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Your Morning Dump..Where The NBA Is Scrutinizing Proposal To Reinvent Draft

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Danny Ainge would walk down the street in Boston and be told that his Celtics shouldn’t win too many games this season, that they should play for the draft instead, i.e. lose.

“It’s not just that I get tired of hearing it, but coaches that are trying to be their best, players that are trying to be their best — they’re hearing it. They’re hearing it every single day,” said Ainge, the Celtics’ president of basketball operations. “There are too many arenas that I go into where there are no ‘fans.’

NBA Scrutinizing Proposal To Reinvent Draft-Boston Globe

0324simmons_576x324I hear you Danny-I got sick of it myself. I was one of the guys who was adamantly anti-tank at the start of last season. But as things progressed (or regressed is maybe a better word) and it became evident the hometown boys were simply not going anywhere, I loosened up a bit. Sure, what’s the point in winning if it’s only going to hurt our chances at getting a better draft pick? Why go out and bust your ass every night when it really means nothing in the grand scheme of things? But one thing I simply could not bring myself to do was “root” for the C’s to lose. It just wasn’t in my make-up.

It’s an odd dynamic, rooting for failure, but it’s also the function of the NBA Draft lottery, which offers teams that finish with the poorest records the best chance at landing a top pick. Because of that system, teams can lose when they win, win when they lose, and fans who drool over top prospects cheer on defeats when it seems like their team has nothing else to play for except the promise of tomorrow.

Celtics assistant GM Mike Zarren has a proposal out there to stop teams from tanking. Or at least stop them from gaining anything from throwing in the towel. It features a set order for future drafts, and a random selection for who will pick in the top 3. Zarren has always been a numbers guy, and was at the forefront of the whole analytics movement that basically took the NBA by storm over the last few years. So it’s not surprising that he is now behind what would be a massive and controversial change to the way NBA organizations draft. Teams would be assured a pick in the top six every so many years and also a top twelve pick.

“It would allow for more certainty in team decision-making; you’re not subject to the lottery, moving up or down; and it eliminates the fan perception that teams should be losing,” Zarren said at the MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference in March. “I think those three are all significant benefits.”

Sounds fantastic right? Well not to everyone. Opponents of the idea do not like for one the way a draft like this would effect trades that involve future picks.

“Right now, throwing in a first-round pick in a trade is like gold because maybe it has a chance to be something,” said an Eastern Conference executive, “but if I’m going to throw in the 2017 first-round pick and I know for a fact that it’s going to be the 25th pick, that’s like dirt. I feel like the wheel idea, there’s too much transparency on how the first round goes.”

Zarren has been asked to not comment publicly on the proposal anymore, and nothing is imminent at this point. As a fan, I just can’t wait until I can start cheering for my team in games that actually matter again. Hopefully, tomorrow night’s draft lottery will at least get the Celtics started on the path back to the top. *crosses fingers*

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  • Rich Jensen

    Only one team in the NBA is still in the same hands after 30 years–the Clippers. That alone should give pause to anyone advocating a draft ‘cycle’ that lasts 30 years.

  • Fitzy

    I’m all for it, just make sure the 2015 clippers pick, our 2016, and that 2018 brooklyn pick pick are all slotted in at number 1 Mike! (joke)

  • bill_nair

    This team “tanked” the right way. The poise and character the team showed was that of a playoff team. They easily could’ve been in the Hawks position and maybe bounced in the second round. Hopefully we get rewarded for fighting hard all season.

  • RedsLoveChild

    The only way the Celtics get K-Love to come here and sign an extension…is if Paul Pierce first talks to him, and “sells” him on Boston.

    Love needs to hear from PP—another mega-star from SoCal—why Boston would be perfect for him, how Ainge would quickly surround him with talent, and the life-long reverence Boston fans would shower upon him if he leads them to Banner 18, 19, 20, etc.

    • Fitzy

      lol I don’t think Paul would agree that he was surrounded with talent quickly.

      • RedsLoveChild

        He was once KG arrived, and they got serious about winning.

        • Fitzy

          oh definitely but I mean think about 03-07 not much to mention about that. Regardless (lets not dwell on that) We are in a significantly better position talent wise now then we were then. We can conceivably tell Minnesota to pick between sully and olynyk. Which either way I think we are still in an OK position with that for PF depth if we do happen to get love. We’ll just need to teach them to play defense!

          • RedsLoveChild

            Love = #5 pick + KO or Sully + maybe a future Brooklyn pick.

          • Fitzy

            What if it’s 3rd? 😮

          • RedsLoveChild

            I would still do it…..I would only keep the pick if it`s #1

            I would take Embiid at #1….Parker and Wiggins don`t impress me as future “game-changers” at their size.

  • GinoTime

    Greetings all. Lurker here. Read every day.

    Just wanted to say, there could be a lot of I intended consequences if this isn’t done right. Don’t forget, this gives prospects more opportunity to game the system too. If you’re a top prospect and Milwaukee or Minnesota has the top pick, and next year it’s LA, Boston, Miami, San Antonio, etc you might get guys staying in school to avoid going to a bad team.

    The draft is ways going to be a bigger deal in the nba than other sports though as long as there’s only 5 guys on the floor. 1 player makes more of a difference than maybe anywhere else. That’s why I think the lottery is a necessary evil. It tries to give you diss incentive to tanking, but also give worse teams a leg up to rise towards parity. Sure, it’s imperfect, but it might be a better solution than it gets credit for being.

    As long as we get a top pick tomorrow. If we get the 5 again, I say let’s rage against this corrupt and broken system and wipe this scourge from the history books!!!

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