wont have to worry where he wants to be traded to. That gives us a full year for him to fall in love with the Celtics. You know how it is, every time a great player comes here he falls in love with the Celtics. Its a risk but its worth it if u really want him.

  • Matthew Diehm

    It’s ridiculous. Sure go ahead and trade Rondo…then next year the talking heads will be saying “now the C’s need a true point guard to compliment (Player(s) to be named). You don’t trade away one of the top 3 or 4 point guards in the world (when healthy). You just don’t. Rondo isn’t a centerpiece but he IS a cornerstone. The best passer in the game, one of more fun players to watch, with one of the highest IQ’s in the game. It would be pointless, two steps back for nothing.

  • Matthew Diehm

    Would Kevin Love solve some problems? Yes. He can put up points at a high rate, right there with the best of them. Obviously he’s one of the most prolific re-bounders we have today (rebounding the ball has been a Celtic problem for nearly seven years now). He’s also unselfish and an underrated passer at the big-forward spot, he’s a beast (when healthy). I would be stoked to somehow nab some Love this summer. BUT….assuming we lose Sully, Kelly, picks and future considerations for Love and he does in fact re-sign with the C’s…who else we runnin’ with?

  • Matthew Diehm

    I would venture to say that in order to have Kevin Love remain as offensively efficient running with Rondo, the C’s would need a ROCK SOLID CENTER. And no, I absolutely, positively do not mean Asik. That kid is not a gamer. That kid cannot put the ball in the hole, nor can he shoot from the line. Rim protector…yes, in spurts when not hurt, or in foul trouble. The C;s need rim protection more than most teams, and most teams still need more. The problem is, in order for the offence to flourish with Love on the floor, putting up tons of threes and mid-range jumpers, you have to have a center who is at least dangerous on offence, with a few post moves and one who knows WHEN and HOW to pass it out. Let’s hear some names!!! Hopefully some AFFORDABLE ones on top of that…it’s pretty hard to come with a two-way center that the C’s could afford. That’s why I’d say let’s give Greg Monroe a stab at it. He’s not what one would call a ‘rim protector’ by any means, but he’ll be on the outs in Detroit and couple with the right guidance and allowing the big fella to stick to one position, I would imagine he’d improve defensively. He can run the floor, rebound at an above average rate, has post moves, can hit some foul shots and has great character and potential leadership skills. I would hope that Coach Stevens would continue to instill some form of the well-known Celtic defense (especially great perimeter D) no matter who he has in the lineup. That being said…what to do with Avery Bradley. Keep him for his insane small ball defense and improved shot making? That would mean signing him for what..7-8-9million? Or do the C’s make a push at attaining budding star Gordon Hayward? A great play-maker in his own right, reasonably athletic, and has the size and versatility to play both the 2 and 3 spots every night. I like him, plus he was coached by Mr. Stevens. As far as Jeff Green is concerned, keeping or trading him doesn’t really seem to be the pressing concern right now unless packaging him in a deal that helps land K. Love or another building block at an affordable price.

  • veggiguy

    They probably have enough pieces to get Demarcus Cousins. A head case at times yes but the rim defender they need and he is a 20/10 guy.